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This Day, May 31, In Jewish History by Mitchell A and Deb Levin Z"L

May 31

1279 BCE: Ramses II (The Great) (19th dynasty) becomes pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. If you accept the contention that Moses lived from 1391–1271 BCE, Ramses would be the Pharaoh who came to power after the Exodus. During his reign he reasserted Egyptian power over the area that would have included Canaan during the period of the Judges. However, the Bible talks about the Canaanite tribes and Philistines as being the Israelites’ enemies and not the Egyptians.

70 C.E.: The Jewish defenders of Jerusalem surrendered the first wall of the city to the Romans.

942 (26 Iyar 4702): Sa'adia ben Joseph (Rav Saadia Gaon) passed away. Born in Egypt in 882, he moved to Babylon in 928 to head the Academy at Sura. He revived the waning influence of the Academy and wrote on many subjects including grammar, Halachah and philosophy. As one of the foremost opponents of Karaism, he wrote the exposition "Emunot Vedeot", which became very popular. A grave conflict arose between Sa'adia and the Exilarch, David ben Zaccai when he refused to endorse a judgment of the Exilarch's court in which Ben Zaccai was an interested party. The issue was not settled for many years and demonstrated S'aadia's unyielding defense of his principles. He was subsequently expelled and moved to Baghdad. On Purim 937, the opponents were reconciled, and a few years later Sa'adia adopted Ben Zaccai's orphan grandchildren.

1327: Louis IV, who in 1394 authorized the Duke of Guelders to receive Jews in his duchy, where they provided services, paid a tax and were protected by the law, began his reign as King of Italy today with a coronation ceremony in Milan.

1422: Sigismund of Luxemburg, who “drained the Jews of their wealth whenever he could, he protected them from some of the worst excesses,” was crowned Holy Emperor today. (History of the Jewish People)

1469: Birthdate of Manuel I of Portugal who gave up his positive relationship with his Jewish subjects when agreed to expel them as the price of Infanta Isabella of Aragon, the daughter those implacable anti-Semites Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain.

1492: “Isaac Abrabanel…left Spain for Naples after his unsuccessful intervention with King Ferdinand to revoke the decree of expulsion of the Jews.


1494: Gerson ben Moses Soncino who had established a printing-press in Brescia finished issuing “a complete Bible” today – a task that had begun on May 24.

1548: Francesco Panigarola, the Bishop of Atsi whose sermons were studied by Rabbi Leone Modena “who tried to graft some the Bishop’s style on the Jeiwsh tradition of the  derush, a commentary on Bible text and Talmud” passed away today. (Schama II, 118

1593: The Jews were barred from living in Riga and Livonia.

1611: Today, Albertus Denis, “one of the first members of the Portuguese Jewish Community in Hamburg” and the “banker to Count Ernest of Schauenburg, the reigning prince of the county of Pinneberg in southern Holstein, whom he supplied with silver bullion for his mint” was one of three people who “signed the agreement which assured the community the use of its cemetery in Altona.

1630: The Puritan leader William Prynne, who would oppose the return of Jews to the British Isles obtained a license to print a book expressing opposition to stage plays, one of the many “pleasures opposed” by his sect.

1665: Sabbeti Zevi proclaimed himself Messiah. The most famous of all the False Messiahs, Sabbeti Zevi enthralled tens of thousands of Jews. His message was accepted across all social and economic classes. His followers were to be found throughout Jewish communities in Europe and the Orient. Turkish authorities became alarmed at his growing popularity and had him arrested. The Sultan gave him the choice of proving his claims or suffering the death penalty. The would-be Messiah gave up the game, accepted a minor governmental position in Turkey and converted to Islam. The whole episode might be written off as a farce if it were not for the fact that so many had believed in him and were disillusioned by the outcome. In addition, charges of being a secret supporter of his beliefs would tear at the fabric of Jewish society for decades to come.

1666: One of the dates given for the death of Jacob Lumbrozo, the Portuguese born physician who became the first Jewish resident of Maryland when he moved there in 1656.

1689: Following today’s invasion of the city of Worms by French forces under Comte de Melac, the synagogue was burned including “the so-called Rashi Chapel” and the ruins were used for a stable and a storehouse.

1740: Frederick William I who was served by Veitel-Heine Ephraim as Jeweler and Mint Master passed away today. As a result of his death, recently passed legislation that would have led to the end of the Jewish community in Berlin were not enforced.

1747 (26 Iyar 5507): Moses Hayyim Luzzatto passed away. Born in 1707 at Paua, Italy, this great poet and mystic became an unfortunate victim of the reaction to Shabbetaianism. His writings were burned and he tragically died soon after his arrival to Eretz-Israel. His most lasting achievements were his use of Hebrew in secular poetry and his ethical work, Mesilat Yesharim (Path of Righteous). Luzzatto also wrote two Hebrew dramas, Migdal Oz (tower of Strength) and La-Yisharim (Praise to the Righteous).

1750: Birthdate of Karl August von Hardenberg the Prussian statesman and reformer who supported full emancipation for the Jews of Germany.

1753(27th of Iyar, 5513): Esther Levy, who had come to New York from Curaco and was the wife of Daniel Gomez passed away today.

1775: Today, English born Canadian “merchant and fur trader Lucius Levy Solomons married his second wife Rebecca Franks with whom he had eleven children.


1776(13th of Sivan, 5536): At a wedding celebration on an upper floor of a building in the Jewish Ghetto of Venice, 65 people, including the bride, were killed when the building collapsed under the strain of the celebration.

1776(13th of Sivan, 5536): Two weddings were held today in the same building in Mantua, Italy. During the celebration, the building collapsed killing 28 women, including one of the brides, and 3 men. The Jews of Mantua were not allowed to expand their housing beyond the ghetto walls. This forced them to build vertically, resulting in unstable buildings which led to deaths like these.

1778(5th of Sivan 5538): Erev Shavuot observed as the Americans look forward to French military aid thanks to the recently signed Treaty of Alliance which was a major turning point in the fight for independence.

1781(7th of Sivan, 5541): As Jews observe the Second Day of Shavuot during the climactic months of the American Revolution, a Council of War was held on a French man-of-war where the question of having the French Fleet remain at Rhode Island was debated among General Washington, Comte de Rochambeau and Comte Barras.

1787: Richea Hart and Abraham Mendes Seixas who were married at Charleston, SC in 1777, gave birth to Fanny Mendes Seixas “who died as an infant.”

1789(6th of Sivan, 5549): Shavuot is observed for the first time during the Presidency of George Washington.

1791(27th of Iyar, 5551): Less than a week before his 74th birthday Emanuel Mendez da Costa, the son of Sephardic Jews Abraham and Esther da Costa and husband of Leah del Prado who went from being a notary to a scientist of such repute that he was one of the fist Jewish Fellows of the Royal Society of London before gaining infamy for his embezzlement, passed away today.



1797(6th of Sivan, 5557): Shavuot observed for the first time during the Presidency of John Adams.

1800(7th of Sivan, 5560): Second Day of Shavuot and Yizkor are observed for the last time during the Presidency of John Adams.

1804(21st of Sivan, 5564): Dutch born American merchant and postmaster Isaac Bendix passed away today in Savannah, GA.

1809: Twenty-six-year-old Rebecca Judah, the Newport born daughter of Hillel Judah married Isaac B. Seixas today.

1822: Baron Rothschild conferred with Prussian diplomat Friedrich von Gentz “at breakfast regarding the Frankfort Jewish matter.”

1808(5th of Sivan, 5568): Erev Shavuot observed on the same day that President Thomas Jefferson wrote to his Secretary of State and future President James Madison from Monticello on a variety of matters including a complaint by the French that U.S. was allowing deserters from the French Army to enlist in the U.S. Army.

1815: William I of the Netherlands whose father William V, the last Stadtholder was supported by the Dutch Jews, ended his reign as Prince of Nassau-Orange.

1827(5th of Sivan, 5587): Erev Shavuot observed on the birthdate of Frederic Augustus Thesiger, the Lord Chelmsford, the British general who spoke against the Jewish Disabilities Bill during the Parliamentary Debates 1n 1853.

1836(15th of Sivan, 5596): Joel Myers, the husband of Frances Lazarus with whom he had eight children, passed away today in the United Kingdom.

1838(7th of Sivan, 5598): Second Day of Shavuot

1839: In Cincinnati, Abraham and Henrietta Wolf gave birth to Eleanor Wolfe who became Eleanor Mack when she married Max J.Mack with who she had three sons – Harry, Walter and Alfred Mack.

1845: Birthdate of German native, Rabbi Joseph Kahn, the husband of Rosalie Kahn and father of University of Michigan trained civil engineer Moritz Kahn who is credited with the creation of “pre-case reinforced concrete ships where were used by the English Admiralty in W.W I”

1846(6th of Sivan, 5606): Shavuot

1846: In Greenwich, Kent, Samuel Levy Bensusan and the former Esther Bernal gave birth to Jacob Bensusan.

1847: Birthdate of Leopoldo Franchetti the native of Livonro, Italy whose family had come from Tunisia in the 18th century and who became an Italian reformer and political leader who served in the Chamber of Deputies before becoming a Senator.

1854: Birthdate of Rachel Levor, the wife of Levi Koppel, the German born son of Koppel Oppenheimer and his wife Rosette Katz.

1855: Sixty-three year old Austrian ophthalmologist Anton Von Rosas who was also the author of Anti-Semitic literature that decried Jews “taking over and “jewifying” Austrian culture. (As described by David Aberbach

1861: Philadelphian Henry Rosengarten began serving as a Corporal in Company of the 27th Regiment.

