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This Day, September 7, In Jewish History by Mitchell A. and Deb Levin

September 7

70: On the secular calendar the date on which a Roman army under Titus occupied and plundered Jerusalem.

1191: The Crusader army led by King Richard the Lionhearted defeated the army of Saladin at the Battle of Arsuf, north of Jaffa. The victory proved to be a tactical one, since Richard was not able to wrest control of Jerusalem from Saladin.  From a Jewish point of view this was a definite plus since the Crusaders had butchered the Jews of Jerusalem while Saladin had permitted them to return to the City of David.

1307(2nd of Tishrei, 5068):  Alexander Susskind passed away.  Susskind gave his whole fortune as ransom for the body of Rabbi Meir of Rottenberg. Rabbi Meir ben Baruch of Rothenburg was a Tosaphist (codifier and commentator on the Talmud), as well as a liturgical poet. He was imprisoned in the town of Ensisheim, which was located in Alsace in 1286.  When he died in 1293, the authorities refused to release the body.  Fourteen years later the authorities succumbed to their greed and allowed Susskind to buy it back.  The remains were given a proper burial at the town of Worms.

1312:  King Ferdinand IV of Castile passed away.  During his reign the monarch employed a Jew named Samuel as his treasurer.  Ferdinand followed his advice in political as well as financial matters.  This earned him the enmity of the dowager Queen, Maria de Molina who had ruled before Ferdinand reached his majority.  She, or her sympathizers, may have been responsible for the near fatal beating suffered by Samuel

1434: The Council of Basle instituted new measures against the Jews. The council, aside from adopting many of the old measures preventing interaction between Jews and Christians, prohibited Jews from entering Universities, and were forced to listen to conversion sermons. The council encouraged Christian study of Hebrew in order to "combat Jewish Heresy."

1533: Birthdate of Queen Elizabeth I.  There were no practicing Jews living in England during her reign but that did not keep anti-Semitism from being a part of the Elizabethan cultural environment as can be seen from Shakespeare’s merchants of Venice.  There was a handful of secret Jews and/or Marranos living in England during her reign. One of them was Dr. Hector Nunes who provided valuable intelligence to English leaders on the movement of the Spanish Armada.  On the other hand Dr. Roderigo Lopez who had served as the Queen’s physician, ended up being executed at Tyburn for his part (real or imagined) in a plot to poison the queen.  The fate of Lopez was the “led to new productions of The Jew of Malta by Christopher Marlowe.

1559: Parisian printer and scholar Robert Estienne also known as Robert Stephens who “the first to print the Bible divided into standard numbered verses” and who twice he published the entire Hebrew Bible—"one with the Commentary of Kimchi on the minor prophets, in 13 volumes another in 10 volumes” passed away today.

1628: Opening day of the Battle in the Bay of Matanzas, a naval battle during the Eighty Year’s War fought off the coast of Cuba in which the Dutch captured the Spanish treasure fleet.  Moses Cohen Henrqiues, a Sephardic Dutch pirate helped Piet Pieterszoon, the Dutch commander win the victory

1654: A petition by Jacques de la Motthe, the French master of the ship St. Charles requested payment for Jews and their freight which he brought to New Amsterdam from Cape St. Anthony. He said there were "23 souls, big and little, who must pay equally." After a week passed, the Jews belongings were put up for auction, and it was said many Christians bought the Jews belongings, only to give them back to the Jews.

1701: Today, during the War of the Spanish Succession, Austrian Emperor Leopold I, who relied on “court Jew” Samson Wertheimer and “Samuel Oppenheimer to procure the money necessary for” equipping and supplying the imperial army, along with the Dutch Republic and Britain “signed the Treaty of Hague” which renewed the Grand Alliance of 1689.

1787:Jonas Phillips, a member of a prominent Philadelphia Jewish family sent a petition to the delegates of what became known as the Constitutional Convention ( the body that wrote the U.S. Constitution) asking that they not adopt a religious test for Federal office holders.

