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This Day, January 15, In Jewish History by Mitchell A and Deb Levin Z"L

January 15

588 BCE:  On the secular calendar, Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon lays siege to Jerusalem under Zedekiah's reign. The siege lasts until July 18, 586 BCE 

69: Servius Sulpicius Galba 6th emperor of Rome (68-69) was killed by Praetorian Guard in the Forum Rome.  Following the death of Nero, there was a power struggle.  Rome had four emperors in one year of whom Galba was one.  This state of anarchy came during the Jewish Revolt against the Romans.  The Jews actually had a year in which to improve their military position before the Romans resumed their attacks or to possibly negotiate some kind of peace.  The Jews squandered the chance by fighting among themselves, with the religious extremists becoming the dominant force.   When the dust had settled Vespasian was the Emperor and he sent his son Titus with reinforcements to crush the Jewish rebellion. 

409: Roman emperors Honorius and Theodosius II decree that previous laws against pagans and Jews must continue to be enforced. "The Donatists and the rest of the vain heretics who refuse to be converted to the Catholic communion, including all Jews and pagans, must not imagine that any laws previously issued against them have diminished in force.” (The Donatists were a Christian sect that was seen as a rival to the Church at Rome.  In this case, the Jews may have been “collateral damage” as the Roman emperors used the Catholic Church to consolidate their political power)

1559:  Coronation of Elizabeth I of England.  Elizabeth’s experience with Jews and Marranos was uneven, to say the least. By the end of her reign, small Morrano communities existed in Bristol and London.  Dr. Nunes, a secret Jew, was the first to bring word of the sailing of the Spanish Armada in 1588.  On the other hand, Dr. Lopez, also a secret Jew, was one of Elizabeth’s physicians.  He was accused of trying to poison the monarch; a charge which he died.  However, after being tortured in Tyburne prison, he confessed and was executed

1582:  Russia cedes Livonia and Estonia to the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. There are reports of Jews living in Estonia as far back as the 14th century.  The Jewish community Livonia dated back to 1572. This change in “nationhood” had to be good news for the Jews of Livonia and Estonia since the 16th century Poland was a haven for Jews. They were protected by the monarchs, allowed to name a chief Rabbi and were governed by their own communal administration or Kahal.  According to one source, during the 16th century, three quarters of all the world’s Jews lived in Poland.

1595: Murat III passed away.  During his reign as Sultan,the Ottoman Empire continued to be a comparatively good place for Jews to live as can be seen by  Murat relying on Izak Amon as an advisor and employing Doctor Domenico Yerushalmi and Doctor Eliezer Iskenderi as court physicians.

1630: In Santa Engracia (Lisbon), Simon dias Solis, a young New Christian was seen near the local church (on his way to a rendezvous with a young woman) and was arrested for allegedly stealing a silver vessel from the church. After his hands were cut off he was dragged through the streets, and then burned. The real culprit, a common (Christian) criminal, admitted to the crime one year later. As a result, Solis's brother, a friar, fled to Amsterdam and reconverted to Judaism.

1711(24th of Tevet, 5471): After two days, the fire that had burned its way through the Judengasse in Frankfurt came to an end. The fire claimed the lives of four and was so destructive that the Jews who had lost their homes were allowed to rent dwellings outside of the ghetto until new houses could be constructed. The 24th of Tevet became a day of communal fasting to mark the anniversary of this disaster.

1720: In Hanover, Germany, Grace Levy, the Spanish Town, Jamaica born daughter of Sampson and Joy Tabitha Mears and her husband Moses Levy gave birth to Hayman Levy the husband of Sloe Levy.

1721: In Hanover, Germany, Moses Levy gave birth to Hayman Levy who became a “freeman in New York City in 1750 and went to become a merchant, fur trader, a supporter of the Revolution and a president of Shearith Israel while raising a family with his wife Sloe Myers.

1745: In New York City, Isaac Menes Seixas and Rachel Franks Levy gave birth to Gershom Mendes Seixas, the husband of Elkaleh Myers-Cohen with whom he had four children and the husband of Hannah Manuel with whom he had fourteen children.

1760: In New York City, Sloe Myers and Hayman H. Levy gave birth to Zipporah Levy, the wife of Benjamin Mendes Seixas with whom she had eighteen children.

176715th of Shevat, 5527): Tu B’Shevat

1779: Birthdate of Leah Abigail De Leon, the daughter of Spanishtown, Jamaica resident Abraham Rodrigues De Leon.

1784: Congress resolved "that a triplicate of the definitive treaty [of peace] be sent out to the ministers plenipotentiary by Lieut.-Col. David S. Franks."  Franks was a native of England who had settled in Montreal before the American Revolution.  He became a supporter of the patriot cause and joined a military unit from Massachusetts. He overcame unjustified charges of treason in the case of Benedict Arnold and went to serve his adopted homeland in several different capacities.

1791: In Vienna, Anna Franziska and E. J. Grillparzer gave birth to dramatist Franz Grillparzer author of “The Jewess of Toledo,” a play “based on the alleged relationship between Alfonso VIII of Castile and his mistress Rahel la Fermosa which although not verified by contemporary documents became the fodder for numerous literary endeavors.

1791: In Germany, Kehla and Fesi Moses Fraenkel gave birth to Mina Frank, the wife of Maier Isaak Dinkelspiel, the mother of Moses Meier Dinkelspiel.

1791: Rachel Aarons and Joseph Tobias gave birth to Solomon Tobias, the husband of Margaret McManus and the father of Leah and Joseph Tobias.

1798: In Germany, Hannele Isaak and Simon Faist Rosenheim gave birth to Hindle Rosenheim the wife of Lamle Rosengart with whom he had five children Samuel Rosengart who died before he was once month old.

1800: Today, twenty-seven-year-old Rachel Judah, the New York born daughter of Hillel Juduah married Zalma Rehine the Westphalia native who first settled in Richmond where he was a storekeeper before settling in Baltimore where, according to tradition, he organized the first High Holiday services.

1801: Joseph Israel began serving as a Midshipman, three years who died while serving the U.S.

1803: Birthdate of Nathan Marcus Adler (Natan ben Mordechai ha-Kohen) the native of Hanover and Orthodox Chief Rabbi of the British Empire starting in 1845 who had five children with his first wife Henrietta Worms and three children with his second wife Celestine Lehfield (Date shown in Jewish Encyclopedia. Other sources show January 13, 1803)

1810: Birthdate of London native and journalist Robert Lyon who in 1844 came to the United States where founded the Asmonean a New York aper that was published from 1849 until 1858.

1811(19th of Tevet, 5571): Newport, RI native David Lopez and leader of the Sephardi community in Charleston, SC who was the husband of Priscilla Moses Lopez with whom according to one source he had twelve children including Sally Lopez, “the founder, in 1838, of the second Jewish Sunday School in America and builder David Lopez, Jr. passed away today after which he was buried in Charleston’s Coming Street Cemetery.

1815: In Middlesex, Leah Solomons and Aaron Jacobs gave birth to Benjamin Jacobs.

1815: In Bavaria, Abraham and Pessle Bendel gave birth to Henry Bendel, the husband of Mary Anker Bendel.

1816: Birthdate of Essex, England, native Henry Levy, the wife of Dutch born Deborah De Fries whom he married in 1845 and the father of Esther, Israel, Rosetta and Henry Levy.

1817: Birthdate of Elieser ben Meir Landshuth, the native of Lissa, Posen who gained fame as “liturgical scholar and historian” Leser Landshuth

1822: In Baiertal, Simon Rothschild and Rosina Ullman gave birth to Baruch Rothschild.

1822: Birthdate of Isidor Bush, the native of Prague who came to the United States after the failed Revolutions of 1848 ultimately settling in St. Louis where he became a leader of the fledgling Jewish community, a supporter of the abolitionist movement and ultimately an expert in viticulture who wrote The Bushberg Catalogue

1824(15th of Shevat, 5584): Tu B’Shevat observed for the last time during the presidency of James Monroe.

1825: In Bučovice, near Brno, Haus #12, South Moravia Leopold "Löbl" Strakosch, Jünger and Julia Strakosch gave birth to pianist and impresario Moises / Moritz / Maurice Strakosch

1837: In Württemberg, Germany, Bernhard Frankfurter, the son of Moses Levi Frankfurter and Mirjam Landauerm and his wife Esther Frank gave birth to Sara Frankfurter,

1837: In Germany, Matilde Stern and Feist Blout gavie birth to Washingtonian Isaac L. Blout, the husband of Rosa Bemelman who served as the President of Washington Hebrew Congregation, the city’s oldest Reform congregation and President of the United Hebrew Charities.

1840: A new Jewish School was opened in Riga with Rabbi Max Lienthal serving as principle. In recognition of the sentiments expressed in the sermon with which Lilienthal opened the school the emperor Nicholas presented him with a diamond ring.

1842: Birthdate of Josef Breuer, Austrian physician and early founder of psychoanalysis.

1842(4th of Shevat, 5602) Parashat Bo

1842(4th of Shevat, 5602): Two year old Raphael Einstein, the son of Abraham Einstein and Helen Moos passed away today.

1843: In Canterbury, Hannah Barnard and Nathan Jacobs gave birth to Henry Jacobs.

1844: University of Notre Dame received its charter in Indiana.  The famous Catholic college is home to the Notre Dame Holocaust Project—an interdisciplinary faculty group that designs educational opportunities for students to engage in the study of the Shoah. Rabbi Michael A. Signer is Director of the Project.  For many students, he is the first Jewish religious leader with whom they have had any in depth contact.

1848: Birthdate of Bible Scholar Arnold Bogumil Ehrlich, the native Wlodawa who became a citizen of the United States in 1881 whose works included Mik'ra Kiph'shuto ("The Plain Meaning of the Bible").

1851: Birthdate of Alexander Moszkowski, the Polish born German satirist and science fiction writer whose The Islands of Wisdom published in 1922 “prophetically described mobile telephones and holography and the acceleration of our present-day high-tech information society.”

1851: In Cayuga County, NY, the defense presents its case in the People v Baham, a murder case in which the victim was a popular Jewish peddler from Syracuse named Nathan Adler.

1851: In Germany, Sara and Isidor Lewin Pinner gave birth to Felix Pinner.

1852: One day after she had passed away, the former Rebecca Davids, the wife of David Barnard and the mother of Julia and Benedict Barnard was buried today at the “Brady Street Jewish Cemetery.”

1852:  Mt. Sinai Hospital was incorporated by Sampson Simson and eight associates in New York City. It was the first Jewish hospital in the United States. A native of Danbury, Connecticut, Simson graduated from Columbia University with a law degree in 1800. Simson was well-known for his charitable contributions to both Jewish and non-Jewish causes.  Two years before his death in 1857, Simson was a co-founder of synagogue that would become known Beth Hamedrash Hagadol.