1861: Philadelphians Sampson Goldberg and Jacob Luescher began serving as Sergeants in Company A of the 27th Regiment.

1861: Julius Heimberg began a three year enlistment with the 27th Regiment during which he rose from the rank of Corporal to the rank of First Lieutenant.

1861: Max Heller began service as an Assistant Surgeon with the 27th Regiment.

1861: Henry Heller began serving a “90 day enlistment” was a Surgeon with the 27th Regiment

1861: Sergeant-Major Washington Cromelien, who would later “accept a commission as a Lieutenant in the 65th Regiment” began serving in the 27th Regiment today.

1861: Today, the 27th Regiment, originally a part of the ‘Washington Brigade,’” which was commanded by 39 year old Colonel Max Einstein “were formally mustered in the service in the United States for a term of three years.

1861: Philadelphia Solomon Roedelsheimer, who would serve only three months due to ill health, began serving today as Captain in Company A of the 27th of Regiment.

1862: In today's issue of The Israelite, Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise responded to criticism by Reverend Moncure D. Conway that the Israelite had not spoken out on the importance of preserving the Union. Wise said that "he never preached on politics." He said that this would be "a misapplication of the Sabbath and the pulpit" and that there were plenty of other opportunities for patriotic speeches.

1865(6th of Sivan, 5625): Jews celebrate the first Shavuot since the end of the Civil War.

1865(6th of Sivan, 5625): Hannah Aarons, the Philadelphia born daughter of Levi Aarons who married Abraham Alexander, Jr. in 1801 passed away today in Augusta, GA.

1865: Philadelphia Nathaniel Bloom, a Corporal in Company F of the 45th Regiment who had been serving since September 3, 1861, was discharged today still suffering from the effects of the wounds he had received during the siege of Petersburg, VA.

1870: John Motley, the U.S. Minister to the Court of St. James had dinner with former Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli.

1870: Lawrence Spyer, the husband of Miriam Spyer and the father of Rachel, Frederick and Nathaniel Spyer, was buried today at the “Balls Pond Road Jewish Cemetery.”

1872: “Turkey” published today described the bloody anti-Jewish riots that have been taking place in Smyrna. The riots began after reports that a Greek child was lying in the morgue, having been killed by Jews who need its blood for their annual Passover sacrifice.

1873(5th of Sivan, 5633): Parashat Bamidbar; Erev Shavuot

1873: An article published today included an appeal for money to be sent to the “Children’s Fund” which would be used to provide summertime excursions for poor Jewish youngsters living in New York City.

1874: According to reports published today a Jew from Chicago named Henry Greenbaum donated five hundred dollars to a Chicago church whose pastor is Professor Swing, the controversial Presbyterian minister who has been labeled as a heretic by his co-religionists.

1874(15th of Sivan, 5634): Hungarian philanthropist, Anton Fochs who donated 43,000 florins for the founding of an orphan asylum in Budapest and 300,000 florins to establish a deaf-and-dumb institute for Hungary and Transylvania passed away today in Budapest.


1875: Sixty-five-year-old Paris native Alphonse Louis Constant, the Roman Catholic who was the great nineteenth century student of the Caballah who did his work as Eliphas Levi, the Hebraized form of his given name passed away today.

1875: Two days afer he had passed away, Samuel Bergel, the husband of Frances Solomons and father of Charles, William and Herbert Bergel was buried today at the “Balls Pond Road Jewish Cemetery.”

1877: Three days after he had pass away, Lewis Leon, the father of “Annia and Charlotte Leon: was buried today at the “Balls Pond Road Jewish Cemetery.”

1877: On the Lower East Side, Isaac and Pearl Gainsburg gave birth to NYU trained attorney Isidore Gainsburg who went from owning his on newsstands while in college to becoming “one of the leading trial lawyers of the New York bar and who was the husband “of the former Rebecca Arenwald.

1879(9th of Sivan, 5639): J.I. De Lissa Cohen the founder “of the Mercantile Record and Commercial Gazette of Mauritius” passed away today at Curepipe.

1880: It was reported today that in the last six months, the Board of Relief of the United Hebrew Charities has provided 1,235 pairs of shoes, 407 dresses, 425 pairs of stockings, 252 skirts, 123 coats and almost one thousand, five hundred tons of goals to those in need. In the past year, assistance has been provided to 1,481 families which is a decrease of 162 for the year ending with May, 1879. However, there was increase in the number needing assistance in April which may indicate that there will be an increase in demand.

1881: In Smolensk, Solomon and B. Lena Kahn gave birth to NYU trained attorney Alexander Kahn, the husband of Sara Rosenbaum who gave up the law to eventually become the general manager and publisher of The Jewish Daily Forward.


1882(13th of Sivan, 5642): Forty-seven-year-old Elizabeth Jane Somerville, the Irish born daughter of William Somerville, 1st Baron Athlumney and Lady Maria Harriet Conyngham and the wife of James Molyneux Caulfeild, 3rd Earl of Charlemont, who, after being styled as the Countess of Claremont in 1863 began attending synagogue services in Belfast leading to her eventual conversion to Judaism, passed away today at Roxborough Castle, Moy, County Tyrone, without ever having had any children.

1882: In Paris, Victor Hugo presided over a rally held to protest Russian persecution of the Jews.

1882: Alexander Weinberg, the German born son of Abraham Bendix Weinberg and Fiekchen Sophia Weinberg, and his wife Elise Weinberg gave birth to Arnold Weinberg

1884(7th of Sivan, 5644): Second Day of Shavuot

1884: In San Francisco. Emanuel and “Caroline Carrie Mandel gave birth to playwright and movie producer Frank Mandel


1884(7th of Sivan, 5644): Sixty year old “Jewish industrialist and German railway entrepreneur” passed away today.


1885: The 20thanniversary of the Hebrew Free School Association was celebrated this morning at the Lexington Avenue Opera House in New York City. The event was attended by 2,000 students and 500 adults including the association’s president, M.S. Isaacs and secretary, Henry S. May, and Rabbis, Jacobs, Kohut and Wise.

1886: Birthdate of Grete Seligmann who as Grete Adelsheimer was shipped from Stuttgart, to Terezin to Auschwitz where she was murdered.

1889(1stof Sivan, 5649): Rosh Chodesh Sivan

1890: A group of Polish Jews are scheduled to present their claim that a banker William S. Wolf defrauded them out of money that they had given him with a promise that it would be sent back to Europe to the New York District Attorney.  Wolf has disappeared.

1891: Birthdate of Erich Walter Sternberg the Berlin-born Israeli composer who was one of the founders of Israeli art music, Sternberg had a profound impact on the musical life of Palestine and Israel during the 1930s and 1940s. He passed away in 1974.

1891: Breaking with tradition, the Metropolitan Museum of Art opened today despite opposition from those who viewed Sunday as the Sabbath.

1892: Civil War hero, journalist and Republican political leader Franz Sigel wrote to Simon Wolf telling him “there are no less than 300 Jewish officers serving in the French army, probably the highest number in any of the great European armies, which speaks well for France and her republican government.”

1892: In response to misleading claims by German anti-Semites, “the Prussian Minister of War says that the rifles furnished to the army by Ludwig Loewe & Co are perfectly satisfactory.”  Ludwig Loewe the late founder of the company was Jewish as was his brother Isidor who followed him as President.

1892: “Baron Hirsch Very Ill” published today described the deteriorating health of the Jewish philanthropist who “is suffering from an attack of influenza and congestion of the lungs.”

1892: At today’s meeting of the Yale Corporation F.K. Saunders, the instructor in Hebrew at Yale Theological Seminary was named Assistant Professor of Biblical Literature.

1892: “Mercy For Russian Jews” published today immunities that the Czar’s government has decided to grant to Jews who wish to emigrate including not having to serve in the army.

1892: It was reported today that of the 390 children enrolled in the Baron de Hirsch Fund School, 107 had been admitted since May 1st.  The first of the students had arrived in February. All of the children were fluent enough in English to take part in the recent Memorial Day celebrations.

1892(5th of Sivan, 5652) Erev Shavuot

1892: One of two possible birthdates given for Solomon Zeitlin, the native of Byelorussia who became professor of rabbinical studies at Dropsie College in Philadelphia where he taught in the same classroom for over five decades and who is known both as the author of the three volume The Rise and Fall of the Judean State as well as challenger of the authenticity of the Dead Sea Scroll.

1892: “The Festival of Shebnoth” published today described the importance of the Jewish holiday of Pentecost or Feast of Weeks which begins this evening.


1893: This morning, “agent Louis Steen of the Gerry Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children arrested Herman Engel of the Ladies’ Deborah Nursery” following what he was charged at the Essex Street Police Court of “having brutally assaulted” thirteen year old Israel Schwartz who has been living at the institution for nine years.

1893: “Darkest Russia, a monthly publication, confirms the exclusive announcement of The New York Times that Russian persecution of the Jews is extending to Poland reporting that 480 families have been expelled from the Ronda-Gonzowski district alone.

1894: “At 23 Clanricarde Gardens, in the Notting Hill district of the Borough of Kensington, London,”
George Solomon Joseph, a solicitor in the family firm” and his wife, Henrietta Franklin, gave birth to their fourth child to pianist and composer Jane Marian Joseph

1894: “In Memory of Jesse Seligman” published today described the memorial services that were held for the late Jesse Seligman which were held at the Hebrew Orphan Asylum and addressed by several prominent officials including Oscar S. Straus, General Carl Schurz and Charles Fleischer, “ a graduate of the asylum and rabbi-elect of a prominent congregation in Boston.”