1793(1st of Tishrei, 5554): Rosh Hashanah and Shabbat

1812(1st of Tishrei, 5573): Jews on both sides of the Atlantic were joined together by the observance of Rosh Hashanah but American and English Jews were separated by the conflict known as The War of 1812.

1814: Birthdate of German Jewish novelist Ludwig Kalisch.

1822: Brazil declared its independence from Portugal.  Brazil’s declaration of independence triggered an influx of Jewish settlers primarily from Morocco who “set up a synagogue in Belem (northern Brazil) called Porta do Ceu (Gate of Heaven) in 1824 and later one in Manaus (on the Amazon River).”

1827: The Russian government decreed that the draft of Jewish boys would begin at the age of 12. This was part of the Russian government's plan to deal with the Jewish problem.  This early draft was intended to separate the youngsters from their homes and families and force them to eventually adopt the Christian religion.

1835: Two days after he had passed away, Henry Harris was buried today at the Brady Street Jewish Cemetery.

1836: In Gnesen, Prussia, Frintze and Julius Peyser gave birth to Philip Peyser the husband of Natalie Ann Kiliñski both of whom would be buried in the Hebrew Cemetery in Washington, D.C.

1837: Birthdate of chess master Samuel Rosenthal.

1845: St. Louis, Missouri, became the site of the first synagogue to be built in the Mississippi Valley. For more information about the history of the Jewish community in St. Louis, consult the two-volume Zion in the Valley by Walter Ehrlich is Professor Emeritus of History at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

1847: Dutch native Hannah Van Gelder and Philip Marcus Leuw gave birth to Marcus Leuw.

1848(9th of Elul, 5608): Forty-one year old Abraham Kohn, the leading Reform Rabbi in Lemberg died today after having been poisoned yesterday Abraham Ber Pilpel who had been hired by traditionalist offended by impact that Reform was having on their concept of Judaism.

1849: Birthdate of South Carolinian Leah Cohen Harby, a member of the prominent Charleston Harby family.

1850(1st of Tishrei, 5611): As Jews celebrate Rosh Hashanah, Americans breathe a sigh of relief with the passage this month of the legislation known as the Compromise of 1850 which avoided the outbreak of Civil War.  Unfortunately, the compromise did not hold and ten years later, America would cross the abyss.

1851: Dinah Levy and Benjamin Woolf Phillips gave birth to Samuel Phillips.

1854(14th of Elul, 5614): Seventy-two year old Moses Elias Levy, a native of Mogador, Morocco and “the son of a local courtier and factor to the Sultan named Eliahu ha-Levi ibn Yuli who “founded a short lived Jewish refugee colony in Micanopy, Florida, a state his son David Levy Yulee represented in the United States and who finally settled in England where he worked to gain support for improving the conditions of Russian Jews, passed away today.

1859: Tuik Davis married Esther Emanuel at the Great Synagogue today.

1860: Giuseppe Garibaldi captured Naples today and set up a provisional government. Because of the family's close political connections with Austria and France, this put Adolf von Rothschild in a delicate position. He chose to take temporary sanctuary in Gaeta with the Bourbon king Francis II of the Two Sicilies but the Rothschild houses in London, Paris, and Vienna were not prepared to financially support the deposed king. With the ensuing unification of Italy, and the mounting tension between Adolf and the rest of the family, after forty-two years in business the Naples house closed in 1863.

1862: In New York Gustavus Speyer and Sophia Speyer (née Rubino) gave birth to Sir Edgar Speyer the American born financier and philanthropist who became a British subject whose loyalty to his adopted home led him to be created a baronet.

1862: Today “Florian Moss, a son of Joseph L. Moss of Philadelphia was appointed Captain’s Clerk on the United States Ship ‘Vermont’ which was attached to the South Blockading Squadron.”

1863: During the Civil War, Alfred Mordecai, Jr. was promoted from Captain to Major in the Union Army.  He would eventually become a Brigadier General.

1864: In Rotterdam, “Jet Monasch” and “Eleazar Van Biene” gave birth to Rebecca Van Biene, the wife of Salomon Linneweil and the mother of Henriette Linneweil.”