1853: Birthdate of London native Abraham de Mattos Mocatta, the husband of Florence Justina Cohen and the father of Effie and Edgar Mocatta.

1854: Two days after he had passed away, 66 year old Lewis Harris was buried today at the “Brompton (Fulham Road) Jewish Cemetery.”

1855: Birthdate of Aristides Damalas who was known as Jacques Damala, the non-Jewish husband of Sarah Berhnhardt.

1857: Birthdate of Julia Ehrenberg, the native of London who gained fame as concert pianist and operatic soprano Giulia Warwick.

1858: Birthdate of Colonel Archibald Gracie IV the survivor of to leave the Titanic who had spent part of the voyage “discussing the Civil War with Isidor Strauss” who went down with the ship.

1859: The Jews of San Francisco are scheduled to hold a meeting today to express their feelings over the kidnapping of the Mortara child and the refusal of the papal authorities to return him to his parents.

1861: Today, as Southern states were seceding from the Union and it became apparent that war was inevitable, North Carolina’s Governor John W. Ellis began “the first definite endeavor” to have Major Alfred Mordecai resign from the United States Army and join the Confederate forces. The governor asked fellow North Carolinian, Representative Warren Winslow to offer Mordecai, who was a Tar Heel by birth and who many family members still living in the state, “ ‘a good position and a good salary’ if he would resign from the Army and take on ‘the work of putting N.C. on a war footing.’” Captain Theodore Laidly, a mutual friend of the two men, actually conveyed the offer to Mordecai, an offer the talented ordinance offer would refuse.

1862: Birthdate of dance Loi Fuller whose rumored engagement to Jacob Cantor would keep him from being elected to New York’s 15th Congressional District in 1894.

1863: After having returned to the United States from Germany, Daniel Edward Bandmann made his “English-language debut at Niblo’s Garden in the role of Shylock.”

1864(7th of Shevat, 5624): Isaac Nathan passed away today in Sydney, Australia in what was the Land Down Under’s first fatal tram accident. Born in 1792 at Canterbury (UK), Nathan was the son of a chazzan who went to a musical career of his own in England and Australia.


1866: In Switzerland, Jews are finally granted equal rights. It took yet another seven years for the Constitution to be changed.

1868: In Philadelphia, the Ladies’ Hebrew Relief Sewing Association held its annual meeting at their rooms on Julianna Street and according to the Treasurer’s Report, the association has “a cash balance of $611.13.

1870: It was reported today “that a large immigration of indigent Jews” will soon be on their way from Western Russia to the United States.  The Jews, most of whom are poor, are fleeing from persecution.

1872: In an article published in Havazelet, Jeshua Heschel Levin of Volozin becomes the first to issue a call for a truly great National Jewish Library. Havazelet was an early Hebrew language newspaper which published articles by Eliezer Ben Yehuda among other notables.

1874: In Chicago, Temple Sinai, a Reform congregation held Sunday services at Martin’s Hall.  The congregation’s original home had been destroyed during the Chicago Fire and its new home would not be finished until 1876.

1874: Birthdate of Lillian “Leba” Rubin Cohen, the wife of Joseph Morris Cohen and the mother of Pauline, Louis and Mark Cohen.

1876: Birthdate of Ibn Saud, the first king of Saudi Arabia whose rise to power destabilized parts of the Middle East, who kept his country neutral during WW II and who led his country in the fight against the creation of the State of Israel.

1876(18th of Tevet, 5636): Shabbat Shemot; the start of the second book of the Torah

1876(18th of Tevet, 5636): Eighty-three-year-old Max-Théodore Cerfberr the parliamentary deputy who read the rank of Colonel in the French Army and served as president of the Consistoire Central Israelite de France passed away today.

1877(1st of Shevat, 5637): Rosh Chodesh Shevat

1879: In Tokay, Hungary, Kate Deutsch and Jacob Feuerlicht gave birth to Morris Marcus Feuerlicht, a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and Hebrew Union College who became the rabbi of Congregation Ahawas Achim in Lafayette, Indianan.

1879: In San Francisco, Louisa Silberstein and Charles Meyer gave birth to University of Cincinnati  and HUC graduated Martin A Meyer who served as rabbi in Charleston, West Virginia before assuming the pulpit at Congregation Beth Emeth in Albany, NY in 1902.

1879: In New York, Mr. Henry Berg will deliver a lecture to the Young Men’s Hebrew Association at Chickering Hall entitled “Humanity and Civilization.”

1879: James Levy, a New York Jew described as “a most expert swindler” pleaded guilty to one of the four charges against him – forgery, obtaining money by false pretenses and violation of the Hotel Act - and was sentenced to five years at hard labor in a New York state penitentiary.

1881(15th of Shevat, 5641): Tu B’Shevat

1881: The first issue of Journal of the Vigilance Association for the Defence of Personal Rights a publication created by the Vigilance Association which became the Personal Rights Association in which “English author and economist’ Joseph Hiam Levy played a major role was published today with the words "The price of liberty is eternal vigilance" printed just below the masthead.  

1882: Birthdate of Galicia native Joseph Durst who in 1902 came to the United States where he created the real estate empire known as the Durst Organization while raising five children – Seymour, Roy, Alma, Edwin and David – with his wife Rose while being an active member of the Jewish community,

 1885: Rabbi Simon Isaac Finkelstein, the Lithuanian born son of Judah Tsvi Finkelstein and Feyge Rive Finkelstein and his wife Hannah Basha Finkelstein gave birth to Nathan Finkelstein and Jonathan Finn.

1884: Siegmund Mannheimer was appointed preceptor at the Hebrew University College.

1885: Sigmund Mannheimer was appointed preceptor at Hebrew Union College.

1886: Birthdate of Chicago native Edgar R. Born, the alum of the Armour Institute and University of Chicago who served as a director of the “Associated Jewish Charities.

1887: Birthdate of Samuel Plutzik the native of Kovno who came to the United States in 1905 where he eventually “served as spiritual head of the Jewish community in Bristol, CT.”

1887: Birthdate of Joseph Pearl, the native of Odessa who came to the United States in 1904 and became a successful hat manufacturer in Chicago, Illinois.

1887: Birthdate of Romanian born American dentist and civic worker Maurice Samuel Calman.

1888: Four days after he had passed away, 82 year old Jacob Magnus, the son of Lazarus Philip Magnus and Sarah Moses and the husband of the former Caroline Barnett with whom he had had five children was buried today at the “Balls Pond Road Jewish Cemetery.”

1889 The Coca-Cola Company, then known as the Pemberton Medicine Company, is originally incorporated in Atlanta. In 1888, a customer  who had a headache came into Jacobs Pharmacy in Five Points which was owned by a prominent Atlanta Jew, Joe Jacobs, “and asked that John Stith Pemberton's tonic be mixed with seltzer water—and Coca-Cola was born."  Coke been certified kosher, including kosher l’Pesach since 1935 thanks to the efforts of Rabbi Tobias Geffen

1891: Birthdate of Osip Mandelstam Soviet poet and essayist. 

1892: It was reported today that the late Cardinal Manning was held in such high esteem by non-Catholics that the Jews of London presented him with an address of praise when he celebrated his ordination jubilee.

1892: James Naismith publishes the rules of basketball. A sport born at a YMCA quickly gained popularity with Jewish youngsters.  One sportswriter even said that the game was uniquely suited to Jews because it called for people who were shifty and good with their hands. (Okay, it ia an anti-Semitic stereotype, but for once it is meant as a compliment.)  Jews figured prominently in the early days of the NBA and Abe Saperstein, with the Harlem Globetrotters, was the first person to give a comparatively large number of African-Americans a chance to play basketball for pay.

1892: It was reported today that the President of Young Men’s Hebrew Association of America, Alfred M. Cohen has said that he could think of “no better work” for the Association than to provide for the influx of Jewish immigrants from Russia.  He expressed special concern for providing proper education for the young immigrants who will need it to meet their “altered conditions.”

1893: It was reported today from Tangiers that Mohammed Benivda, the governor in Morocco has been imprisoning Jews and subjecting them to the last before finning them.  The Jews have broken no law and the governor is doing this simply as a way of making money.

1893(27th of Tevet, 5653): In New York Dr. Eleazar Phillips, the author of Passages from the Prophets passed away unexpectedly this afternoon.  Born at Schiverin (Prussia) in 1809, he came to the United States in 1849 where he lived in St. Louis and Cincinnati before settling in New York where he served as rabbi for Adas Israel for 25 years.  Among his survivors is Emanuel Phillips, a grandson who teaches at the Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Society.

1893: Members of the Cloakmakers Union held a meeting this evening at the Hebrew Institute in Manhattan. (The choice of meeting places indicates the close association between the Jewish people and the American working class, especially in the garment industry)

1893: It was reported today that in one three room apartment on the Lower East Side a family composed of six Jewish immigrants from Russia shared their space with 15 boarders, most of whom were infected with Scarlet Fever.  This was considered to be the most deplorable of the various unsanitary living conditions which were common throughout New York’s tenements.

1893: Birthdate of Sacki Moses one of those listed on “a memorial monument for the fallen Jewish Soldiers of World War I” located at the Jewish cemetery in Kleinsteinach.

1894: At a meeting held today In Philadelphia, PA, a new Auxiliary Association of Congregation Rodeph Shalom was formed with the aim of furthering “the religious, educational and moral undertakings of the Congregation…”  It replaced the Jewish Cultural Association which had been formed by members of Rodeph Shalom.

1894:  Birthdate of songwriter and music scout, Irving Mills.  Mills played a key role in the development of jazz because of his willingness to work with talented black musicians.  He is credited with “discovering” Cab Callaway and Duke Ellington.  His most famous hit was “It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got No Swing.”

1895: Two days after he had passed away, Eugene Beaver was buried today at the “Balls Pond Road Jewish Cemetery.”

1895: In Random, Poland, “Abraham and Johayed (Landau) Verdi gave birth Jekutiel Z. Verdi, the Rutgers University graduate and Petaluma, CA ranch owner whose an active Zionist, member of  B’nai B’rith and Histradruth Ivrith.

1895: Due to “the mysteries and intrigue of the Dreyfus affair” Casimir-Perier “hand in his resignation as President of the French Republic” today.

1895: “The North German Anti-Semites” are supposed to meet in Berlin today to decide if they shall accept Hermann Ahlwardt as a member since “he wishes to join the Parliamentary group of ‘jew-baiters’ instead of occupying…a seat in the visitor’s row.”