1896: In New York, the highlight of the annual reception of B’nai Jeshurun was “the presentation of a handsome silk flag” by Miss Sophie Arnheim “and a “facsimile of the Liberty Bell to the pupils of the religious school attached to the congregation.”

1896: Today, The New York Times published an excerpt from an article in a British publication, The Quarterly Review, which compared the accomplishments of Disraeli and Gladstone in the field of foreign affairs. The author is cautiously optimistic when describing Disraeli’s policy designed to thwart Russian attempts to expand at the expense of the Ottoman Empire. He gives Disraeli high marks for his performance during the conference held at Berlin and for his purchase of the shares in the Suez Canal. In the end, regardless of how things play out, “this much is certain…Disraeli upheld the traditions of his …country at a time when a foreign critic of our policy uttered the well-known sneer that the only persons left who cared for the honor of England were an old woman and a Jew.” The old woman is Queen Victoria. The Jew is Disraeli proving that the nature of his birth out-weighed the impact of his forced youthful trip to the baptismal font.

1897: Arthur Strauss, an MP for Camborne is among the members of the British team playing a trans-Atlantic chess match with their American counterparts, using the telegraph which was “the real-time of that era.

1898: The Brooklyn Eagle reported that Oscar S. Straus has been named to succeed James B. Angell as United States Minister to Turkey. Among his most ardent supporters are “the boards of all the denominations that have missionaries in Turkey” because when he served in this position under President Cleveland, he “did more to get just treatment for missionaries and all other American citizens than any other man had done before him.”

1898: Albert Lasker arrived for his first day of work at Lord and Thomas today having been locked out yesterday due to the Memorial Day Holiday.

1899: It was reported today that “M. Ballot—Beapure’s summing before the Court of Cassation in favor of Dreyfus has not” caused a disturbance in Paris since “it was a foregone conclusion but as the judgment is to be revised and not quashed there will be a new trial before a court martial with every probability of a fair trial and it is hard to doubt that the result will be acquittal” sincere there is “no proof against Dreyfus.

1900: “Owing to the fresh outbreak of rioting at Konitz in connection with the death of the lad Winter, which the townsfolk attributed to the Jews, a contingent of troops was dispatched there and the streets were cleared.”

1900: It was reported today that four-story building, that cost $200,000 which is “the new home of the Young Men’s Hebrew Association “situated at Lexington and 92nd Street” was a gift of Jacob Schiff.

1901: Herzl travels to Paris to begin the raising of the money, which is to be the first step toward the obtaining of the Charter. The negotiations in Paris are fruitless.

1901: Bella Weretnikow, who became the first Jewish woman lawyer in Washington State, graduated from the University of Washington Law School.

1902(24th of Iyar, 5662): Parashat Behcukotai

1902: “All the meat markets conducted by Jews where Kosher meat is sold” are “closed down tonight” because of the teamsters’ strike leaving “85,000 Jews in Chicago without their regular meat supply.

1903(5th of Sivan, 5663): Erev Shavuot

1903: As Jews mark the 49th day of the Omer, the Pittsburg Pirates, owned by Barney Dreyfuss beat the Cincinnati Reds today.

1904: It is reported today that the recent campaign in Europe to divide up Morocco” has been supported “ by the Alliance Israelite whose special aim is…to secure better treatment for the Jews in Morocco where today they have no civil rights.”

1905: Birthdate of Hungarian native Fellner Vilmos who gained fames as William J. Fellner, the Sterling Professor at Yale and the husband of “the former Valerie Korek.”


1906(7th of Sivan, 5666): Second Day of Shavuot

1906: Four nameless Polish Jews who were spending the night in basement of a tenement on East Third Street which is the shop of a shoemaker named Silberman were found unconscious today after inhaling illuminating gas.

1906: Michael Davitt, a leader in the fight for Irish home rule who had, one time, gone “to Russian to study the conditions there particularly with relation to the oppression of the Jews” passed away.

1907: Sixty-one year old Moritz Litten the Berlin born physician who was the son-in-law of pathologist Ludwig Traube, the son of a Jewish wine merchant.

1908: “A grand fair is being held at the Home of the Daughters of Jacob, 302 East Broadway, in commemoration of an addition to this home for aged Jewish poor.”

1909: It was reported today that those attending the annual meeting of the Jewish Sabbath association spoke approvingly of Commissioner Bingham allowing those who kept the Sabbath on Saturday to keep the stores open Sunday, they were critical of “the Jewish woman who make a practice of going shopping on Sabbath afternoons.”

1910: It was reported today that Jews “arriving at the health resorts in the Caucasus to take the bath and receive medical were immediately expelled by the local authorities” which runs contrary to the law the forbid the residence of Jews in the Caucasus” but which did not prevent the government from authorizing visits by the Jews to the baths in 1909.

1911: Birthdate of multi-talented Ruth Hagy Brod. Born in New York and raised in Chicago, Ruth Hagy Brod had a varied career that took her from the newsroom to Latin America and from the mainstream press to offbeat publishing. As a child, Brod excelled in music, giving public recitals at age six and earning a bachelor's degree in music at age 18. She soon left music behind, however, and turned to journalism, going first to Hollywood, where she worked as an editor for movie and radio magazines. Moving to Philadelphiain 1938, she wrote features for the Philadelphia Ledger. Later, she would write for newspapers in Chicagoand New York City as well. During the 1930s, she also worked as a radio reporter and documentary filmmaker. A decade later, she became women's editor of the Philadelphia Bulletin; while at the Bulletin she developed a program that became the "College News Conference," a weekly show where college students questioned prominent political figures. In the 1960s, she began to travel widely, producing a Peace Corps documentary on Colombia and a television series on Asian women. She worked as a newspaper correspondent in Southeast Asia and a Far East correspondent for NBC Radio, at a time when it was unusual for women to hold such roles. While making the Peace Corps documentary, she also served as an educational television advisor to the Colombian government. Brod first entered public service during World War II, when she served as publicity director for the United War Chest campaigns and as a member of the women's advisory board executive committee for the U.S. Savings Bond division of the U.S. Treasury. Upon returning to New Yorkfrom her overseas travels, she became involved in New York City politics. In the mid-1960s, she was appointed as director of public information for JOIN (Job Orientation in Neighborhoods), which worked with the U.S. Department of Labor to provide job training and placement services to young high school drop-outs. Later that decade, Brod served as a special assistant to Mayor Robert Wagner, and in 1967 she was the founder-director of the Mayor's Coordinating Council under Mayor John Lindsay. The Council functioned as a central volunteer coordinator for the city, recruiting some 6,000 volunteers in its first year. In the 1970s, Brod embarked on yet another career, turning to publishing. She published two books of her own (both co-authored), Ena Twigg, Medium (1972) and The Edgar Cayce Handbook of Health Through Drugless Therapy (1975). She also worked as a literary agent, with clients that included Allard Lowenstein, a civil rights activist who was later assassinated, and James Hoffa, the Teamsters Union leader. Brod died of cancer in 1980.

1912: Birthdate of Senator Henry M "Scoop" Jackson. Jacksonwas not Jewish, but he was a man of character of principle, a liberal in the best sense of the term. A Democrat from the state of Washington, Jackson supported legislation intended to force the Soviets to improve the treatment of their Jewish citizens and to allow them to leave the country if they so desired.

1912: “Thirty-six Jews were arrested at the Kiev Science and Art Club” and then “expelled from the city.

1912: With the aid of the police, “anti-Jewish agitators in the provinces of Podolia and Volhynia” incited the “peasants to demand the expulsion of the Jews.

1912: In Russia, “300 Jewish families” were expelled in the province of Taurida, joining the hundreds of other families who were ordered to “leave villages in the provinces of Volhynia and Kherson.

1913(24th of Iyar, 5673): Eighty-two year old Samuel A. Lewis, the New York School Commissioner who abolished corporal punishment and Chairman of the Board of Alderman who was a founder of the Mount Sinai Hospital passed away today in Greenwich, CT.

1913(24th of Iyar, 5673): Eighty three year old Mrs. Bashe Sarasohn passed away today in New YorkCity.

1913: It was reported today that the presiding officers of the Bar Association, the Medical faculty and City Club of Baltimore – Moses R. Walter, Esq., Dr. Harry Friedenwald and Eli Frank, Esq. -- are all Jews.

1913: It was reported today that “Rabbi Louis Jacob Hass, formerly of Utica, NY, has been appointed as Resident Rabbi at the Baron de Hirsch Agricultural School at Woodbine, NJ.

1914(6th of Sivan, 5674): Shavuot

1914(6th of Sivan, 5674): Sixty year old Louis L. Greene passed away in Providence, RI.

1914(6th of Sivan, 5674): Forty-six year old attorney and Maryland State Senator Lewis J. Putzel, the son of Sophia and Selig Gerson Putzel and the husband of Bertha “Birdie” Putzel with whom he had two children – Edward and Margaret – passed away today in his hometown of Baltimore, MD.

1915: In Ottawa, Canada, Leon and Beckie Petegorsky gave birth to their only son Orthodox Rabbi David W. Petegorsky, the LSE Ph.D. “the Executive Director of the American Jewish Congress and World Jewish Congress” and husband of Carol Coan with whom he had “twin sons- Stephen and Dan” who was also a noted author.

1915: Rabbi J. Leonard Levy, Victor Rosewater, the editor of the Omaha Bee, Jacob Schiff, Isaac N. Seligman, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise and Rabbi Emil G. Hirsch were among those who received invitations today “urging their attendance at the conference to held in Independence Hall to consider the adoption of proposals for a League of Peace and to decide upon steps to be taken for obtaining the support of public opinion…”

1915: It was reported today that the eighth convention of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America has adopted “a message of loyalty” which will be sent to President Wilson “warmly commending him” for being an “advocate for peace.”