1864: Corporal Joel J. Hertzog completed his three year enlistment with Union Army which included serving with Company M of the 28th Regimen and Company D of the 147th Regiment.

1866: Birthdate of Paul Bernard who gained fame as French man of letters and attorney Tristan Bernard and whose celebrity finally earned his release from Drancy during WW II.

1867: The North Chicago Hebrew Congregation which has been led by Rabbis Norden and Hirschberg and whose members have including A.J. Franks and E.C. Hamburgher was founded today.

1871: One day after he had passed away, 16 year old Frank Phillip Eskell, “the son of Albert and Sarah Eskell” was buried today at the “Brompton (Fulham Road) Jewish Cemetery.

1871: The German Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha conferred a barony on Julius Reuter, the German-born English pioneer of the newswire service which is known as Reuters.  This meant that Israel Beer Josafat, the son of a rabbi who had become a Lutheran would now be known as Baron de Reuter.

1871: “The Bed of the Tiber” published today described various attempts to retrieve relics from the Roman river and/or to divert it in attempts to clean its fetid waters. According to Addison’s His Remarks on Several Parts of Italy in 1701, the Jews had approached the Holy See with a proposal that they would clean the bed of the stream in exchanged for the right to keep whatever they might find among the debris.

1872: Birthdate of Samuel S. Koenig the Hungarian born American attorney and leader of the New York Republican Party.

1877(29th of Elul, 5637): Erev of Rosh Hashanah,

1877: Rebecca (Hart) Hallenstein, the wife of Edward Ruben Hallenstein whom she married in Australia and with whom she had eight children, was buried today at the Willesden Jewish Cemetery on Beaconsfield Raod

1877: Two days after she had passed and only three days before her 30th birthday, Helene (Samuel) Flack, the daughter of Lambert Samuel and Leopoldine Friedberger, and the wife of Ernest Flack, with whom she had five children was buried today at the Balls Pond Road Jewish Cemetery.

1877: “The Jewish New Year” published today reported that “this evening the Israelites throughout the world will commence the celebration of Rosh Hashanah or the New Year.”  After describing the differences in the observance of those “who still adhere to the Rabbinical ritual” and those “who have enlisted under the banner of reform” the article points out that “the celebration of the festival is considered as a preparation for the solemn fast of Yom Kippur or Day of Atonement.”

1879: Rabbi Isaac Noot officiated at this afternoon’s dedication service for the new synagoguehousing B’Nai Israel.  Located on 4th street, the building is simple edifice lacking the expected Moorish columns and stained glass windows. The congregation’s leaders include its President, Meyer Rosenthal and its Vice President, Lewis I. Schilt.

1879: The Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Society facility was officially opened to the public today in New York City.  The society is committed to provide for the needs of destitute and vagrant Jewish children.  Currently the society is provided shelter, food and education for 33 children ranging in age from 1 to 10 years.

1879: Rabbi E. M. Myers officiated at the rededication of Baith Israel which had reconfigured its pews to allow for mixed seating.

1880: It was reported today that “George Solomon, a Jewish writer” has published a new work – The Jews of History and the Jesus of Tradition Identified.

1881: Henry Lezinskey, a Jewish wholesale liquor dealer from New York was arrested in Long Branch, NJ on charges of stealing $775 from John J. Wheeler, the owner of the Germania Hotel.

1883: The Indianapolis News reported that “a tag on a pair of boots in front” of a store “on South Illinois Street” owned by a Jewish merchant reads “$1.25, not each.”  The reason for the strange wording is that a competitor advertises boots at a $1.25 and then charges the customer $2.50 because the each boot costs $1.25.

1884: “To Fight the Machine” published today described the battle for the First Congressional District in New Orleans between the regular Democratic organization and the self-style “reform Democrats” who are backing Carleton Hunt against General Adolph Mayer, “a millionaire Jew with an ace for social distinction.

1884: Four days after he had passed away, Michael Heymanson, the husband of the former Adelaide Jewell was buried today at the Balls Pond Road Jewish Cemetery.

1885: Three days after he had passed away, Amsterdam native Sadok Schneiders was buried today at the Balls Pond Road Jewish Cemetery.