1895: It was reported today that the claim that some Jews are opposing William Brookfield’s attempt to be re-elected of the Republican County Committee because of his affiliation with the Union League “does not hold water” as can be seen by the support he is getting from Benjamin Oppenheirmer.  (The Union League had blackballed a candidate because he was Jewish and, following the resignation of its remaining Jewish members was proudly “Jew free’.)

1896: In Russia, Hyman and Sadie Stillman Varbalow gave birth to Anna Varbalow and her twin brother Joseph Varbalow, the University of Pennsylvania trained attorney and District Court Judge in Camden, NJ where he and his family, including his wife Dorothy, became prominent members of the Jewish community

1896: Jacob Schiff was among those attending the “fifth annual meeting of the University Settlement Society” which among other things seeks to create “a better understanding between the rich and the poor.”

1896: “The Young Ladies and Gentlemen’s League of the Montefiore Home gave a reception and dance” this evening at the Carnegie Lyceum.

1896: In Dusiat, Lithuania, “Hebrew-Yiddish writer Arye-Khayim Goldin” and his wife gave birth to author Yitskhok Goldin.

1898: It was reported today that that there was a renewal of anti-Zola demonstrations in Paris where students “paraded down the boulevard St. Michel shouting: ‘Down with Zola!’  ‘Down with the Jews!’”

1898(21st of Tevet, 5658): Seventy-one-year-old Solomon Latz passed away in New York City. He came to the United States fifty years ago and became a successful real estate dealer.   He retired twenty years but remained active in communal affairs serving as President of the B’nai B’rith Home in Yonkers and a trustee for the Hebrew Orphan Asylum, the Montefiore Home and Mount Sinai Hospital.

1899:  Birthdate of Goodman Ace, American radio/TV actor/writer/columnist/humorist.

1899: It was reported today that under a law recently passed by the Imperial Senate, Jews in Russia do not have the right name their own children as they please.  Jews are only allowed to use Biblical names and they may not use a modernized form of these.  The police have the power to regulate these and other rules which mean Jews may use only the Hebrew or Yiddish forms of names. 

1899: Sydney S. Weil of Baltimore who joined the U.S. Navy in 1896 as a Machinist completed his enlistment today.

1899: “Untaxed Property Worth $96,162,500” published today provided a compilation of the valuations of all of New York City’s tax exempt property including  2 Mt. Sinai Hospital properties, $360,000 and $175,000; Mt. Sinai Dispensary, $96.000; Hebrew Institute, $400,000; Hebrew School on 104th Street, $5,000

1900(15th of Shevat, 5660): Tu B’Shevat

1900: Birthdate of Brooklyn native and Fordham trained attorney Alexander Falk, the husband of the former Margaret Falvelle, served as a State Assemblyman, State Senator and President of the New York State Civil Service Commission.

1900: In Braddock, PA, founding of The Young Men’s Social Club whose members included Israel Rosenbloom, William Altman, Jesse Bachman and Joseph Altman.

1901: The funeral, which was held today for William Neufeld who had been executed on January 14 at Sing Sing after having been found guilty of the murder of Annie Kronmann was paid for by a Jewish burial society because the father did not the funds to pay for it.

1902: In South Carolina, Rabbi J.J. Simenhoff officiated at the wedding of Nathan Krapp and Blanche Durien.

1903: Herzl met with Lord Rothschild. Herzl shows him the correspondence with the British government and asks for three million pounds from the I. C. A. for the Jewish Eastern Company

1904: In Belarus, Morris L. and Sara Fay Reznick gave birth to Hyman Reznick who co-founded the Halevi Choral Society in 1926.

1904: The American Hebrew reported that Michael Levi Rodkinson who had produced the first English translation of the full Babylonian Talmud had passed away nine days ago.

1904: In Passaic, NJ, Michael and Fanny (Levine) Applebaum gave birth to Juilliard trained violinist and composer Samuel Applebaum, the holder of doctorates of music from Gettysburg College and Southwestern College and teacher at several schools including Fairleigh Dickinson, Kean College and Seton Hall who was the husband of Sada Rothman and the father of Lois and Michael Applebaum

1905: “Following an ancient Jewish custom, Mrs. Hattie Sobel received a conditional divorce from Samuel Sobel, a member of the Anshe Israel Congregation, who is dangerously ill with paralysis at his home” so that “in the even of Sobel’s death Mrs. Sobel will be at liberty to remarry but if he recovers the divorce will become void.”

1906: Birthdate of Heinrich Kratina who was hung at the age of 38 for his membership in the anti-Nazi Ehrenfeld Group.

1906: In a brief session of the State Assembly held tonight at Albany, one of the “resolutions reach which went over without debate” was one expressing sympathy for the Jews of Russia.

1907: The Executive Committee held its third meeting during the opening of the Convention of the Union of American Hebrew Conventions meeting in Atlanta, GA.

1908: Miller v. Oregon was argued before the Supreme Court today in Louis Brandeis” “as additional counsel for the State of Oregon” had “filed a voluminous brief in support of the Oregon law.”

1908: In Budapest, pianist Ilona Deutsch and attorney “Miksa (Max) Teller” gave birth to Ede Teller who gained fame as physicist Edward Teller, the father of the Hydrogen Bomb.

1908: In Baltimore, “Bessie and Louis Goldstein, Jewish immigrants from Warsaw” gave birth to Johns Hopkins trained electoral engineer Maxwell Goldstein who was a leader in developing anti-submarine technology during WW II.

1909: Arizona attorney and President of the Board of Trustees of Congregation Beth Israel, Barnett Elllis Marks the Russian born son of Jennie and Isaac Marks and his wife Freeda Marks  gave birth to Royal Marks.

1909:  Birthdate of Elie Siegmeister. “Elie Siegmeister is one of the large group of American composers who have productive careers -- as performer and influential educator as well as composer in this case -- but who are hardly known to the public. Siegmeister was born in New York "into an upper- middle-class family of Russian-Jewish origin." His father's enthusiasm for serious music infected young Elie, and he studied music theory and composition first at Columbia, then in Paris with Nadia Boulanger. After four years in Paris, he returned to New York, where he spent the rest of his life. During the 1930s, he was involved with the Composers' Collective of New York, a group whose project was to introduce "classical" music to students and workers. In the 1940s, Siegmeister continued in that vein by incorporating "the American folk-song tradition" in his compositions. ‘Many of his most popular works come from this period and coincide with an overall shift in American composition towards music of simplicity and directness.’" He passed away in 1991.

1909: “If Charities Unify They Get $1,000,000” an article published today described the terms of the will of Louis A. Heinsheimer who passed away on January 1 of this year.  According to the will, Heinsheimer will contribute $1,000,000 to the Jewish charities of New York if these institutions consolidate to form one organization or form a federation that will collect and distribute funds for the Jewish charities. Regardless of which format is chosen six charities – Mount Sinai Hospital, the Hebrew Benevolent Orphan Asylum of the City of New York, the Montefiore Home for Chronic Invalids and Country Sanitarium for Consumptives, the Educational Alliance, the Home for Aged and Infirmed Hebrews of New York and the United Hebrew Charities – must all agree to join for them to get the million dollar bequest. The charities have one year to create the new organization. The new organization would not be limited to these six charities and all such similar organizations would be invited to join.  Heinsheimer was a supporter of the federation format which is used in many other cities because it enabled the maximum amount of money to be raised with least amount of cost. Failure will mean that United Hebrew Charities will get $100,000 and the Montefiore Home will get $25,000. Heinsheimer left many generous bequests to family members including approximately one million dollars to his brother, Alfred M. Heinsheimer. The estate is reported to be valued at five million dollars.  The executors include Jacob H. Schiff, Alfred M. Heinsheimer, Felix Warburg, Paul M. Warburg and Mortimer L. Schiff.

1910(5th of Shevat, 5670): Parashat Bo

1910: It was reported today that Benjamin Bernstein will be among the speakers at the next meeting of the Council of Jewish women at Shearith Israel where the topic for discussion will “The Blind and Their Needs.”

1911: Birthdate of Berlin native Martin Herzberg, the child actor whose career began in 1922 with “David Copperfield” and ended in 1930 with “The Last Company” and “Father and Son.”

1911: “Great Hebrew Union Meets This Week” published today descried plans for the meeting of “the twenty-second council of the Union American Hebrew Congregations” which will begin tomorrow at the Astor Hotel and last until January 19 and will include a dinner on January 18 where one of the speakers will be Theodore Roosevelt, the former President of the United States.

1911: Birthdate of Seymour Arnold Feuerman the Brooklyn native who gained fame as Cy Feuer the “American theatre producer, director, composer, musician, and half of the celebrated, legendary producing duo Feuer and Martin who was the winner of three competitive Antoinette Perry Awards for Excellence in Theatre and a Lifetime Achievement Tony Award.”

1911: Burial of 59-year-old of Dr. Georg Jellinek the son Rabbi Dr. Adolf Jellinek and Rosalie Jellinek and the husband Camilla Jellinek.

1912: Birthdate of Elise Ashern, the Chicagoan who gained fame as a painter and poet.

1912(25th of Tevet, 5672): Eighty-year old Philadelphia philanthropist Elizabeth Lazarus passed away today.

1912: In Chicago, Sidney B. Heilbrun married Marian Baer, the daughter of Mrs. Rebecca Baer at the Hotel Sherman.

1912(25th of Tevet, 5672): Eighty-year-old Newman Cowen, in whose memory a bed dedication took place as the Jewish Consumptives’ Relief Society passed away today.

1913: The Bibliotheca Hertziana “was officially dedicated today.

1913(7th of Shevat, 5673): Sixty-nine year old “communal worker” Leopold Herman passed away today in New York City.

1914: In Amsterdam, Esther “Etty Hillesum, Riva (Rebecca) Bernstein and Levie (Louis) Hillesum gave birth to Esther "Etty" Hillesum, the young Jewess whose letters and diaries, kept between 1941 and 1943 describe life in Amsterdam during the German occupation. She died at Auschwitz in in 1943.

1914: In Chicago, Nathan and Eva (Yankovith) Haberman gave birth to U of Texas graduate and Ohio State University Ph.D Sol Haberman, the award winning microbiologist and department director at Baylor University Medical Center who was the husband of Carleta Jeanne Rambo.

1915: In Germany, premiere of “Der Golem” which was called The Monster of Fate in the United States, “a silent horror film…inspired by the ancient Jewish legend” directed by Henrik Galeen who also co-authored the script.

1915: “Missions Face A Crisis” published today described the additional burdens being placed on religious organizations because of the World War including Jews who “have big burdens in the Near East and a possible Palestine State.”