1915: Former Governor Eugene N. Foss will lead the Massachusetts delegation that is scheduled to appear before the Georgia Prison Commission in Atlanta “to argue for the commutation for Leo M. Frank and present clemency petitions bearing the signatures of 20,000 persons.”

1915: “A strong delegation from Savannah” which “will be headed by Samuel B. Adams, ex-Justice of the State Supreme Court, A.A. Lawrence, State Senator-elect and T. Mayhew Cunningham, a prominent jurist” is scheduled to appeal to the Prison Board today on behalf of clemency for Leo Frank.

1915: Leo Frank, who had been sentenced to hang, appealed to the Georgia State Prison Commission that his sentence be commuted to life imprisonment.

1915: “The seventh annual convention of the Federation of Russian Polish Hebrews of America” “which represent 30,000 Russian Polish Jews in the United States, passed a resolution favoring the sending of a petition to the State Prison Commission at Atlanta, GA asking that the sentence of Leo M. Frank be commuted.”

1915: “President Wilson received a telegram today from the Independent Order of Sons of Israel telling him that ex-Governor Foss of Massachusetts and a delegation had left for Atlanta, GA to ask the Governor to commute the sentence of Leo M. Frank” and asking him “to intercede in the case.”

1915: The American Jewish, Central and Peoples' Relief Committees gave $190,282 to Jews living in Palestine, $4,000 to Jews living in Alexandria and $59,500 to Jews living in Greece and Turkey.

1915: “The hearing on the petition of Leo M. Franks for a commutation of sentence from death to life imprisonment was begun before the State Prison Commission this morning at 10 o’clock and was concluded this afternoon shortly before 5.  The Commission took the case under advisement.  Frank, who was represent by former Congressman W. M Howard did not appear at the hearing.

1916: Hearings being conducting by the State Adjutant General into charges of anti-Semitism in the selection process for members of certain units including Battery D of the Second Field Artillery are scheduled to begin again today.

1916: In Stoke Newington, London, “Harry Lewis and the former Levy gave birth to Bernard Lewis, the Jew who specialized in “the history of Islam” when such a study was not in vogue and pursued a career at Princeton and the Institute for Advanced Study to which this blog can do not begin to do justice. (Editor’s Note:  I have read his works and all that I can say is that I need to read them again and American history would have been far different if those in the Bush administration had read them after 9/11.)




1917: Birthdate of Morris Albert Adelman, “an energy economist who marshaled free-market principles and hard data in arguing that the world’s oil supply was not running out.” (As reported by Douglas Martin)


1917: Abram I. Elkus, the U.S. Ambassador to Turkey who was suffering from Typhus when the U.S. declared war on Germany and therefore unable to leave the country as ordered by the government at Constantinople was finally able to leave for Switzerland, a way station on his eventual destination – the United States.

1917: Two days after he had passed away, 37 year old David Freeman, a mechanic served with the Royal Air Corps, was buried today in London at the “Plashest Jewish Cemetery.”

1918: Commander Jacob H. Klein, Jr., the skipper of the U.S.S. Smith which during World War protected the “vitally important convoys of troop and cargo ships’ as they made their way through submarine infested waters was responsible for “rescuing the crew of the U.S.S. President Lincoln” today “after that ship had been torpedoed.”

1918: The meeting of the Chicago Branch of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America is scheduled to be held this evening at the Hotel La Salle.

1918: As violent attacks continue against Jews in Poland, in Cracow the authorities permitted “distribution of proclamations accusing Jews if murdering a Christian girl who had, in fact, been killed by the police during a pogrom.”

1918: In Cracow, the Premier and Minister of Interior met with a group of Jewish leaders and “promised to takes measures against future outbreaks of violence.”

1918: After two days of debate a proposal of Herr Heins to “disenfranchise the Jews in Prussia” was withdrawn today.

1919(2nd of Sivan, 5679): Parashat Bamibar

1919: Services were held today at Beth Israel Synagogue during the National Conference of Jewish Charities at Atlantic City.

1919: It was reported today that Michael Aaaronsoh, and Jacob Marcus who was appointed sergeant-major were among the first students at Hebrew Union College to have enlisted in the Army and that Marcus, who was promoted to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant when her arrived in France is expected to return home soon while Aaronsohn who was promoted to the rank of Sergeant-Major was blinded while “trying to rescue a wounded comrade during fighting in the Argonne Forest.”

1919: The partly decomposed corpse of Rosa Luxemburg was found in one of the locks of Berlin’s Landwehr Canal.

1919: After two day of debate, the proposal of Herr Heins to disenfranchise the Jews in Prussia which he called for as a requirement for his support of an “Equality of Suffrage Bill” was withdrawn today.

1920: “Nathan Straus of New York was elected Chairman of the permanent organization of the American Jewish Congress just before that body concluded a two day session in the gold room of the Bellevue Stratford tonight.”

1920: Playwright Jack Burnett Larric, the London born son of Jane Koenigsburg and Burnett Larric who began his career as reporter for the New York Herald and who produced “A Sleepless Night” married Ivy Sherman today.

1921: Churchill explains to the members of the Cabinet that he “had decided to suspend the development of representative institutions in Palestine ‘owing to the fact that any elected body would undoubtedly prohibit further immigration of the Jews.’”

1922: Forty-five year old Boston University trained attorney, Abraham C. Weber, the Boston born son of Max and Rebecca Weber married Sylvia Fish today.

1923: Samuel Gompers, the head of the AFL and a leading speaker for the “wets” did not appear as expected at the hearings before Governor Smith on the Culver bill “which would repeal the Mullan-Gage State Prohibition Act” but instead sent a letter addressed to the Governor in which he said all four million members of his organization “favored repeal” of the prohibition enforcement act.

1924(27th of Iyar, 5684): Parashat Bechukotai

1924: “Harold Riegelman, an executive with the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity today made public a telegram he had received from President Calvin Coolidge” in which the President spoke approvingly of the memorial services for Roger Williams that the fraternity had held on May 30 saying that “there is something peculiarity appropriate in the fact that the Jewish young should be holding such exercises in Rhode Island” which “owed its establishment to the determination of the founds to secure the right of complete freedom in religion.

1925(8th of Sivan, 5685): Seventy-eight year old Albert Mosse, the German jurist who advised the Japanese during the creation of the Meiji Constitution passed away today in Berlin.

1925: In Washington Heights, Mabel Lucille (née Blum), a teacher, and Irving Beck, a businessman gave birth to “American actor, director, poet, and painter” Julian Beck

1926: The Sesqui-Centennial International Exposition which Victor Rosewater helped to plan and for which Louis Kahn, who would became a world famous architect, served “as the senior draftsman for the design of the exposition buildings,” opened today in Philadelphia, PA

1926: In Kittery, Maine, a war memorial sculpted by Bashka Peff was dedicated today.


1926(18th of Sivan, 5686): “Mrs. Regina Ember, the wife of Dr. Aaron Ember and their six year old son died today at their home in the Baltimore suburb of Windsor Hills, while Dr. Ember, a Professor of Egyptology at Johns Hopkins was severely burned in his futile attempts to save his family

1926: In Brooklyn Eliah and Sarah Schulman gave birth to Seymour Jerome Schulman a civil engineer who pursued a career in public planning for which he was known as “a straight guy who did things based on their merits” and who served four years as Mayor of White Plains. (As reported by Leslie Kaufman)

1926: The entire Jewish Sejm delegation voted for Josef Pilsudski for President of Poland.

1927: At today’s session of the Fourth Western Interstate Conference in Spokane, Washington, Senator C.C. Dill is scheduled to deliver a speech on Peace at Temple Emanuel.

1928: Official birthdate of Jacob Lateiner, “a Cuban/US pianist. He was actually born on March 31, 1928, but his father did not get around to registering his birth until May 31 the same year. He is the brother of violinist Isidor Lateiner.”

1929: Birthdate of Menham Globus, the native of Tiberias and veteran of the Israeli War of Independence who gained fame as filmmaker Menahem Golan. (As reported by Anita Gates)



1930: In Mishnietz, Poland, Zvi Dov Laska and Levia Zehava Laska gave birth to Haim Yehuda Giladi.

1930: The body of Judge Hugo Pam who succumbed to the effects of heart disease while visiting New York will be leaving today on train bound for Chicago where the funeral will be taking place.

1931: In Pittsburgh, “Dr. Alexander M. Dushkin, of Chicago, the executive director of the Board of Jewish Education, told the National Council for Jewish Education today that the definite results achieve during the last twenty years in modernizing Jewish schools, in obtaining better teachers, in introducing more effective methods, and in enlisting community support and good will, were threatened during ‘these times of economic difficulty.’”

1932: Banker Jacques Stern who had run “on the Left Republic List” completed his service as a deputy for the Dinge “district of Bassess-Alpes” today.

1932: In Manhattan, property manager Richard Gilder, Jr. and homemaker Jane (Moyse) Gilder gave birth to Richard Gilder Jr, “a fifth generation New Yorker” and “great-great grandson of a Jewish immigrant from Bohemia who was “a billionaire investor and benefactor who was instrumental in revitalizing two neglected exemplars of American democracy — the study of American history and Central Park —"(As reported by Sam Roberts)

1933(6th of Sivan, 5693): First Day of Shavuot

1933: Golo Mann, the son of Thomas Mann and the former Katia Pringsheim, the only daughter of German Jewish mathematician and artist Alfred Pringsheim left Germany for “the French town of Bandol” where after a summer of pleasure he began lecturing at the École Normale Supérieure at Saint-Cloud near Paris for two years.