1885: A delegation of “Hebrew working girls” will march in todays “working men’s parade under the leadership of Paul Mayer.

1888: “The Beaches at Rockaway” described economic and social conditions at various New York beaches during the just ended summer season. Among other things, the clientele at the Far Rockaway Beach has shifted from being “a fashionable resort” that attracted notables like Horace Greely, to being so heavily visited by those of Irish origins that it was called the “Irish Long Branch.”  However during the past three years there has been such a growth in the number of Jewish families that fewer and fewer old time families from Troy and Albany have been coming to the beach.

1889: In Frankfurt am Main Isa and Karl Flesh gave birth to Max Flesch-Thebesius

1890: As of today it is estimated that the Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Society will need $74, 850 from the City of New York in 1891.

1890: “New Publications” published today provided a review of Recha by Dorothea Gerard.

1891: It was reported today that at least one Jew has been arrested in Odessa on charges of having helped hundreds of wealthy Jewish youths evade the draft by injecting them with a combination of petroleum and cotton oil that gives them the appearance of “a serious skin infection.”

1891(4th of Elul, 5651): Heinrich Graetz, one of the intellectual giants of the 19th century and the author of multi-volume History of the Jews a seminal work in more ways than one, passed away.  (This blog cannot do justice to his accomplishments and impact)

1892: In Brooklyn, Dr. A.W. Shepard completed his examination of the corpse of Lazarus Aizenstat, and determined that he had been strangled by more than attacker since three coils of rope were used. Police believe that the Jewish immigrant from Odessa was killed by his roommate a man known variously as Isaacs or Solomon in an attempt to rob him 35,000 rubles alleged to have been in his possession.

1893: Moses Alvares Vega married Sara Teresea Ameringen in Amsterdam today.

1893: The funeral for Charles Frank, the Superintendent of the United Hebrew Charities will take place this morning at 58 St. Marks Place.

1893: Three days after he had passed away, ninety year, Joseph Barrow Montefiore, the husband of the former Rebecca Mocatta with whom he had fourteen children was buried today at the Balls Pond Road Jewish Cemetery.

1893: "Women elbowed, trod on each other’s toes, and did everything else they could without violating the proprieties" to find a place in the overcrowded hall to hear women speak at the first-ever Jewish Women's Congress.

1893: Birthdate of (Isaac) Leslie Hore-Belisha, 1st Baron Hore-Belisha (of Devonport), statesman and inventor of belisha beacons. Born in London, he was British secretary of state for war (1937-40) who instituted military conscription in the spring of 1939, a few months before the outbreak of World War II.

1895: Birthdate of Joseph Richard Vogel who replaced Arthur Loew as President of MGM where approved the production as such hit films as “Gigi,” “North by Northwest” and “Ben Hur” as well as such flops as “Mutiny on the Bounty.

1895: The Magistrate at the Essex Market Police Court sent the son of Aaron Rosie Goldstein back to the New York Juvenile Asylum from which he had escaped months ago after having been convicted of being a burglar.

1896(29th of Elul, 5656): Erev Rosh Hashanah

1896: “As soon as the gun on Governors Island” was fired announcing that it was “sundown” Rosh Hashanah services began in a wide variety of venues and congregations in New York City.

1896: In the Bowery, large crowds attended services at the Thalia Theatre and the Liberty Theatre.  Rabbis Schengold and Silverman officiated at the Orthodox service at the Thalia while Romanian Jews attended the services at the Liberty.

1896: “Reader Isidor Kartschmaroff conducted services” at Congregation Beth Israel and Dr. Levi Kleeburg delivered a sermon on “the necessity of being as observant watchful the entire year as on its first day.”

1896: Rabbi Kauffman Kohler officiated at New Year’s services this evening at Temple Beth-El.

1896: Rabbis Joseph Silverman and Gustav Gottheil conducted New Year’s Eve services this evening at Temple Emanu-el.

1896: Rabbi Moses Maisner conducted New Year’s Eve services at Adath Israel Synagouge on 57th Street.