1915: “Palestine Fruit in Aid of Jews” described a plan to sell “half a million dollars’ worth of oranges at $5 per case in the United States, “the proceeds of which will devoted to the relief of suffering Jews in Palestine.”

1915: It was reported today that those wishing to buy one or more cases of oranges from Palestine as part of a fundraiser to aid the Jews living there should send their order to Mrs. Maurice Wertheim who is chairing the fund-raising committee whose members included Mrs. Louis Marshall, Mrs. J.C. Magnes, Mrs. Leopold Stern, Miss Henrietta Szold, Mrs. Richard Stein, Mrs. Cyrus L. Sulzberger and Mrs. Stephen Wise.

1915: The Hahambashi of Turkey protests the creation of schools designed to convert Jews to Christianity.  The schools are located in the Haskoy quarter of Constantinople. He is assured the school will be closed, and not reopen. At request of the Hahambashi, the Ministry of Public Instruction cedes the building of the missionary school over to the Jewish community.

1916: Birthdate of Amsterdam native and self-made Dutch real estate tycoon Murits “Maup” Caransa whose “Aryan” look helped him escape the Nazi death camps where his parents and three brothers were killed.

1916(10th of Shevat, 5676): Parashat Bsehalach

1916(10th of Shevat, 5676): Seventy-five year old “manufacturer, banker and philanthropist” Max Adler, a retired partner “in the firm of Strouse, Adler and Co.” and “a liberal contributor to Hebrew philanthropies in New England” passed away today in New Haven, CT.

1916: “It was announced” today “by the American Jewish Relief Committee…that the total of the contributions received by committee to date for relief of Jews in war countries had reached $1,145,217.”

1916: It was reported today that among the contributions received by the national fund for providing relief to the Jews in Europe was $100 from the Cedar Rapids Ladies; Aid Society, $33 from the Y.M.H.A. of Burlington, Iowa and $50 from the Little Rock Association.

1917: Birthdate of Pennsylvania native Louis “Lou” Dymond who played center for the Villanova football team from 1936 through 1938.

1917: Four days after he had passed away, 89 year old Herman Boas, a native of Germany who was the husband of Caroline Spears with whom he had had seven children was buried at the Belfast Jewish Cemetery in Northern Ireland.

1917: It was reported today that Rabbi Kaufman Kohler has applied the terms “irreligious” and “un-American” “to some of the movements now on foot among Jews” including “Zionism” which “he said embodied views diametrically opposed to the Jewish faith.”

1917: In Baltimore, MD, on the evening prior to the start of the conventions of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations and the National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods, “Har Sinai Temple was crowded at the opening religious service” which featured a sermon “by Dr. David Philipson of Cincinnati” who “protested against the Zionistic movement, holding that internationalism alone would enable the Jews to retain their place among the nations.”

Dr. David Philipson of Cincinnati is scheduled to deliver a sermon at Har Sinai Temple.

1917: In Germany, premiere of “The Golem and the Dancing Girl” the second in trilogy of horror films based on the myth of the Rabbi controlled Giant.

1918:  Birthdate of Gamal Abdel Nasser.  Nasser was an officer in the Egyptian Army.  He helped engineer the coup that ended the reign of the corrupt King Farouk in 1953.  The Israelis were hopefully that the new regime would accept the Jewish state and end hostilities.  Such was not the case.  Nasser became President of Egypt in 1954 and served as virtual dictator until his death in 1970.  Nasser was a Pan-Arabist who had a secular version of Bin Laden’s dream.  As part of his dream, Nasser was committed to the destruction of the state of Israel.  He opened the Middle East to the influence of the Soviet Union and became a virtual client of the Communists in order to get the weapons of war he thought would bring him victory.  His greatest miscalculation resulted in the Six Day War of 1967.  Nasser did put the conflict with Israel in its true perspective.  He said that he did not hate the West because of Israel; he hated Israel because it was of the West.  In other words, peace would not come to the Middle East even if Israel were destroyed.  Peace would only come when there was an end to Western influence in the swath of land stretching from Morocco to Indonesia.

1918: This afternoon, in Aeolian Hall, “Leo Ornstein gave his first, and so only, recital where he was a pianist playing the works of others instead of performing his own compositions.

1918: In the Hague, The Jewish Correspondents Bureau learned from sources in Berlin that the “Polish Ministers of Justice and Social Affairs have conferred with Jewish leaders and members of Municipal Councils regard the settlement of the Jewish question in Poland.

1918(2nd of Shevat, 5678): Twenty-nine-year-old Captain Jake Stein of Bessemer, Alabama passed away today at Camp Beauregard.

1919: Martin Grove Brumbaugh who in 1916 “issued a proclamation to the people of Pennsylvania call up them to set aside January 27 as a day on which to make donations for the relief of the Jewish people in the various countries at war” completed his services as the 26th Governor of Pennsylvania

1919 (14th of Shevat, 5679):  Rosa Luxembourg Marxist revolutionary and leader of the German Spartacus League was murdered by members of the Frei Korps, a group that later would support the Nazis.  Luxembourg was attempting to lead a Communist Revolution in Germany that would follow the lead of Lenin’s successful revolt a year earlier.

1919(14th of Shevat, 5679): Sixty-four year old art dealer, the Dutch born son of Evan and Joseph Henoch Duveen “who co-founded the firm of Duveen Brothers with his brother the first Sir Joseph Joel Duveen” and who was the father of Lt. Geoffrey Duveen passed away today.

1919: Birthdate of “Maurice Herzog, a French alpinist who was hailed as a hero in his country in 1950 when he and a fellow climber became the first men to conquer a peak of more than 26,000 feet, that of Annapurna I in the Himalayas…” (As reported by Bruce Weber)

1920: “Eastern War Film Coming Here” published today described the success of Lowell Thomas’s film “Allenby in Palestine” which has led to planned “four week flying visit to America”  where he will deliver lectures in Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia”

1921: After Henry Ford’s Dearborn Independent stated that Benedict Arnold had ‘served as a Jewish front,’” today, “leading newspapers” published “a proclamation…in which 121 prominent Americans, including all living former presidents, denounced Ford’s division and un-American campaign.”

1921: The Israel Cantor Family is scheduled to “run a dance today at Westminster Hall for the benefit of war sufferers.”

1921: London born featherweight David Frush, who fought as “Danny Frush” fought his 41st bout which he won on points.

1921: John S. Fine of Denver was “re-appointed assistant district attorney-general of Colorado” today.

1922: In Vilnius, Lithuania, Jacob Kowarski, a landlord, and the former Rose Joffe, a dentist gave birth to Mira Kowarski who gained fame as Mira Rothenberg, a “pioneer in therapy for children.”

1923(27th of Tevet, 5683): Sixty-seven year old Buffalo born, Boston trained cigar maker Henry Abrahams, the secretary of Cigar Makers’ International Union of America Local 70 in Cambridgeport and Local 97 in Boston and the “president of the Massachusetts State Branch of the American Federation of Labor from 1889 to 1890.

1923: In Glasgow, Jack Morris Cutler, “a wholesale jeweler” and his wife gave birth to Isador Cutler the WW II RAF veteran who gained fame as “poet, songwriter and humorist” Ivor Cutler.

1924: New York native Herman Silverberg, the bantamweight who fought under the name of Herman “Kid” Silvers fought his sixth bout.

1925: Benny Leonard announced his retirement from boxing today as the reigning World Lightweight Champion because his mother wanted him to.

1926: Birthdate of Herman Ginsberg.  Born in Kansas City, MO to Rose and Izzy Ginsberg, Herman grew up in Cedar Rapids, IA.  As the longtime proprietor of Ginsberg’s Jewelers, Herman is pillar of the Cedar Rapids business community.  A member of Temple Judah, Herman’s contributions and involvement in the Jewish community are too numerous to mention here.  But most important of all, today marks the birthdate of man who is a mensch in the truest sense of the term.

1927: The City College Club, composed of 1,000 City College (NY) alumnae announced that Supreme Court Justice Alfred Frankenthaler had been elected President of the organization.

1928: In New York, NY, Dr. Solomon S. Feigin and Dorothy Dee Lubell Feigin gave birth to psychiatrist. Simeon Lubell Feigin, the husband of Annette Feigin.

1929: Harris L. Selig, who resigned last month as the executive director of the Yeshiva College Building Fund is scheduled to leave today “for a trip to Palestine and Europe.”

1929: Birthdate of Reverend Dr Martin Luther King.  Dr. King’s birthdate is a good time to remember the role that Jews and Jewish values played in the American Civil Rights Movement. 

1930: Josephine Esther Mentzer married Joseph Lauter.  She changed the spelling of the name from Lauter to Lauder and became Estee Lauder.

1930: In Danville, PA, Joseph Sherin, “textile worker” and “Ruth Berger, a homemaker” gave birth to Edwin Sherin, the director of the “1987 docudrama, ‘Lena: My Hundred Children’” which was revision of the Israeli documentary “Mea Yeladim Sheli” or in English “My Hundred Children.”

1930(15th of Tevet, 5690); Seventy-five year old Ida Cohen, the wife Eduard Cohen passed away today in

1930: Birthdate of David Zelag Goodman, the Manhattan native who became a prolific screenwriter who, with Sam Peckinpah, wrote “Straw Dogs” and was nominated for an Academy Award for his work on the romantic comedy “Lovers and Other Strangers.” (As reported by Daniel Slotnik)

1931: “Felix M. Warburg, chairman of the Joint Distribution Committee announced” today “the appointment of Rabbi Jonah B. Wise of the Central Synagogue as chairman of the committee which will conduct a national campaign for the 1931 budge of the organization which carries on relief and reconstruction work among the eight million Jews in Eastern Europe.”

1932(7th of Shevat, 5692): Eighty-four-year-old Dr. Henry Illoway, the son of Rabbi Bernhard Illoway and Katherine Schiff and the Miami Medical College trained physician who was the “professor of Diseases of Children at the Cincinnati College of Medicine and Surger and the visiting physician at the Jewish Hospital in Cincinnati” passed away today.

1932: In Chicago, Abie Bain “was an unsuccessful contender for the Light Heavy Weight Championship of the World today when he TKO’d in the first round.

1932: U.S. premiere of “Forbidden” a melodrama based on Back Street by Fannie Hurst produced by Harry Cohn with a script by Jo Swerling.

1933: “The distressing conditions under which the Jews in Eastern Europe are forced to live and the progressive, contented situation in which the Jews in Palestine find themselves at present were contrasted by leaders of American Jewry at the national conference on Palestine, held this afternoon and evening in the Hotel Astor.”

1934(28th of Tevet, 5694): Fifty-two year old Russian born Rabbi Simon Z. Talisman who in 1912 came to the United States, settling in Cleveland where led congregations Oheb Jacob and Shaari Israel and who was the grandfather of Mark Talisman, a champion of Soviet Jewry in the 1970’s passed away today.