1934: Today marks the 10th and last day of the “office visits” being made by the Young Women’s Group of the Women’s Division of Brooklyn Jewish Charities made under the leadership of Mrs. Allan D. Emile and Mrs. Nathan L. Goldstein.

1935 Jews are banned from the German Armed Forces.

1935: “Chinatown Squad” an action film with a script written by Dore Schary was released in the United States today.

1935: In Eishyshok, Lithuania, “Moshe Sonenson, a leather tannery owner” and “his wife Zipporah” gave birth to Yaffa Sonenson who gained fame as Yaffa Eliach, the Holocaust survivor who created a massive photographic record of the Shoah. (As reported by Joseph Berger)


1936: “A revival of historical studies bring with it a new understanding between peoples was forecast” today “by Dr. William Foxwell Albright, Professor of Semitic Languages at Johns Hopkins Unversity in  an address at the eleventh annual commencement exercises of the Jewish Institute of Religion” which was founded by its current president Dr. Stephen S. Wise.

1936: Banker Jacques Stern who had run “on the Left Republic List” completed his second term in office as a deputy for the Dinge “district of Bassess-Alpes” today.

1936: On the same day when French guards on the Syrian border captured 1,000 rifles that we being smuggled into Palestine, in Jerusalem, “the police said they had unearthed a collection of posters in hand-printed Italian declaring all Jews were ‘Communists and enemies of Europe and Christianity.’”

1936: “Leaders of the British forces in Palestine including Admiral Sir Dudley Pound, commander of the British Mediterranean fleet “met today to discuss steps to halt the continuing disorders” in Palestine.

1936: It was reported today that the proceeds of the upcoming annual “Give or Get Luncheon” sponsored by the Mizrachi Women’s Organization will be used to provide for the needs of young girls in Palestine, including both the native-born and refugees from Europe.

1936(10th of Sivan, 5696): “Today marks the end of the sixth week of rioting, murder and acts of brigandage by Arabs in Palestine.”

1936(10th of Sivan, 5696): Fifty year old Franz Borschard, a German Jewish refugee “was fatally shot near Givat Shaoul, a suburb of Jerusalem” “by an Arab who jumped from concealment behind a wall.”

1937: “Unskilled labor's right to strike and the right of a woman to sue for divorce on the grounds of incompatibility were part of "New Deal" legislation by the Talmudic interpreters of the Mosaic Laws between the third and fifth centuries of the Christian Era, Dr. Louis Ginzberg, Professor of Talmud at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America,” said tonight.

1938(1st of Sivan, 5698)

1938: Michael Strauss “Mike” Jacobs, the manager of Heavyweight Champion Joe Louis was photographed today the Madison Square Garden Bowl with his fighter and trainer.


1938: German legislation outlaws "decadent art." All decadent artists weren’t Jewish but all Jewish artists were decadent.

1938: Birthdate of Peter Yarrow, “The Peter” in Peter, Paul and Mary

1939: As violence aimed at Arabs in response to the White Paper, increased, British authorities in Palestine began arresting Revisionists including Dr. Bukshpan, chairman of the Revisionist Palestine Executive Committee. At the same, at least one Jewish newspaper in Palestine published a report from Warsaw, Poland “that Dr. Vladimir Jabotinsky, head of the Revisionist party was openly opposed to any Jewish rebellion on the ground that in the present state of international affairs the Jews must and cannot fight against Britain when all democracies are grouping themselves” for a fight with Nazi Germany.

1939: Even though it placed strict limitations on Jewish immigration, Arab leaders rejected the White Paper today because it allowed for Jewish immigration and for the possibility of a Jewish home in Palestine. The Arab High Committee rejected any role for Jews in Palestine and asserted that the creation of an Arab state is the solution to the problem.

1940: On the same day that he asked Congress “for additional appropriations for National Defense, President Roosevelt had one hour long luncheon meeting Lawrence A. Steinhardt, the U.S. Ambassador to the Soviety Union.

1940: Today, Victor Records “Blueberry Hill” a song that would later become identified with Fats Domino which had lyrics co-authored by New York native Al Lewis.

1940(23rd of Iyar, 5700): Fifty-six year old Kansas City, MO attorney Benjamin Morris Achtenberg, the son of David and Hannah Achtenberg and husband of Minnie Achtenberg passed away today after which he was buried in Raytown, MO.

1941(5th of Sivan, 5701): Parashat Bamidbar; erev Shavuot

1941: Pro-Nazi forces in Iraq tried to mount a coup to create a pro-German stronghold in the Middle East, “Regent Abdul Illah prepared to fly back to Baghdad to reclaim his leadership” which meant the country would be in the hands, once again, of pro-Allied government.

1941: Today the Nazis began expropriating “Jewish property in Belgium”

1942: AuschwitzIII opened up. It was a massive labor camp for the construction of synthetic oil and rubber.

1942: In the Warsaw Ghetto, 3,650 Jews had died of starvation since the first of May. The Germans opened a new death camp on the outskirts of Minsk, in the village of Maly Trostenets. Spring brought on soft ground which meant it was easy to dig massive graves again.

1943: Infielder Eddie Turchin played his 11th and final major league game with the Cleveland Indians today.

1943: At a Meeting of the General Government ministers in Cracow, Lieutenant General Kruger noted that "on the Fuhrer's orders it is necessary for the (slaughter of the Jews) from the standpoint of European interests."

1943: Lydia Litvyak succeeded in the difficult task of shooting down a German artillery observation balloon which was protected by a ring of anti-aircraft guns.

1943 A Nazi prison administrator in Minsk, Byelorussia, reports that 516 German and Russian Jews have been killed in late May, their gold crowns and fillings taken from their mouths before their deaths.

1943(26th of Iyar, 5703): Today, the Nazis murdered Berta and Munio Kremnitzer, the parents of Rama Reis-Kremnitzer and the grandparents of Brig. Gen. Itai Reis, the commander of Palmahim air force.

1943(26th of Iyar, 5703): Michael Henry Cornell, a Sgt. Navigator serving with the Royal Canadian Air Forced was killed today while “on active service.”

1944: In Budapest, German representative, SS General Edmund Veesnmayer reported that 60,000 more Hungarian Jews had been deported in the last six days. The total for the past 16 days stood at 204,312. This day 42 dead bodies were removed from the Berkenau bound trains.

1944 (9th of Sivan, 5704): The Jewish community of Khonia, Crete,which traced its history back toRoman times, came to an end when the ship Danai, into which all the Jews had been herded, was towed out to sea and sunk.

1944(9th of Sivan, 5704): Eighty-five year old Herz Elkan, the German born sone of Joseph and Caroline Elkan and the husband of Rosa Elkan died today at the Theresienstadt Ghetto.

1944: A Hungarian deportation train stops near the German border so 42 corpses could be removed.

1944: At the Auschwitz rail junction, German soldiers who encounter a sealed deportation train carrying Hungarian Jews to the Birkenau death camp defy threats of SS guards and give water and food to pleading prisoners. (Could this be a reference to scene in the film “Schinlder’s List” where Schindler provides water for a group of Jews trapped in box cars?)

1944: An SS man and a Jewish girl with whom he has fallen in love are executed. The German has hidden the girl for months, keeping her from the gas chambers.

1944: Having not heard a response from the telegram he had sent on May 27, Joel Brand sent another telegram to his wife telling her he intended to leave for Budapest on June 4.  Unbeknownst to him, his wife was being held by the Arrow Cross.

1944: Today, eighteen year old champion sprinter Buba Weisz Sajovits and her sister Icu (pronounced Itzu), their parents, Bernard and Lotte, and the rest of the Jewish population of Cluj were deported in cattle cars to Auschwitz, a journey of degradation and hunger that lasted five days” at the end of which she last saw her parents when her father jumped out of line to hand his daughters their baccalaureate diplomas. (As reported by Bret Stephens)

1944: The Bielski brothers continued their fight against the Nazis while providing safe haven to over a thousand Jews.


1945(19th of Sivan, 5705): Russian born impressionist painter Leonid Pasternak passed away today at Oxford where he had gone to live to escape the Nazis and the Soviets.  He was the father of Boris Pasternak


1945: Today, on the closing day of a conference “sponsored by the American Federation for Polish Jews at the Hotel Roosevelt” plans were announced for the formation of “a new World Federation of Polish Jewry” led by Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum.

1945: In London, Lord Wright told those attending the opening session of the United Nations War Commission, the organization “is seeking special methods of dealing with the mass criminality emanating from a master criminal and his entourage characteristic of Nazi atrocities” but that “how to handle the question of crimes against Jews generally and particularly against German Jews was still being examined.

1946(1stof Sivan, 5706): Rosh Chodesh Sivan

1946: During an English language broadcast on Radio Moscow, “commentator Mikhail Mikahilov said that United Nations participation would be need to settle the…problem of Palestine” and that “negotiations between Britain and America cannot settle this serious problem.”

1947: “Speaking in the name of Christian representative leaders from seventy-six communities in twenty-seven states, the American Christian Palestine Committee ended a three-day national seminar in near-by Highland Park tonight with a plea to President Truman to implement the established American policy with regard to Palestine.”

1948: Birthdate of Brooklyn native Rhea Perlman the actress who created the character of Carla on Cheers and Zena in the television comedy “Taxi. “

1948: Representatives of the Protestant and Catholic faiths joined more than 500 Reform Jewish leaders from a score of States at a testimonial dinner at the Netherlands Plaza Hotel in honor or Dr. Julian Morgenstern, who is retiring as president of Hebrew Union College.