1897: “Mathew Sterling Borden, Yale ’95, the son of Chicago millionaire C.D. Borden” married “Mildred N Nerbaur, the daughter of Jewish tailor in New Haven; in Worcester, MA for the second time – the first marriage having ended in a divorce forced on the couple by the senior Borden.

1897: In Kiev, violinist Samuel Sherman who after the 1903 Pogrom fled to the Austro-Hungarian Empire where he became a concertmaster, first violinist and composer and his wife gave birth to Avrum Sherman who gained fame as Tin Pan Alley song writer Albert Sherman, the father of two other composers Robert and Richard Sherman.

1898(20th of Elul, 5658): Rabbi Simon Brenner, the husband of Caroline Brenner and the father of Brooklyn Magistrate Jacob A. Brenner passed away today.

1899: In a letter to Alfred Dreyfus, Ludovic Trarieux, the founding president of the League of Human and Civil Rights “told him that ‘the sorry spectacle of [his] trials has awakened feelings of solidarity and goodwill that were slumbering in all of us (…) [our thoughts] go out to the masses of the underprivileged and the meek to whom, in their abandon and their weakness, it may be even more necessary to extend a helping hand than to you.’"

1899: At the opening of today’s session of trial of Captain Alfred Dreyfus, his counsel Maitre Labori told the court that the former military attaches for Germany and Italy “would be unable to personally before the court” and asked that special measures be  taken to receive their depositions.  The court rejected the request.

1899: In Pittsburgh, Pa, Samuel and Lottie Ritz Parker gave birth to Benjamin Myron Parker, the eldest of their six children, a graduate of Cooper Union and the Jewish Institute of Religion from which he graduated in 1926 “with the degrees of rabbi and master of Hebrew Literature” and the spiritual leader of Mizpah Congregation of the Ochs Memorial Temple.”

1899: The second court martial of Colonel Dreyfus comes to an end.

1899: The Beth Moshav Z'keinim (Orthodox Home for Aged Jews), was organized today in Chicago., Illinois.

1899: Dr. Emil H. Hirsch, the rabbi of Sinai Congregation and a member of the faculty of the University of Chicago expressed his disapproval of the Jews of Memphis, TN petitioning the Kaiser “to allow any evidence he may control to appear in the Dreyfus case” because such a request, if made, should come from the American community, not the Jewish community because Dreyfus was being tried as a man and not as a Jew.

1903: S. H. Borofsky of Boston addressed “a mass meeting” sponsored by the Sons of Zion in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

1903: Today’s Philadelphia Inquirer described how the police in Camden closed down the amusements which were part of an outing sponsored by the Hebrew Social and Education Club on Sunday “much to the indignation of the members” because they violated the law.

1904: As of today, the trustees of Adath Israel Congregation in Camden, NJ were listed as Abe Zuberman, J.Z. Blank, Henry Pinsky, Louise Cade, William Fox, Harry Horwitz, William Blank, Philip Auerbach, Nathan Fuhrman, J.H. Perksie, Jacob Weinstein and Harry Neuere.

1904: Dr. Rudolph J. Coffee conducted today’s funeral service for Dr. Herman Baar, the former Superintendent of the Hebrew Orphan Asylum in New York.  Among the attendees, were the children from the orphanage which currently serves almost 1,000 youngsters

1905: In Cleveland, OH Edith (née Joseph) and Louis Rorimer gave birth to James Joseph Rorimer, the director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art who was the driving force behind the creation of “the cloisters” and would have remained unknown to most people were it not for his role as a member of U.S. Army’s Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives Section making him one the “Monuments Men” who was the character portrayed by Matt Damon in the film of the same name.

1905: Birthdate dermatologist Abraham “Dutch” Koransky, the Purdue University fullback, graduate of the University of Chicago’s Rush Medical School and decorated WW II Army Veteran who practiced medicine until 1985.

1906: A Pogrom took place in Shedlitz, Russia.  This was part of the pattern of unrest that preceded and followed the defeat of the Czar's army in the Russo-Japanese War.