1935: Birthdate of Robert Silverberg, American science fiction writer. Silverberg is a multiple winner of the “Hugo”.  Science fiction and fantasy author Robert Silverberg is known for such novels as Dying Inside, Son of Man, and Lord Valentine's Castle. His short fiction includes "Nightwings" (later an award winning novel), "A Time of Changes", "Good News from the Vatican", and "Born with the Dead". In his 40 years as an author Silverberg has won five Nebula Awards and four Hugos and is a past president of the Science Fiction Writers of America. Science fiction icon Isaac Asimov once said of him, "Where Silverberg goes today, the rest of science fiction will go tomorrow!"  

1935: Birthdate of award-winning filmmaker Saul Irwin Landau

1936: “Sir Herbert Samuel and Simon marks are scheduled to set sail aboard the Majestic today “on a special mission to the United States in connection with the increasing difficulties” facing the Jews of Germany.

1936: The Women’s League for Palestine held its fourth annual luncheon at the Waldorf Astoria today where it launched a campaign to raise $50,000 to finish building a home in Tel Aviv for Jewish refugee girls from twenty different countries including those fleeing Nazi Germany.  Mrs. William Prince, president of the League, sought to raise $25,000 from today’s donor luncheon.

1937: Tonight, Heinrich Himmler, “chief of political police” responded to the protests from the Berlin Catholic Diocese over Nazi attacks on Christianity with a broadcast that “we will seek out and persecute” the opponents to Hitler’s State” whoever “they dare to be.”

1937: In New Orleans, “unity among Jews and joint responsibility of layman and rabbi as ‘spokesmen’ of the synagogue were stressed today at the opening of the Council of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations” which opened with a speech from Jacob W. Mack of Cincinnati, chairman of the Executive Board of the Council of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations.

1938(13th of Shevat, 5698): Parashat Yitro

1938(13th of Shevat, 5698):  Seventy-five-year-old Edwin S. Bettelheim, retired owner and publisher of The Dramatic News and Times where he employed several future well-known “theatrical men” including Lee Shubert passed away today after having suffered a heart attack.


1938: Today, the Secretariat of the League of Nations received “a petition signed by Rabbi Stephen S. Wise as president of the executive committee of the World Jewish Congress asking” that for an urgent response to “his request that the League of Nations Council fully restore legal rights to Jews in Rumania.

1938: Inky Lautman, who may have been the youngest professional basketball player in history scored 10 points as the Philadelphia Sphas defeated the Brooklyn Visitations. (As reported by Bob Wechsler.

1939: “L'Osservatore Romano, the official newspaper of the Vatican, publishes a homily by Bishop Giovanni Cazzani of Cremona supporting the Italian anti-Semitic race laws because they accomplish something the Church has long sought: to reverse Jewish emancipation.”

1939: Alfred Rosenberg, the Nazi leader who would be executed after the Nuremberg Trials in 1946 expressed his opposition to a Jewish state in Palestine

1939: Today, during the Spanish Civil War Robert Capa, the Hungarian born Jewish combat photographer and photo journalist photographed “civilians from the threatened town of Tarragona on their way to seek refuge in Barcelona, before that city itself had to be evacuated.”

1939: Today, during the Spanish Civil War Robert Capa, the Hungarian born Jewish combat photographer and photo journalist photographed “Civilians from the threatened town of Tarragona pushing their wagon on their way to seek refuge in Barcelona, before that city itself had to be evacuated.”

1939: Today, during the Spanish Civil War Robert Capa, the Hungarian born Jewish combat photographer and photo journalist captured the after-math of war with a photo of “discarded clothing and bedding on the road from Tarragona to Barcelona.

1939: Birthdate of Bristol born yachtsman Tony Bullimore.

1939: Dr. Peter Gradenwtiz reports on the opening of the Palestine Orchestra’s third season.  The orchestra was officially launched in December of 1936 with a concert conducted by Arturdo Toscanini.  Conductors for this year’s Winter Season, which actually began in November, include Dr. Malcom Saregent, Issay Dobrowen and Georg Szell.  Dr. Gradenwitz also reports that the Palestine branch of the International Society for Contemporary Music which was founded in 1938 opened its concert series with a program devoted to the works of Maurice Ravel.

1940: It was reported today that “the intense cold that has frozen the Danube all the way to the Black Sea” has left thousands of Jewish refugees stranded including “900 trapped on a Turkish steam in Sulina” and “a thousand refugees from Austria and Czechoslovakia trapped on two Danube barges.”

1941: In Rumania, “all Jewish non-commissioned officers of the classes 1907-23 inclusive have been told to present themselves at their recruiting centers.”

1941: Dr. Abba Hillel Silver announced today that “Nathan Straus, Administrator of the United States Housing Authority, has accepted the chairmanship of the Greater New York campaign of the twelve-million-dollar emergency drive of the United Palestine Appeal.”

1942: Fifty-six-year-old Oskar Blumenthal was transported from Terezin to Riga today after which he was murdered.

1943: In a tribute to the late Dr. Arthur Ruppin appearing the New York Times Book Section, Louis E. Leventhal writes “Dr. Arthur Ruppin, who died recently in Jerusalem at the age of 67, after nearly forty years of intensive but modest labor in promoting the colonization and modernization of the Holy Land deserves an expression of tribute on behalf of the numerous friends and admirers he won in the United States as well as in many other countries.”

1943: The Germans emptied the detention camp at Zaslaw and placed the Jews in trains to be sent to Belzac to be gassed. Given neither food nor water, the train remained stationary for three days. All but one of the prisoners was eventually killed. He was Emil Manaster who was able to jump from the train and found sanctuary with his sister Jaffa, with Jozef Zwonarz, a Polish engineer.

1943: The first transport of Jews from Amsterdam was sent to concentration camp Vught located in southern Holland.

1943: A non-Jewish Polish woman and her one-year-old child are shot at the Pilica River in Poland because the woman has aided Jews.

1943: Seventy-seven Jews leap from a deportation train traveling east from Belgium. Most are hunted down and killed by German and Flemish SS troops

1945: New York City Park Commissioner rejected the proposal to rename Morningside Park Franz Boas Park as memorial to the recently deceased anthropologist because he said it was “impractical.”

1944: At the Vught Concentration Camp 74 women were put in 1 cell. Ten died of the overcrowding.

1944: The Jews of Belgium were among the latest victims of the German efforts to rid smaller areas of their Jewish population. Most were sent to Birkenau.

1945: Birthdate of David John Pleat, the native of Nottingham, “an English football payers turned manager and sports commentator.”

1945(1st of Shevat, 5705): Thirty-two year old Spanish Civil War veteran David Robert Altman, the Milwaukee born son of Jeanette and Robert D. Altman, who died in combat today while fighting with U.S Army on Luzon.

1945 (1st of Shevat, 5705): All Jewish women at the Brodnica labor camp who were too sick or weak to be moved were shot.

1945: As the Americans went on the offensive in what was known as the Battle of the Bulge, the Big Red One, including Samuel Fuller, launched its part of the Allied counteroffensive to reduce the Bulge.

1945: SS camp officials report that there are almost 54,000 prisoners in the Ravensbrück camp, including nearly 8,000 men.. Ravensbrück had grown into an administrative center for more than 40 subcamps located near armaments factories across east-central Germany. (Jewish Virtual Library)

 1945: During its major winter offensive, the Soviet Army freed Crakow-Plaszow concentration camp.  As the war came to an end, many Jews had a mistakenly positive view of the Soviet Union because she was seen as the liberator of concentration camps.

1946: William Wolpert, the vice chairman of the Jewish Labor Committee who has just returned from visiting displaced persons camps in Europe said today that “food, housing and clothing still the most urgent needs of d.p.’s in Germany and Austria” a large number of whom as Jewish.

1947: Nathan Beitler, the chairman of London’s new Yiddish Theater, which when finished “will be dedicated to the memory the Jews who were” murdered “during the Hitler Regime” is preparing to leave for the United where he will seek “gifts of timber, steel, bricks, glass and concrete” for the edifice to be built in the East End.

1948: The issue of the Phoenix Jewish News was published today.  By the end of the year, M.B. Goldman and Joseph S. Stocker would become co-publisher, changing the paper from a monthly to a bi-weekly and changing its name to the Jewish Jews of Greater Phoenix

1948(4th of Shevat, 5708): A platoon of 35 volunteers - half from Palmach and half from Hish - on its way to reinforce those holding the Etzion Bloc, was ambushed and killed by 100s of armed Arabs.  The Jews fought to the last man. 

1948(4th of Shevat, 5708): Seventy-two-year-old Jacob William Mack, who served as chairman of the executive board of the Hebrew Union College, president of Wise Temple, president of the International Garment Manufacturers and chairman of the Mack Shirt Corporation passed away today in Cincinnati, Ohio.

1948(4th of Shevat, 5708: Eighty-five-year-old Lillie Fleischmann, the Port Deposit, MD born daughter of Rosa and Albert Gottschalk and the wife of Ernst Fleischmann with whom she had two sons – Edwin and Albert – passed away today in Baltimore, MD.

1948: Jewish settlers, using aircraft for the first time, beat off a heavy Arab attack on settlements at Kfar Etzion, near Hebron, today. The fight there, and others in Haifa and near Beersheba, produced one of the heaviest daily casualty lists to date, with twenty-nine killed and seventy-five wounded so far.

1949: After 23 performances “The Rape of Lucretia” with Kitty Carlisle in the title role and Brenda Lewis as the Female Chorus closed out its first production on Broadway.

1949: After 5 performances at the Lyceum Theatre, the curtain came down “The Smile of the World” written by Garson Kanin

1951: Ilse Koch, "The Bitch of Buchenwald", wife of the commandant of the Buchenwald concentration camp, is sentenced to life imprisonment by a court in West Germany.

1953: The Jerusalem Post was preoccupied with the "Doctors' Plot," the false charges instigated by Kremlin against Jewish physicians but aimed by Stalin against the entire Soviet Jewry. In Rangoon, at the Asian Socialist Conference, Foreign Minister Moshe Sharett said that Soviet charges against Jewish doctors showed the Russians intended to "pursue with vengeance the line of making Jews a scapegoat." The Knesset and numerous Jewish organizations severely denounced this new, most dangerous and unjustified development. The Times of London perceived the possibility that the "Doctors' Plot" would be followed by the creation of controlled anti-Semitism, massive arrests and deportations.