1948: “In further moves to relieve pressures on the coastal strip and to ward off disaster two columns of Israeli armored cars were advancing to on Jenin.” One column was advancing from Afula while the other was coming from Megiddo which was the scene of a counter-attack by Trans-Jordan’s Arab Legion. In the south, the Arab Legion was reported to have massed two hundred armored vehicles at Rameleh which will be used in the fight to keep the road from Jerusalem to the Coast Plain from being opened to Jewish convoys. At the same time the Egyptians have amassed 500 armored vehicles twenty miles south of Jaffa as part of what appears to be another move against Tel Aviv.

1948: Moti Alon took off in the only undamaged S-199 this “morning to escort a Tel Aviv Squadron Dragon Rapide to support the Seventh Brigade at Latrun. He flew several sorties and by the time he called it a day, one mechanic said, "his machine was so full of holes, we didn't know how he kept it flying."

1948: An Order of the Day, signed by David Ben Gurion, which included the following statement, was issued. “On the establishment of the State of Israel, the Haganah has emerged from the underground and has become a regular army…Without the Haganah’s experience, plan, skill in operation and command, its devotion and valor, the Yishuv could not have held it ground on the dreadful trial of arms it had to face during these six months and we would not have attained the State of Israel.”

1948: As of today, 24 of the overseas volunteers, the first of whom had arrived in Palestine “as early as February” had fallen the battle to create the state of Israel.

1949: Birthdate of Methodist minister Wallace S. Wade who became Asher Wade when he converted to Judaism and pursued a career as an Orthodox Rabbi and psychotherapist.


1949: Today, the Mayor of New York “proclaimed June as ‘UJA Month’ on behalf of the United Jewish Appeal of Greater of New York” and called upon all New Yorkers “to support the lifesaving humanitarian work” of the organization.

1951: The address of “The Hildesheimer Rabbinical Seminary” was renamed and renumbered as Tucholskystraße 40” today.

1951(25th of Iyar, 5711): Forty-eight year old Ottawa native Louis J. Ellenberg, the President of Robert Hall Clothes, Inc. a leading member of the Jewish community who raised to children, James and Judith, with his wife Claire Roth Ellenberg passed away today. (Editor’s note: Six years later the author of this blog got his bar mitzvah at Robert Halls, a pioneer in discount clothing)


1952(7th of Sivan, 5712): Second Day of Shavuot is observed for the last time during the Presidency of Harry Truman, “the godfather of Israeli independence.:

1952: Birthdate of Marina Gershman who made Aliyah in 1991, where as Marina Solodkin she fashioned a successful political career including serving in the Knesset.


1955: The final episode of Danger an American anthology series on CBS which included performances by Walter Matthau and shows produced by Sidney Lumet was broadcast today by CBS

1955: A revival of Frank Loesser’s “Guys Dolls” opened today at the New York City Center starring Walter Matthau as Nathan Detroit.

1955: In New York City, Dr. Leonard Essman and his wife Zora who “taught Russian at Sarah Lawrence” gave birth to comedian, actress and producer Susan “Susie” Essman

1956: Seventy-fifth birthday of Alexander Kahn, “the general manager of the Jewish Daily Forward.

1957: Playwright Arthur Miller is convicted of contempt of Congress for refusing to denounce writers with alleged Communist views to the House Un-American Activities Committee

1957: Anshe Chesed’s new facility known as Fairmount Temple was dedicated today in Beachwood, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. The building was designed by Percival Goodman and cemented the reform congregation’s move to suburbia.

1959: Funeral services were held today for Des Moines, Iowa native Elliot E. Cohen, the founding editor of Commentary magazine.

1960(5th of Sivan 5720): Erev Shavuot observed for the last time during the Presidency of Dwight Eisenhower.

1961: It was reported today that 83 year old Chicago born Benjamin Samuels, the University of Chicago graduate and Harvard trained attorney who became president of the Yellow Cab Company and “international president of B’nai B’rith” while raising his son Robert with his wife Martha passed away while at patient in Chicago’s Michael Reese Hospital.

1961: At a diplomatic luncheon given in his honor and “attended by the permanent representatives of 50 member states of the United Nations, Prime Minister David Ben Gurion said “In an armed and troubled world, the United Nations must serve as a great moral force, focusing the collective desire for peace and reducing the tensions which undermine peace.”

1961: In Edmonton, Alberta, pharmacist Barry Katz, the founder of Value Drug Mart and his wife gave birth to University of Alberta trained billionaire and philanthropist Daryl Allan Katz founder of the Katz Group of Companies and owner of the Edmonton Oilers.

1962: Adolf Eichmann, head of the Jewish department of the Gestapo, the first Nazi to be condemned by the Jewish state, was hanged.


1963: Birthdate of Canadian comedian Jeremy Hotz.

1964: Birthdate of Jerusalem native Ruby Namdar, the award winning author whose works include the novel The Ruined House.



1964: Birthdate of Canadian lawyer and media magnate, Leonard Asper, Brandeis U. alum and son of the late Isadore Asper.

1965: Jordanian Legionnaires fired on the neighborhood of Musrara in Jerusalem, killing two civilians and wounding four.

1966: At 20 Sutton Place South, Rabbi Eugene Sack officiated at the wedding of Katherine A. Kamen and Dr. Andrew S. Dalsimer.

1967: With the announcement of the alliance between Egyptand Jordan,Israelwas faced with the possibility of having to fight a war on three fronts – the Sinai, the Golan and the West Bank – Egypt, Syria and Jordan

1967: Contingents of the Iraqi Army arrived in Egypt with plans to join in the upcoming war with Israel.

1967: The government of Egypt declared that Eilat, Israel’s southern port, had been illegally occupied by Israel. With Egyptian troops stationed a few miles away at Taba, the Israel felt even more threatened.

1967: At Nasser’s insistence, Ahmed Shukeiry, head of the PLO, flew back to Jordan with King Hussein. He then went to Jordanian occupied portion of Jerusalem where he promises the Jews of Israel that after the war they will either have not survived or will be ‘repatriated.’

1969: After 45 previews and 132 performances at the Mark Hellinger Theatre the curtain comes down “Dear World,” a Broadway musical with a “book” co-authored by Jerome Lawrence with lyrics and music by Jerry Herman.

1969: "Suzanne,"  “a song written by Canadian poet and musician Leonard Cohen” reached 4th place today on the Dutch Top 40 List.

1970: Kermit the Frog (who was not Jewish) performed Anthony Newly’s “What Kind of Fool Am I?” on the Ed Sullivan Show today.

1970: Mrs. Sigmund Politzer, “the only living member of the first graduating class of Barnard College, the widow of dermatologist Sigmund Pollitzer and the sister of fellow college graduate 87 year old Dr. Lucile Kohn, is scheduled to celebrate her 100th birthday today.

1971(7th of Sivan, 5731): Second Day of Shavuot

1971(7th of Sivan, 5731): Seventy-five year old Jim Novy, the Austin, TX businessman and leader of the Jewish community who worked to save Jews from the Holocaust and was close friend of Lyndon Johnson passed away today.


1974: Harry Meyer Archibald Primrose, 6th Earl of Rosebery the son of Archibald Primrose, 5th Earl of Rosebery and Hannah Primrose, Countess of Rosebery the only child of Baron Mayer de Rothschild who served as General Allenby’s Military Secretary in Palestine, passed away today.

1974: The involvement of the Golani forces in the war of attrition against Syria came to an end with the signing of the disengagement agreement.

1974: After Henry Kissinger conducted a feverish round of shuttle diplomacy between Damascus and Jerusalem, the separation of forces agreement between Israel and Syria was signed in Geneva. This marked the formal end the hostilities known as the Yom Kippur War.

1975: While driving to Tan-Tan, Morocco, Larry Blyden’s was knocked unconscious and hospitalized after his car went off the road and overturned.

1976(2nd of Sivan, 5736): Seventy-two year old Rokhl Auerbach who “was one of the three surviving members of the covert Oyneg Shabes group led by Emanuel Ringelblum that chronicled daily life in the Warsaw Ghetto, and who initiated the excavation of the group's buried manuscripts after the war” passed away.  (Editor’s Note: For more on this see Who Will Write Our History)


1976: “1600: Anatomy of a Turkey” published today probed the question of a how a musical created by Leonard Bernstein and Alan Jay Lerner could turn out to be such a flop.


1979(5th of Sivan, 5739): Erev Shavuot

1979: In the UK, premier of “The Muppet Movie” co-produced by Lew Grade with Frank Oz as the voices of Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Animal, Sam Eagle, Marvin Suggs.

1980(16th of Sivan, 5740) Parashat Beha-altcha

1980: After 170 performances, the curtain came down on the original Broadway production of Harold Pinter’s “Betrayal.

1983: In “200 Singers in Jewish Festival” Edward Rothstein provides a summary of the recently completed American Jewish Choral Festival.

1984: Funeral services are scheduled to be held today for seventy-one year old Gallitzin, PA native and University of Michigan trained New York attorney and former regional commissioner of the NLRB William J. Isaacson, an officer of the lawyer’s division of the UJA-Federation of Jewish Philanthropies who was the husband of “the former Edith Lipsig Hebald.”

1984(29th of Iyar, 5744): Seventy-one-year-old publisher Harold Sabes, the Minneapolis born son Eva and Abraham Sabesewitz who attended Minnesota, Tulane and Northwestern universities and who was the husband of Jessie Winnick Sabes passed away today after which he was buried in Beth El Cemetery in Phoenix, AZ.