1906: A 20 year old Russian Jew, David Gruen, landed at Jaffa.  History would come to know him as David Ben Gurion. Ben Gurion is Hebrew for Son of Gruen

1906: In Louisville, Adath Israel began three days of ceremonies and exercise marking the dedication of its new sanctuary under the leadership of Rabbi Hyman Gerson Enelow.

1909: Sigmund Freud Gives First of Five Lectures on Psychoanalysis at Clark University

1910: Eighty-three year old English painter William Hunt who in 1869 built a house at #64 Rehov HaNevi’im (Street of the Prophets) where he planted a pear tree that would provide the inspiration for a poem by Rachel Bluwstein.

1911(14th of Elul, 5671): Seventy-five year old Moses Freudeger de Obuda passed away today in Budapest, Hungary

1911: Ceremonies marking the dedication of Synagogue Oheb Shalom began today in Newark, NJ.

1913: “Jews of Today” provided a full-scale review of The Jews of Today by Arthur Ruppin with an introduction by Joseph Jacobs.

1913: Carl Jung made public break with Freud.

1913: Birthdate of Alexander Lerner, an expert in cybernetics and refusenik who met with Senator Kennedy at his Moscow apartment in 1974 and finally emigrated to Israel in 1988 where he worked “in the mathematis department at the Weizmann Institute of Science.”

1913: In Washington Heights, “Joseph Durst, a Jewish immigrant from Galicia” and the former Rose Friedwald gave birth to real estate developer Seymour Durst.

1914: As the Allies fought desperately at what was called the Battle of the Marne, the loss of which would mean a complete German victory, a legend was born when six hundred taxicabs each carrying five soldiers, brought re-enforcements from central Paris to the battle line at Nanteuil-le Haudouin.”

1915: Outfield Sam Mayer made his major league debut with the Washington Senators.

1915: As of today the officers of The Federation of Rumanian Jews of America include Dr. Julius Weiss, President; Samuel Goldstein, Vice President; and Isaac Abreman, Chairman of the Building Committee.

1915(28th of Elul, 5675): Sixty-three year old Herman Gross passed away in Chicago.

1915: In London, “The Jewish Chronicle, referring to alleged German peace proposals says: “We wonder whether it is really believed that the Jews of the United States or elsewhere could be deceived by such a transparent move, and whether any of our brethren anywhere are such downright simpletons as to act the part of Germany’s instruments and help the Germans to an opportune peace in return for a vague promise which they have neither the power nor the means to carry out. We should like to know since when this people, the patentees of anti-Semitism and its arch fomenters in Russia, have been bitten with such a passion for Jewish freedom that they must needs head a pro-Jewish campaign or perish.”

1916: “Came Here to Escape the War” published today described the plight of forty-give Spanish Jews who had been living in Greece where they “said bread was 50 cent a pound…and that there was great poverty on account of the war and for whom the Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society will provide assistance until they find employment here in the United States.

1917: Pavel Axelrod of the Organization committee of the Russian Social Democratic Party and Karol Radek and Jacob Hanecki of the Social Democracy of the Kingdom of Poland and Lithuania were among the delegates attending the “Third Zimmerwald Conference” – a meeting of anti-War Socialists –  continued to meet for a third day in Stockholm

1918(1st of Tishrei, 5679): Rosh Hashanah

1918: The Jewish Welfare Board issued “a call to greater patriotic services” which was sent “every community which ended by saying “In loyal devotion to the understanding of serving the fighting forces of our country, may American Jewry find abundant happiness during the coming year

1918: Rabbi Samuel Buchler, the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Jewish Ministers’ Association of America sent President Wilson a letter thanks him for his positive attitude to the creation of Jewish Homeland in Palestine.

1918: For the first time ever, in Washington Heights, Temple B’nai Israel is scheduled to hold Rosh Hashanah  services at the Y.M.H.A. building on St. Nicholas Avenue.

1918: Jewish sailors and naval officers were able to observe Rosh Hashanah because of furloughs granted by the Secretary of the Navy.