1953: The Jerusalem Post reported that The Asian Socialist Conference in Rangoon had urged Israel and the Arab states to recognize the existing borders as the first step towards the solving the Palestine conflict and urged the adoption of a similar policy for India and Pakistan

1953: A month after premiering in Los Angeles, “The Bad and the Beautiful” starring Kirk Douglas and with music by David Raskin was released in the rest of the United States today.

1954: “Knights of the Round Table” produced by Pandro S. Berman was released in the United States today.

1955(21st of Tevet, 5715): Parashat Shemot; Start reading the second book of the Torah.

1955(21st of Tevet, 5715): Seventy-two year old Baron Louis de Rothschild who headed the Vienna branch of the famed banking house when the Nazi annexed Austria passed away today.

1955: A television version “Naught Marietta,” an operetta which was first successfully produced by Oscar Hammerstein in 1910 was broadcast today.

1955: Dmitri Shostakovich's "From Jewish Folk Poetry" premiered in Leningrad.

1956(2nd of Shevat, 5716): Eighty-year old Rabbi Jacob L. Andron, the Russian born son of Rabbi Samuel I Andron and “Frume Rachel” Andron and the husband of Yetta Andron with whom he had five children—Esther, Judith, David, Philip and Elihu— whose career as an educator included the founding of the Rabbi Jacob Joseph School and whose career as a resort executive included ownership of the Prince Michael Hotel in Miami Beach passed away today.

1956(2nd of Shevat, 5716): Eighty-eight year old Bohemia native and New York cigar manufacturer D. Emil Klein, the founder of the Allied Tobacco Division of the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies and husband of Sadee Schwartz Klein with whom he had two daughters, Norma and Claudia, passed away today.

1956: Birthdate of Minnesota native Marc Tressman who for two years served as head coach of the Chicago Bears making him the only Jew to hold such a position; a position from which he was fired after compiling a record of 13 wins and 19 losses.

1957: A ranking official of Youth Aliyah, an international agency devoted to the rescue and rehabilitation of Jewish children, expressed sharp concern over what he termed "virulent anti-Semitism" among Hungarian refugees in Austria.  The Hungarians, Jew and Gentile alike, had taken refuge in Austria following the failed Hungarian uprising against the Soviets in the fall of 1956.

1958: Brooklyn native Lester David Volk, the lawyer and physician turned Congressman from New York’s 10th District who served the Army during WW I and who married to Florence S. Volk with whom he had one child - Alan M. Volk - completed his service as assistant attorney general of New York State.

1960(15th of Tevet, 5720): Eighty-seven-year-old Bohemian born and Prague trained medical doctor Ernest Peter Pick who fled Austria after the Anschluss and settled in the United States in 1939 “where he joined the medical staffs of Columbia University and Mount Sinai Hospital and who was the husband of “the former Margaret Janssen” passed away today.

1960: When Israel move’s forces to its northern border in response to Syrian shelling from the Golan Heights, the Soviet Union deliberately seeks to heighten the crisis by misleadingly telling the Syrians that the Israeli’s are massing for an attack.

1962(10th of Shevat, 5722): Sixty-two-year-old actor Kenneth MacKenna, the grandson of Rabbi Moses Mielziner passed away today.

1962: At the Fisher Theatre in Detroit, U.S. premiere of “No Strings” first musical Richard Rogers after the death of Oscar Hammerstein II.

1963:The National Conference on Race on Religious, whose attendees included Rabbi Abraham J. Heschel, the professor at the JTS continued for a second day in Chicago.

1964(1st of Shevat, 5724): Rosh Chodesh Shevat

1964: Birthdate of Bruce Schneier, computer programmer and author.

1964:  David Merrick’s “Hello Dolly” opens on Broadway.

1967: An exhibition featuring Chanukah candelabras and lamps is scheduled to come to an end at the Jewish Museum in NYC.

1968(14th of Tevet, 5728): Sixty-nine-year-old physicist Leopold Infeld, a colleague of Albert Einstein passed away today.

1968: CBS broadcast the final episode of “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” the spy-spoof featuring the music of Jerry Goldsmith.

1968: After leaving England, the INS Dakar arrived this morning at Gibraltar.

1970(8th of Shevat, 5730): Leah Goldberg passed away. Born at Königsberg in 1911, she “settled in Tel Aviv where she worked as a literary adviser to Habimah, the national theater, and an editor for the publishing company Sifriyat HaPoalim (Workers' Library).”  This was the first step on road that would led to a career as a “prolific Hebrew poet, author, playwright, literary translator, and researcher of Hebrew literature.”

1970: Birthdate of Irina Palina the native or Russia who “won a gold medal in the Women's Team event at the Table Tennis World Cup in 1994.”

1970: Israeli archaeologists reported uncovering the first evidence supporting the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. by military forces of the ancient Roman Empire.

1972(28th of Tevet, 5732): Parashat Vaera

1972(28th of Tevet, 5732): Eighty-year old University Maryland trained attorney Samuel B. Plotkin, the husband of Theresa Scott, who settled in Bridgeport, CT where he was a member of the Board of Education and the Board of the Jewish Community Council passed away today.

1972: Birthdate of Claudia Anne I. Winkleman, a British television presenter, radio personality and journalist. Winkleman is the daughter of Eve Pollard, former editor of the Sunday Express, and Barry Winkleman former publisher of The Times Atlas of the World.

1973: Gene Shalit joins the Today Show panel. The Jewish film critic with the bushy moustache is father of Willa Shalit who has gained artistic fame in her own right.

1974(21st of Tevet, 5734): Sixty-seven-year-old Yosef Serlin a native of Bialystok who made Aliyah in 1933 and became an MK and cabinet minister, passed away today.

1974: "Happy Days" begins an 11-year run on ABC.  This hit sit-com that presented an idealized picture of post-war America starred two Jewish actors – Tom Bosley as the father and Henry Winkler as the sanitized thug “Fonzie.”

1975: On what would have been his seventy-fifth birthday, Fordham trained attorney and New York political leader Alexander Falk was laid to rest today.

1976(13th of Shevat, 5736): Seventy year old Connecticut native Myles Stodel Friedman, the center on the Syracuse University football team from 1924-1926 and  President of Benjamin and Johnes, the manufacturer of foundation garments who co-founded Camp Robin Hood for boys and raised a daughter, Judy with his wife Leona passed away today.

1976: Birthdate of Milwaukee native Douglas Mitchell “Doug” Gottlieb, the Notre Dame transfer who starred for the Oklahoma State University Basketball team after which he turned pro before become a television commentator.

1978: The Jerusalem Post reported that Egyptian President Anwar Sadat complained that he got "nothing" from Israeli negotiators and saw no hope for an early Egyptian-Israeli agreement. But foreign ministers of both Israel and Egypt were conducting hectic consultations in order to prepare themselves for the joint meeting of the political negotiating committee, to be held in Jerusalem.

1979: Yitzhak Moda’i began serving as Communications Minister\\

1981: NBC broadcast the first episode of “Hill Street Blue” the long running police drama created by Steven Bocho.

1981 (10th of Shevat, 5741):  Representative Emanuel Celler passed away at the age the age of 92. “Manny” Celler was a Congressman from New York from 1923 to 1973.  He was a champion of the underprivileged and the working class.  He was a stalwart supporter of Civil Rights.  As Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, he maneuvered the 1964 Civil Rights Act through the House despite opposition from Southern segregationists and their Republican allies.

1982: German police searched for the perpetrators of a bomb attack that ripped through an Israeli restaurant in West Berlin. The blast killed a 14-month old girl and injured 25 diners. Six Palestinians belonging to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) were suspected.

1982:” Torch Song Trilogy” “a collection of three one-act plays by Harvey Fierstein” that “centers on Arnold Beckooff a torching singing Jewish drag queen”  transferred from the Richard Allen Center to the Actors’ Playhouse in Greenwich village “Where it ran 117 performances.

1983(3rd of Sivan, 5743): Meyer Lansky passed away, Born Maier Suchowljansky in Russia in 1902, Lansky moved to the United States in 1911.  Lansky is probably the most famous of all Jewish mobsters.  When faced with charges of tax evasion, Lansky fled to Israel, seeking protection under the Law of Return.  Ultimately, the Israeli government gave him up and Lansky came back to serve a prison sentence.

1984: As the body of Major Saad Haddad, the commander of the Israeli backed militia lay in state “hundreds of Lebanese and Israelis paid tribute to him.”

1984: Birthdate of Los Angeles native Benjamin Aaron Shapiro who is political commentator and author whose first book was Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America's Youth.

1986: In Washington, DC, Louis Rubenstein, “a businessman who owns Royal Vending Co., 2615 Evarts St. NE. Rubenstein, 60, was arrested today on charges of theft of government property and conspiring to receive stolen goods” which came to light during a two and half year investigation “of a Washington area drug ring” and the illegal use of gambling machines and sale of counterfeit video games that involved New Jersey mobster Myron Sugarman.

1988: After a limited release in December, “Good Morning America” directed by Barry Levinson was released throughout the rest of the United States today.

1988: Start of the first intifada which was really just another round of Arab mob violence and terror designed to drive the Jews from the land of Israel.  Those who saw this as something new apparently missed the Arab Riots of the 1920’s or the Arab Uprising against the British that took place in the years prior to World War II.

 1989: Amos Mansdorf, the native of Ramat HaSharon was the runner-up in the tennis tournament at Auckland, NZ

1989: In “Maine Rabbi's Specialty Is Helping Counselors” published today Lynn Riddle described the unique career of Rabbi Harry Sky.

1990(18th of Tevet, 5750): Uriel G. Foa, a social psychologist and professor emeritus at Temple University, died of an aortic aneurysm today at Osteopathic Hospital in Philadelphia. He was 73 years old and lived in Penn Valley, Pa. Dr. Foa, a specialist in interpersonal relations, joined the Temple faculty in 1971. He was born in Parma, Italy, and received doctoral degrees from the University of Parma and Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He was a co-founder and executive director of the Institute of Applied Social Research in Jersualem and chairman of the department of psychology at Bar-Ilan University before coming to the United States in 1965. Dr. Foa is survived by two sons, Gad and Ephraim, who live in Israel: four daughters, Ora Tamar Goldstein and Hagar Foa, also of Israel, and Yael and Michelle, both of Penn Valley, and nine grandchildren.

1888: “For Keeps,” a “comedy drama featuring Pauly Shore was released in the United States today.

1990: Rafeal Pinhasi begins serving as Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs.

1990: An off-duty Israeli soldier was stabbed as she walked along a narrow street in Jerusalem's Old City today, and 30 Palestinians were detained for questioning. The Israeli soldier, identified as Pvt. Halit Avni, 18 years old, of Tel Aviv, was stabbed six times in the back and chest, the police said. She was listed in stable condition at Hadassah Hospital in Ein Karem.