1985: Samuel Lewis completed his service as U.S. Ambassador to Israel

1990(7th of Sivan, 5750): Second Day of Shavuot

1991(18th of Sivan, 5751): Sixty-two year old Bernard Chaus, founder and CEO of his own women’s fashion company passed away today. (As reported by Isadore Barmash)


1992: In the opening months of the Croatian War of Independence,” the siege of Dubrovnik during which two thirds of the old city was in some way damaged, including the” including the Sephardic synagogue which is the second oldest such edifice in Europe, “where shells and grenades hit the adjacent buildings shattering the windows of the sanctuary and Jewish Community Headquarters” came to an end.

 1993: Marshall Brickman's "Who's Who in the Cast," a parody of a Playbill cast list, which was published in the July 26, 1976, issue of The New Yorker, drew so much attention that it was republished in today’s special theatre issue.

1994(21st of Sivan, 5754): Eighty-year Trumpeter Emmanuel "Manny" Klein who played with Paul Whiteman, Benny Goodman and Arte Shaw passed away today.

1998: The New York Times featured reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including The Commissioners: Baseball's Midlife Crisisby Jerome Holtzman and Two Lucky People: Memoirsby Milton Friedman and Rose D. Friedman

1998(6th of Sivan, 5758): First Day of Shavuot

2000: U.S. President Bill Clinton and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak met at Clinton's Lisbon hotel in the latest effort to jump-start the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

2001: Prime Minister Ariel Sharon comes under increasing pressure to end a unilateral cease-fire with the Palestinians, as violence continues in the Middle East.

2002: Israeli troops enter the West Bank city of Nablus, while the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat is reported to have signed a law reform package which is a framework for a Palestinian constitution.

2003: While visiting Auschwitz today, President Bush said, ““This site is a sobering reminder that when we find anti-Semitism, whether it be in Europe or anywhere else, mankind must come together to fight such dark impulses. And this site is also a strong reminder that the civilized world must never forget what took place on this site. May God bless the victims and the families of the victims, and may we always remember.”

2004: In “Laugh Fist, Think Later,” published today Marc Abrahams described his improbably successful career.


2004: The New York Times featured reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including Sontag& amp; Kael by Craig Seligman,Teammates by David Halberstam and Amerika (The Man Who Disappeared), by Franz Kafka; translated by Michael Hofmann, a new translation of Kafka's novel about a young man's humiliations after being banished for his part in a scandal strives to stay close to the author's rough drafts.

2005: Jean-François Copé began serving as the Minister of the Budget in France.

2005: Israeli TV Channel 2 starts broadcasting "Yoman Masa" - "Diary of a Journey" ("Land of the Settlers") filmed by Channel 1 news anchorman Chaim Yavin.

2005: Mikhail Khodorkovsky was found guilty of fraud and sentenced to nine years in prison. The sentence was later reduced to 8 years.

2005: Six days after her death, the funeral was held for Ruth Laredo who was buried in the Kensico Cemetery in Valhalla, NY, near the grave of Sergei Rachmaninoff.

2006: In Jerusalem, closing session of Biomed 2006.

2006: Avi Arad “resigned his various Marvel positions, including his leadership of Marvel Studios to form his own production company, Arad Productions, a company that primarily produces Marvel-licensed films separate from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

2007: The JCC of Manhattan presents “Tizmoret’s Spring Sing.” Tizmoret is the Queens College Hillel chapter’s Professional A Cappella Choir.

2007: Andrew Speaker, an individual suspected to have XDR-TB under federal quarantine, was moved to the National Jewish Health for treatment today where the Mycobacteriology Laboratory determined that Speaker did not have the Extensive Drug resistant form of TB (XDR-TB), but rather the Multi-Drug Resistant form of TB (MDR-TB).

2007: David M. Rubenstein, co-founder and co-chief executive officer of The Carlyle Group, was elected to the Board of Trustees of the University of Chicago.

2008 (26th of Iyar, 5768): Begin Book of Numbers.

2008: There an estimated 400,000 Israelis living the New York Metropolitan Area” out an estimated Jewish population of 1.5 million.


2008: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said she was surprised the State Department had withdrawn Fulbright fellowships to study in the United States from seven Palestinians living in Gaza,



o   2009: In New York City, the annual Salute to Israel Parade swings down famed 5thAvenue. The main theme of this year's parade is "Past, Present, Future – Tel Aviv Celebrates 100 Years." http://salutetoisrael.com/parade/

2009: Ben Stiller received the MTV Generation Award, at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards

2009: The New York Times featured reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including Bottom of the Ninth: Branch Rickey, Casey Stengel, and the Daring Scheme to Save Baseball From Itselfby Michael Shapiro and the recently released paperback edition of Dictation by Cynthia Ozick.

2009: The Washington Post featured reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including Alger Hiss and the Battle For History by Susan Jacoby

2009: A five-day civil defense exercise, simulating an attack on the country, started today. Named Turning Point 3, the drills will be the most extensive ever held and practice new measures to safeguard civilians.

2009(8thof Sivan, 5769): Eighty-three year old Samuel M. Ehrenhalt, the “grand old man”of labor statistics passed away. (As reported by Margalit Fox)


2010: Israeli Shayetet 13 naval commandos boarded six ships trying to end the blockade of Gaza from speedboats and helicopters in order to force the ships to the Israeli port of Ashdod

2010: An exhibition entitled “One Foot in America: The Jewish Emigrants of the Red Star Line and Eugeen Van Mieghem” at the YIVO Institute is scheduled to come to a close.

2011: Final day of Jewish American heritage Month

2011: At a time when some are calling for an artistic boycott of Israel, Marty Friedman, who played guitar with Megadeth is scheduled to perform in Tel Aviv today

2011: The 2011 award ceremony for the Sami Rohr Prize in fiction for Jewish Literature is scheduled to be held in New York City today.

2011: World Policy Journal Editor David A. Andelman is scheduled to moderate a town-meeting style conversation entitled “Beyond the Stage: On Henry Kissinger” at the 92ndStreet Y in New York City.

2011: The Israel Defense Forces will ask the state to increase its defense budget significantly to contend with the growing terror threats in the region, Chief of Staff Benny Gantz said today.

2011: The Finance and Health ministries petitioned the Tel Aviv Labor Court today asking for injunctions to be issued against the Israel Medical Association, demanding the end to the doctors' strike which has been ongoing for over two months.

2011: The Jewish Book Council is scheduled to host its annual award ceremony today in NYC.

2011: Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert began testifying today at the Jerusalem District Court, opening the defense phase of the ongoing corruption trial against him.

2011(27thof Iyar, 5771): Eighty-nine year old Broadway producer Philip Rose whose works included “A Raisin in the Sun” passed away today. (As produced by Bruce Weber)


2011(27thof Iyar, 5771): Dutch holocaust survivor, author and psychoanalyst Hans Keilson passed away today at the age of 101. (As reported by the Eulogizer/JTA and William Grimes)



2012:“City Sounds,” an exhibit of Jewish musicians and Jewish venues in Columbus Ohio, is scheduled to come to an end at the Bexley Public Library in Bexley, Ohio.

2012: Dr. Nir Cohen is scheduled to lecture on “Love and Surveillance: Politicised Romance in Peter Kosminsky’s The Promise” at the Weiner Library in London.

2012:“The Jewish Woman In America: 1654-2012” a course covering the vital contributions that Jewish women have made to American Jewish life, from the time of the first Sephardic arrivals to New Amsterdam in 1654, down to the present sponsored by the Board of Jewish Education of Atlantic and Cape May (NJ) Counties is scheduled to come to an end.

2012: Entertainment Weekly announced todt that Lauren Weisberger is working on a sequel to The Devil Wears Prada entitled Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns

2012: International Ladino singer Sarah Aroeste and music collaborator and producer Shai Bachar are scheduled to come to Joe’s Pub to celebrate the release of Aroeste’s third album, Gracia.

2013: “Hyam Plutzik: American Poet,” an exhibit of letters, manuscripts, images and objects about the life and career of this three-time Pulitzer Prize finalist at Trinity College Watkinson Library in Hartford, CT is scheduled to come to an end.

2013: The South Cobb Regional Library in Mableton, GA, is scheduled to a special program in celebration of Jewish American Heritage Month.

2013: Deadline for apply for College Aid through the Jewish Children’s Regional Service, an outstanding organization located in New Orleans, LA.


2013: Temple Judah in Cedar Rapids is scheduled to host the final musical Shabbat Friday Evening Services of this season

2013: Tomer Lev, Berenika Glixman, Daniel Borovitzky, Raviv Leibzirer – Two Pianos, Four Pianists, Twenty to Forty Fingers – are scheduled to perform at two boutique concerts in Jerusalem.

2013: “No Place On Earth” is scheduled to open in Santa Rosa, CA and Wilmington, DE.

2013: Marty Goldberg is scheduled to determine whether or not there will be a new print version of the Canadian Jewish News.

2013: R&B singer Alicia Keys said today that she will go ahead with her planned July performance in Israel, despite calls from other artists and the Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment (BDS) movement for her to cancel the event.