1991: Four hundred Yeshiva University students from New York City who formed Operation Torah Shield have paid $50 each for a seat on a charter flight from Kennedy International Airport so that they could be in Tel Aviv by this morning which coincides with the deadline set by the United Nations for Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait. Iraq’s President Hussein has threatened Israel with missile attacks if the UN should take military action to enforce its deadline.

1991: On the day the United Nations set as the deadline for Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait, the commander of the Israeli Air Force said that the United States and Israel still have no mechanisms in place to coordinate the two nation's military activities. And, Maj. Gen. Avihu Bin-Nun said in a news briefing, Israel has little faith that the United States will give Israel advance warning if Iraq, as it has threatened, fires missiles at Tel Aviv. "We may not have any notice, and the first notice may be when the missile hits," the general said.

1993 (22nd of Tevet, 5753): Songwriter Sammy Cahn passed away at the age of 79.  One of his most enduring hits was Bei Mir Bist Du Schön. (As reported by Stephen Holden)

1993: At the Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv, a Palestinian from Gaza stabbed four people to death including a Lebanese Arab visiting the city.  Islamic Jihad took credit for the attack.

1998: A revival production of “June Moon” co-authored by George Kaufman who directed the original Broadway production, opened at the Variety Arts Theatre and ran for 101 performances.

2000: Yale Laws School graduate Stanley Sporkin, the Philadelphia born son of the former Ethel Weiner and Judge Maurice Sporkin, retired as a Judge of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.

2000: “Israeli troops carried out a series of ''preventive'' arrests in the West Bank based on information that the Islamic Holy War group was planning attacks…”

2001: In an article entitled “New Conflict Begets Culture War by Israeli Artists,” Deborah Sontag describes ''Artists Against a Strong Hand,’’ an exhibit at Tel Aviv’s Beit Haam, that features the work of 70 artists who were asked to produce something specifically related to the current political situation. The works will be sold to benefit Palestinian medical clinics.  

2002: The Governor General of Canada granted Herb Gray the title "The Right Honourable", in honour of his distinguished and record-setting contribution to Canadian political life

2002: Philanthropist Michael Steinhardt, founder of Steinhardt Partners and chairman of Tel Aviv University was named as one of those investing in The New York Sun, a daily newspaper being started by investors and former members of The Forward. Its editor will be Seth Lipsky, the former editor of The Forward, the English-language descendant of the Yiddish daily, and vice president of the new paper's parent publishing company.

 2003(12th of Shevat, 5763): Eighty-seven-year-old songwriter Doris Fisher passed away today.

2004(21st of Tevet, 5764):  Olivia Goldsmith, author of The First Wives’ Club passed away

2005(5th of Shevat, 5765): Parashat Bo

2005: “Mahmoud Abbas was sworn in as Palestinian president”

2005: In response to attacks two days ago “that left six Israeli civilians dead” Israel “cut off official contacts with the Palestinians.

2006: Silvan Shalom completed his term as Deputy Prime Minister. 2006: The New York Times featured reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including Small Steps by Louis Sachar and The Cosmic Landscape:String Theory and the Illusion of Intelligent Design by Leonard Susskind.

2006: Neil Diamond performed a concert on the opening night of the new Stockton Arena in Stockton, California. Diamond had been paid a $1,000,000 fee to perform, but, due to slow ticket sales and inadequate time to promote the event, the city budget suffered a nearly $400,000 loss that resulted in the dismissal of the Stockton city manager several days later

2006: The Israel Defense Forces are threatening to declare the Jewish settlement in Hebron a closed military area if settler riots against policemen and soldiers do not stop. Today marks the third straight of rioting. The riots have involved settlers throwing stones as well as eggs and paint balloons at soldiers and policemen. The rioters' goal is to thwart implementation of the army's order to evacuate Jewish squatters from the city's wholesale vegetable market.

2007: Sports Illustrated Magazine reported that long distance runner Mushir Salem Jawher was stripped of his Bahraini citizenship because he competed in Israel.  The native of Kenya had moved to Bahrain where he was hailed as hero for winning a Silver Medal in the five thousand meter run at the 2006 Asian Games.  But when he competed in, and won, the Tiberias Marathon in Israel, the head of the Baharain Athletics Association declared his behavior was “outside the rules.” According to SI, Jawher was “‘very proud’ to have run in Israel and that ‘people should live together in harmony.’”

2008: In Washington, D.C., Los Angeles Times columnist Jonah Goldberg discusses and signs Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning

2008: In Rockville, MD, Dennis Ross discusses and signs Statecraft: And How to Restore America's Standing in the World at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington.

2008: Israel killed at least 18 Palestinians, most of them Hamas militants, in the Gaza Strip; in violence the Palestinian Authority said was a "slap in the face" to U.S. President George W. Bush's peace efforts. A volunteer from Ecuador, working on an Israeli kibbutz, or farming community, bordering the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, was killed by a Palestinian sniper near the frontier fence. Hamas claimed responsibility for shooting the man. Hamas fired five rockets that landed in Sderot, an Israeli border town. One hit a house. Five residents were wounded, some moderately and some slightly, including a 5-year-old girl, according to the ambulance service. One rocket landed several miles north of Gaza, on a road in southern Ashkelon, an Israeli coastal city of 120,000, causing no casualties.

2009: The New York State Attorney general “issued subpoenas to three investments funds run by Ezra Merkin and 15 nonprofits which they lost money due to Ezra Merkin and Bernard Madoff.

2009: The IPO (Israel Philharmonic Orchestra) in Jeans performs at Tel Aviv's Mann Auditorium. In an effort to reinvent itself for the new millennium, the IPO has introduced the series to attract a broader audience. The "Jeans" concept offers late night informal performances to lovers of casual wear and night owls. Free beer is provided before the show and a DJ hosts a dance party afterwards.

2009: The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival features a screening “Strangers” a film about an Israeli kibbutznik and a Palestinian woman who meet serendipitously on their way to the World Cup finals in Berlin which was the Best Drama winner at the Sundance Film Festival.

2009: Today, some 25 rockets were fired on southern Israel.

2009: An additional 86 counts of bank fraud, false statements and reports to a bank, money laundering and aiding and abetting and willful violation of orders from the secretary of agriculture were filed against Sholom Rubashkin and Agriprocessors.

2010(29th of Tevet, 5770): Seventy-one year old “Michael T. Kaufman, a former foreign correspondent, reporter and columnist for The New York Times who chronicled despotic regimes in Europe and Africa, the fall of Communism and the changing American scene for four decades, died today in Manhattan.”(As reported by Robert D. McFadden)

2010: Friday night services are followed by a pot-luck supper and program that examines the unique philosophy and teachings of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel and what they mean to modern American Jews.

2010: In Washington, D.C., Adas Israel hosts The Ruach Minyan service and dinner in the Miller Chapel.

2010: Journalist and filmmaker Naomi Klein discusses and signs her books "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism" and "No Logo: 10th Anniversary Edition" at Busboys and Poets (14th St.),

2010: The 10th annual Atlanta Jewish Festival features screenings of “Breaking Upwards” and “Berlin ’36.”

2010: Two planes are scheduled to land in Haiti today carrying the IDF medical teams and their supplies following Wednesday’s earthquake that devastated the poorest nation in the western hemisphere.

2010(29th of Tevet, 5770): Lydia Csato Gasman, sister of Joash Tsiddon, passed away in Charlottesville, VA today at the age of 84.

2011: Kol HaNeshama, Israel's largest Reform synagogue celebrates its 25th anniversary tonight

2011: The New York premiere of “The Human Resources Manager” is scheduled to take place at The New York Jewish Film Festival. The film is based on novel by A.B.Yehoshua entitled A Woman in Jerusalem in which the human-resources manager at a bakery in Jerusalem must get to know one of his employees posthumously after her death in a suicide bombing as he finds himself the unlikely chaperone of the woman’s body to her native Romania.

2011: Stand-up comedian Keith Barany is scheduled to appear on opening night of the 2nd annual Minneapolis Jewish Humor Festival.

2011: Herman Ginsberg, a mensch of the first order, owner of a Jewelry store that is a Cedar Rapids’ institution, leader of the Jewish community, loving father and doting grandfather is celebrated his 85th birthday.

2011(10th of Shevat, 5771): Ninety-four-year-old “Eleanor Galenson, a psychoanalyst and researcher whose work showed that children are aware of their sexuality at very early ages, died today in Manhattan (As reported by Dennis Hevesi)

2011(10th of Shevat, 5771): Members and friends of Chabad Lubavitch celebrate Yud Sh’vat – The Tenth of Shevat.  Yud Shevat or The Tenth of Shevat marks the Yahrzeit of Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok (Joseph Isaac) Schneerson, the Sixth Rebbe as Known as the “the Frierdiker Rebbe” (Previous Rebbe) or the “RaYYatz” and  the day on which Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok’s legendary son in law, Rabbi Menachem Mendel, the sevenths Lubavitcher Rebbe, assumed the leadership of the Chabad movement.

2011: In one of the largest left-wing protests in recent years, some 10,000 people gathered in Tel Aviv today to demonstrate against what organizers called a growing attack on democracy in Israel. Chanting “[Foreign Minister Avigdor] Lieberman go home” and “Human rights for everyone,” among other slogans, demonstrators marched from the city’s Meir Park to the Tel Aviv Museum, where a rally was held.

2011: Harvard graduate Loren Galler-Rabinowitz competed as Miss Massachusetts in tonight’s Miss America Pageant.   Her failure to win leaves Bess Myerson as the only Jewish of this long-running beauty pageant.

2012:  The friends and family of Herman Ginzberg are over-joyed to celebrate his 86th birthday.

2012: The New York Times featured reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including “Hope: A Tragedy” by Shalom Auslander and the recently released paperback edition of “The Crisis of Capitalist Democracy” by Richard Posner

2012: “Shoah: The Unseen Interviews” and “Restoration” are scheduled to have their New York premieres at the New York Jewish Film Festival.

2012: “Yoo-Hoo, Mrs. Goldberg” is scheduled to shown at the Glen Rock Jewish Center in Glen Rock, NJ.

2012: Israeli and Palestinian envoys met for the third time in Amman overnight today since Jordan began mediating a series of direct talks earlier this month.

2012: This morning, the Tel Aviv municipality dismantled the tent encampment in the city's Hatikva neighborhood, where 36 homeless people have been camping since the summer. The municipality said in a statement that it hopes the people in the encampment will leave peacefully “without the city exercising the authority given to it by the court to evacuate by force.”