2013: Staff at the Dormition Abbey in Jerusalem reported the spraying of offensive graffiti in Hebrew and the destruction of the church property in a suspected attack by radical Jewish settler sympathizers today

Perpetrators spray-painted “the Christians are apes” and “the Christians are slaves” on two cars parked outside the abbey

2014(2nd of Sivan, 5774): Eighty-eight year old television critic Steven H. Scheuer, the brother of Congressman James H. Scheuer and the husband of social critic Alida Brill, passed away today. (As reported by William Yardley)


2014(2nd of Sivan, 5774): Seventy year old “Lewis Katz, co-owner of the Philadelphia Inquirer and a philanthropist, died in a plane crash in Massachusetts.” (As reported by JTA and Rachel Abrams)



2014(2nd of Sivan, 5774): Eighty-nine year old Edward S. Finkelstein who led Macy’s in good times and bad passed away today. (As reported by Douglas Martin)


2014: The Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival is scheduled to begin today.(As reported by Debra Kamin)

2014: Considering the role of Jews in the world of the Broadway musical, the 92nd Street Y is scheduled to present “Panning for Gold: Great Songs from Flop Shows.

2014: American Jewish Heritage Month comes to an end.

2014: “Senior Gaza official and deputy Hamas leader Moussa Abu Marzouk said” “Hamas will not agree to the continuation of Palestinian security cooperation with Israel once it teams up with the Fatah movement led by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to form a unity government.”

2014: “Today, top Hamas official Muhammad Nazal was quoted by the organization’s official organ as saying that Hamas would not abandon the path of “resistance,” or violence against Israel — a path the Islamist group shares with the Lebanese Shi’ite terrorist organization Hezbollah.” (As reported by Yifa Yaakov)

2014: Today Strategic Affairs and Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz (Likud) harshly berated the defense establishment for using “undemocratic” means and “manipulating” the public to try to pressure the government into allotting it a larger budget. (As reported by Yifa Yaakov)

2015: The New York Times features reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including They Told Me Not To Take That Job: Tumult, Betrayal, Heroics, and the Transformation of Lincoln Center by Reynold Levy, Keepers by Richard Schickel and Orson Welles’s Last Movie: The Making of “The Other Side of the Wind” by Josh Karp.

2015: After two months, “Joy of Life: Paintings by Dolorosa Margulis” whose family survived the war “by hiding in a village near Eindhoven is scheduled to come to an end at the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education.

2015: Final performance of The Call is scheduled to take place as part of Theater J sponsored by the Washington DC JCC.

2015: “For Richer For Poorer: Weddings Unveiled” which showcase “a rich and evocativecollection of material related to weddings within the immigrant Jewish community from the 1880’s to the mid-20th century” is scheduled to come to an at the Jewish Museum in London.

2015: In Chicago, Congregation Emmanuel is scheduled to host the “The Schaalman Centenary Celebration” marking the 100th birthday of Herman Schaalman who was the rabbi at Temple Judah from 1941 to 1949.


2015: The Center for Jewish History is scheduled to host “Music in Our Time: 2015.”


2015: The IAC is scheduled to host Israel Festival ’15” in New York City.

2015: “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel said today that his country faced “an international campaign to blacken its name” based not on his policies toward the Palestinians but “connected to our very existence,” likening the mounting boycott movement to anti-Semitic “libels” of previous eras.”

2015: In Boston, Julian Edelman is scheduled to appear at “Celebrate Israel”

2015: The Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia is scheduled to host “Israel Fest: Israel@67.”

2015: “Mak’hela,” a Jewish choral group founded in 2003 is scheduled to perform at the Yiddish Book Center in Amherst, MA.

2015: Kehila Kedosha Janina Synagogue and Museum is scheduled to present the First Greek Jewish Festival on the Lower East Side.

2015(13th of Sivan, 5775): Forty-two year old “Rochelle Shoretz, whose own breast cancer diagnosis at age 28 led her to found the national cancer organization Sharsheret” passed away today.

2016: Jewish American Heritage Month is scheduled to come to an end today.

2016: The Israel National Football Team is scheduled to play a “friendly” match against Serbia in Novi Sad, Serbia.

2016: Mexican diplomat Andrés Roemer Slomianski completed his service as General Consul of Mexico in San Francisco, CA.

2016: Dr. Gary P. Zola, “a distinguished scholar of the American Jewish experience and an ordained rabbi,” is scheduled to deliver a “lecture on his latest book, We Called Him Abraham: Lincoln and American Jewry” at the National Archives’ William G. McGowan Theatre.

2016: Dr. Bernard Lewis reaches the century mark. (Editor’s note: If you have not read Lewis then you have no business making policy in the lands of what were once the Ottoman Empire and a little more!)



2017(6th of Sivan, 5777): Shavuot; For more see http://downhomedavartorah.blogspot.com/

2017: The Oxford University Jewish Society is scheduled to host a “Shavuot Lunch and Story Telling” facilitated by professional storyteller who “will tell the story of the Book of Ruth from her perspective, weaving in rabbinic midrash to create fuller characters and a deeper understanding of the narrative.”

2017: At “4:45 AM” MJE West is scheduled to hold “Sunrise Services…with Soulful Singing followed by Hot Buffet Breakfast.”

2018: “Our History is Your History” Treasures from the American Jewish Historical Society,” “a rotating exhibit of the AJHS Permanent Collection” is scheduled to come to an end today.

2018: the Jewish Women’s Archive and the Center for Jewish History are scheduled to host a book launch of Jewish Radical Feminism: Voices from the Women's Liberation Movement with a panel featuring author Joyce Antler, Judith Rosenbaum (Executive Director of the Jewish Women's Archive), Nona Willis Aronowitz (Splinter), and Dahlia Lithwick (Newsweek, Slate)

2018: Garrett “Reisman announced he would leave his position at SpaceX, but remain as a "consultant," stating he could not pass up a job to teach human spaceflight at the nearby University of Southern California.”

2018: The Temple Emanu-El Streicker Center is scheduled to host “Inside/Outside: Alternate Perspectives on Israel with Gillian Laub and Yael Reinharz” and moderated by Andrea Meislin

2018: Roey Victoria Heifetz is scheduled to present “her ongoing project The Third Body which is a video and drawing installation of confessions / conversations/ with women, friends and acquaintances from the transgender communities in Berlin and Israel interviewed by the artist, as well as her own.”

2018: Israelis begin the day waiting to see if the so-called cease fire proclaimed by the terrorists in Gaza which means they will end their rocket barrage begun this week will hold.

2019: An exhibition featuring the works of the late Uri Katzenstein is scheduled to come an end at “10 Times Square” in New York City.

2019: “Hillel Jews, Schmooze and Canoes at Camp BB is scheduled to begin today in Edmonton, Alberta.

2019: “The Spy Behind Home Plate,” Aviv Kempner’s biopic about Moe Berg is scheduled to open today at the Quad Cinema in New York City.

2019: Jewish American Heritage, the theme of which has been “American Jewish Illustrators” is scheduled to an end today.


2020: The Kalsman Institute on Judaism and Health is scheduled to host “Clinical Ethics – Challenges during the COVID-19 Panedmic.

2020: In Cedar Rapids, IA, Temple Judah is scheduled to hold its Annual Congregation Meeting via Zoom.

2020: Today the Brit Millah of the son of Judy and Josh Rosensbloom and the grandson of Debbie Rosenbloom, the wife of David Levin and the brother of Neysa, Akiva and Nili, is scheduled to take place in Tzur Hadassah providing a beacon of light in a world that can some time seem all to dark.  Mazel to the family.

2020: The American Jewish Historical Society is scheduled to host a “Virtual Visit: Meet Lazarus,”  a live interactive program where children have the opportunity to engage with the famous poetess about her life and the issues of her time.

2020: KlexCalifornia is scheduled to present “Virtual: Hasidic Dance with Bruce Bierman” during which the Jewish dance leader teaches mystic dance moves, wordless melodies and the influence of Hasidic dance on other folk dancing.

2020: The American Sephardi Federation is scheduled to present live on Zoom “Musical Sourt of the Yemenite Tefillah and Its Distinction From Other Groups.”

2020: Gary Palgon, past president of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Georgia and a popular presenter, is scheduled to hold a workshop via Zoom to help us all break through our 'Brick Wall.’

2020: The New York Times featured reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers included Bubblegum by Adam Levin and Faster: How a Jewish Driver, an American Heiress, and a Legendary Car Beat Hitler’s Best by Neal Bascomb.

2021: “With One Voice: Fighting Hatred Together” “a new hour-long special in honor of Jewish American Heritage Month” “is scheduled to feature a poignant conversation between Tova Friedman, one of the youngest living survivors of Auschwitz, and Emmanuel Acho, former NFL player, author and host of “Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Man.” 2022

2021: Memorial Day observed as Americans remember those who made the supreme sacrifice for the United States and her citizens.





2022(1st of Sivan, 5782): Rosh Chodesh Sivan

2022:American Jewish Heritage Month comes to an end

2022: The National Library of Israel is scheduled present a lecture by Dr. Fred Sugarman and Dr. Stefan Litt on “A Rendezvous with Walt Whitman.”

2022: The Eden Tamir Center is scheduled to present “a special concert in cooperation with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra” featuring The French Harp.

2022: The ASF Institute of Jewish Experience is scheduled to present “Between Baghdad and Asia.”

2022: Lockdown University is scheduled to host Professor David Peimer lecturing on “Leo Tolstoy: War and Peace.”

2023: Jewish American Heritage Month is scheduled to come to an end today.

2023: Chabad SF-SOMA Shul and Chabad of Pacific Heights are scheduled to present the Mensch Hall of Fame Awards.”

2023: Temple Beth Zion is scheduled to present a celebration of support featuring Rabbi Micah Shapiro.

2023: Israelis brace for more terrorist attacks, following yesterday’s deadly attack on 32-year-old Meir Tamir “for which the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade … claimed responsibility.” (As reported by Emanuel Fabian)






















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