 2012: Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox protesters tried today to block roads around Jerusalem’s Kikar Hashabbat (Sabbath Square) in Mea She’arim neighborhood, after six prominent members of the community were arrested earlier in the day in suspicion of financial-related crimes.

2012: “Remember the landmark Woman’s Building published today looks back at the history of the Los Angeles building co-founded by Judy Chicago and Arlene Raven

2013: Deadline for submitting entries for the Dora and Alexander Raynes Poetry Prize.

 2013: “The Gatekeepers” is scheduled to be shown at the Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival.

2013: The LA Jewish Chamber of Commerce is scheduled to host its Strategic Business Alliance Luncheon

2013: Just two days before his 64th his birthday, Howard “announced that he would not be re-offering in the next Nova Scotia general election.”

2013: "Beyond Swastika and Jim Crow: Jewish Refugee Scholars at Black Colleges," is scheduled to open today Tuesday at the National Museum of American Jewish History. It tells the little-known story of Jewish scholars, barred from academic positions by Nazi decrees beginning in 1933, who eventually made their way to the United States, where a small but significant number of them eventually found welcoming homes at historically black colleges.

2013: Family and friends celebrate the birthday of Herman Ginsberg, the patriarch of multi-generational Cedar Rapids family and pillar of the Jewish community who is proves that one can be a successful businessman and a great person.

 2013: Funeral services were held today at Central Avenue Synagogue in Highland Park for computer programmer Aaron Swartz.

 2013: “Morsi’s Slurs Against Jews Stir Concern” published today provides a snapshot of the new Egyptian leaders views including “a speech urging Egyptians to ‘nurse our children and grandchildren on hatred’ for Jews and Zionists.

2013: The Times of Israel has learned that Israel has taken steps that appear to be aimed at restoring its relationship with the United Nations Human Rights Council, 10 months after Jerusalem cut ties with the body over a planned fact-finding mission into the West Bank settlement enterprise.

 2013(4th of Shevat, 5773): Ninety-two year old “Daniel J. Edelman, who founded an agency that would go on to become the PR industry's biggest,” passed away today.

2014: A bill that would forbid the use of Nazi symbols and labels is scheduled to presented to the Knesset today.

2014(14th of Shevat, 5774): Eighty-four-year-old “entertainment lawyer” Donald S. Engel passed away today.


2014: “For a Woman” is scheduled to be shown at the New York Jewish Film Festival.

2014: It was announced today that “Israeli author/journalist Yossi Klein Halevi won the Everett Family Foundation Jewish Book of the Year Award, “the top prize in the 2013 National Jewish Book Award for Like Dreamers “which tells the history of Israel the personal experiences over decades of a handful of paratroopers who helped capture the Old City of Jerusalem in the 1967 Six Day War.”

2014: Two top Obama administration officials urged Jewish groups not to back new Iran sanctions, calling them “dangerous.” The officials — from the White House national security team and the Treasury Department — spoke today with Jewish leaders in a call convened by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. (As reported by JTA)

 2014: Thousands of Israelis continued to visit Anemone Hill today, where former prime minister Ariel Sharon was laid to rest earlier this week. Among the many visitors were war veterans who fought alongside and under the command of Sharon, public figures and citizens who have crossed paths with Sharon over the years. (As reported by Ahiya Raved)

2015(24th of Tevet, 5775): Seventy-five-year-old University of Oklahoma graduate Alan J. Hirschfiedl who led two major motion picture studios passed away today in his native Wyoming.

2015: Today, Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, chief Sephardi rabbi of Israel; Rabbi Shlomo Amar, Sephardic chief rabbi of Jerusalem; Rabbi Aryeh Stern, Ashkenazi chief rabbi of Jerusalem; Rabbi Moshe Yehuda Leib Landa, chief rabbi of Bnei Brak, Israel; and Rabbi Abraham Shemtov,regional director of Chabad-Lubavitch in Philadelphia and chairman of Agudas Chassidei Chabad were among those who paid their last respects to Rabbi Mordechai Shmuel Ashkenazi—rabbi of Kfar Chabad, Israel  before he was taken “to Tiberias for internment near his parents and siblings.

2015: The leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah terrorist group confirmed today that a senior operative in the organization has been apprehended for spying for Israel.,7340,L-4615692,00.html

2015: Michael “ Medved announced during his live radio broadcast that he would be taking an indefinite leave of absence from his radio show to undergo treatment for throat cancer”

2015: The Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington is scheduled to host a “1-hour workshop that will include a series of activities designed to get” people “thinking, taking and sharing ideas to help in planning for a new regional museum projected to open in 2020.

 2015: In Atlanta, GA, The William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum is scheduled to host “Gershwin and Bernstein: American Masters” the first of the 2015 Molly Blank Jewish Concert Series

2015: “The Deli Man” and “The Dune are scheduled to shown at the New York Jewish Film Festival.

2015: Heller McAlpin’s review of Whipping Boy: The Forty-Year Search for My Twelve-Year-Old Bully by Allen Kurzweil was published today.


2015(5th of Shevat, 5776): Eight-nine-year-old Winnipeg born art deal Avrom Isaacs, the founder in 1955 of the Greenwich Art Gallery which was renamed the Isaacs Gallery in 1959 passed away today in Toronto.


2016: “Israeli saxophonist, bandleader and composer Uri Gurvich” is scheduled to perform this at the Metropolitan Room tonight

2016: In a tribute to the vitality of “small town” Judaism , Temple Judah is scheduled to host an “Early Shabbat Evening Service” for the sake of the PreK-2nd Grade students.

2016: Shabbat Tzedek is scheduled to begin this evening.

2016: Herman Ginsberg turns 90!

2017: “Torah in the City” is scheduled to take place at Citi Field.

2017: A Middle East Peace Conference which will not be attended by Israel is scheduled to take place in Paris.

2017: “The Threepenny Opera” and “The Patriarch’s Room” are scheduled to be shown at the New York Jewish Film Festival.

2017: The Conference of the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance is scheduled to come to an end today at Lerner Hall in NYC.

2017: After four days, the Baton Rouge Jewish Film Festival is scheduled to come to an end. (Yes, the capital of Louisiana is home to a four-day festival of Jewish movies)

2017: In Des Moines, the Judaic Resource Center is scheduled to host an evening in Shalom Hammer, a lecturer of the IDF and contributing editor to the Jerusalem Post.

2017: The New York Times includes books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including The Kaiser’s Last Kiss by Alan Judd and the recently published paperback edition of Thomas Murphy by Roger Rosenblatt as well as a column “On Being Translated Back to Myself” by Boris Fishman.

2018: The Oxford University Jewish Society is scheduled to mark the start of Hillary with a Toast the Term party at the Varsity Club.

2018: Deadline for submitting papers to be presented at the conference on “Shared Cultural Values of Jews and Muslims in Yemen and Beyond.”

2018(28th of Tevet, 5778): Seventy-nine year old radio monologist and refugee from Nazi Europe Joe Frank passed away today. (As reported by Richard Sandomir)

2018: “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi signed a series of agreements for cooperation in energy, the film industry, aviation, cyber and investment.”

2018: The Oxford University Jewish Society is scheduled to co-host a study session in which Jewish, Muslim and Christian will be used to analyze the issues surrounding “Mercy and Forgiveness.”

2019: In Amherst, MA, the Yiddish Book Center is scheduled to host David Gillham in talk about his latest novel Annelies.

2019: MaryBeth Muskin, Ph.D., Regional Director of the Anti-Defamation League is scheduled to deliver a lecture on “The Rise of Global Anti-Semitism” at Temple B’nai Jeshurun in Des Moines, IA.

2019(9th of Shevat, 5779):  On the Jewish calendar, Yahrzeit of Rabbi Eliezer Silver.


2019: “Black Honey: The Life and Poetry of Avraham Sutzkever is scheduled to be shown at the New York Jewish Film Festival.

2020: Adventures of a Jazz Age Lawyer: Nathan Burkan and the Making of American Popular Culture by Gary Rosen is scheduled to go on sale today.

2020: As Iowa braces for another winter storm, The Hadassah Book Club is scheduled to meet today in Cedar Rapids

2020: The American Jewish Historical Society, Center for Jewish History and the Natan Foundation are scheduled to host “Straight Into the Lions' Den: The Left, Zionism, and Antisemitism” during which Jonathan Rosen, Bari Weiss, author of How to Fight Anti-Semitism, and Susie Linfield, author of The Lion's Den: Zionism and the Left from Hannah Arendt to Noam Chomsky tackle with the how Jewish leftists deal with these issues.

2020: In Los Altos Hills, CA, Congregation Beth Am is scheduled to Israeli journalist Matti Friedman as he talks about the portrayal of Israel in the media and various development that have shaped the country today.”

2020: Hershey Felder is scheduled to present The Pianist of Willesden Lane, starring Mona Golabek which is adapted and Directed by Hershey Felder and based on the book The Children of Willesden Lane by Mona Golabek and Lee Cohen

2020: “Picture of His Life” and “Leona” are scheduled to be shown on the opening day of the New York Jewish Film Festival.

2020: In Brookline, MA, Congregation Mishkan Tefila is scheduled to host “Lounge Nights,” a combination of “art, music, scotch tasting and a diverse array of ‘dynamic’ speakers.”

2021: Temple Israel of Boston is scheduled to host “an inspirational Shabbat Tzedek, a Sabbath of Justice, to celebrate the legacy and values of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

2021: The Cedar Lee Theatre is scheduled to begin screenings both online and in-theatre of “Some Kind of Heaven,” directed by Lance Oppenheim and co-produced by Darren Aronofsky.

2021: Congregation B’nai Torah is scheduled to present “a Shabbat service honoring the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. led by Rabbi Dr. Lisa Eiduson

2021: Family and friends celebrate the 95th birthday of Herman Ginsberg, the patriarch of a multi-generational Cedar Rapids family a pillar of the Jewish community who proves that one can be a successful businessman and a great person.

2022: The Eden Tamir Center is scheduled to host a “Schubertiade”

2022: In Berkley, CA, Congregation Beth El is scheduled to a host a Tu B’Shevat dinner which will include Havdalah and a performance by Beth El’s chorus.

2022: The New York Jewish Film Festival is scheduled to host a screening of “Sin La Habana.”

2022: Congregation Kehillath Israel is scheduled to present Melaveh Malkah featuring “Kol Kahol, Boston’s premier Jewish and bluegrass band.”

2022: The Miami Jewish Film Festival is scheduled to host a screening of “Greener Pastures.”

2022: After sing the song at the sea, the friends and family are scheduled to sing Happy Birthday to Herman Ginsburg, “the grand old man” of the Jewish community.

2022(13th of Shevat, 5782): Shabbat Shirah – The Sabbath of the Song; for more see





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