1918: At Temple Beth-El on 5th Avenue, Rabbi Samuel Schulman delivered a sermon on “Is God in the War?” that opened with the statement that “God is in the war because humanity is paying the retribution for universal sin and defeat will come to that power which most glaringly incarnates the sin of our civilization.

1918: Consecration the “New Romanian Synagogue: in Manchester, UK.

1918: “Mounted militia and leaders of the Council of Workmen and Soldiers’ Delegates were summon to disperse the mob when anti-Jewish riots began at a leather factory in Moscow.

1918: In San Sebastian, Spain, Jewish New Year services were held for the first time in 400 years. The services were attended by 30 worshipers.

1919: Date which the mother of Isaac Asimov used to enroll him the first grade – which showed him to be almost a year older than he really was.

1919: Today, at the Broadway Central Hotel,“more than 800 people attended a convention of the Federation of Ukrainian Jews in America” it was decided “that the massacre of their brethren in Eastern Europe must finally be stopped and” the assistance of the United States is critical as can be seen by the fact that federation has already sought and received support from Secretary of State Lansing.

1920: The Hebrew Technical Institute, one of the oldest and “well-established Jewish institution” in New York whose nearly 2,000 graduates have gone on to be “architects, engineers, draughtsman, electricians and skilled mechanics, is scheduled to begin its Fall Term today.

1921: The first Miss America Pageant was held in Atlantic City, NJ.  Bess Myerson was the first Jew to win the contest in 1945.

1922(14th of Elul, 5682): Seventy-year old Russian born Yiddish author Joseph S. Glick who came to the United States in 1887 where he published a Yiddish paper in New York before moving to Pittsburg where among other things he published The Jewish Post, a weekly Yiddish paper passed away today.

1922: Birthdate of pianist Art Ferrante. This non-Jew gained fame as part of the duo Ferrante and Tachere which recorded the theme from “Exodus.”

1923: Birthdate of Yiddish speaking American actor Hy Anzell whose film credits included appearances in “Bananas” and “Annie Hall.”

1923: Birthdate of Holocaust survivor Peter David Bisseliches.

1923: JTA reported today that “Anti-Jewish disturbances broke out simultaneously in two places in Roumania this week.

1923: The JTA reported today that Lord Rothschild had presided at Leeds at a meeting called to reestablish the local branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association.

1923: The JTA reported that negotiations are now under way between representatives of the Vaad Ha-Ir, or Jewish Council of the city with the Municipality of Montreal over the issue of establishing schools for the Jewish children of Canada’s largest municipality.

1923: JTA reported that The American Keren Hayesod has made a second payment of $57,000 towards its 50,000 pounds subscription to the Rutenberg Electric Company, sponsoring the electrification project in Palestine.

1924: Anna Kasor Dantzig, the widow of Berry Dantzig passed away today in Kansas City MO.

1924: Birthdate of composer Leonard Rosenman the Brooklyn native who created the theme for the television hit "Marcus Welby, MD.”

1926: In Los Angeles, motion picture pioneer Samuel Goldwyn and actress Frances Howard gave birth to movie producer Samuel Goldwyn, Jr.

1926: JTA published figures portraying the employment picture in Palestine. Unemployment has increased since the cessation of the building activity in the country. In July 1925, the number of unemployed was 300, in August 950, September 975. October 1,750, November 2,000. December 2,700, in January 1926, 4,729, February 4,741, March 4,902, April 5,657, May 6,113 and June 6,400. Most of the unemployed are in Tel Aviv where they number 3,500; in Haifa there are 1,500 unemployed and in Jerusalem 300. About 2,000 of the unemployed in Tel-Aviv belong to the building trades In the period from January to June 1926, over 5,000 immigrants are reported to have entered Palestine, about 1,400 of them being absorbed in the colonies.

1926: In Montreal, “Morris Rosenfeld and the former Vera Friedman” gave birth to Ezra Rosenfeld” whose mother changed his name to Isadore which meant that he gained fame a cardiologist and author under the name of Isadore Rosenfeld.

1927: JTA reported that the largest bequest ever received by the National Jewish Hospital here was made by Louis Heineman of Jamestown, N. Y. A gift of $100,000 will be paid in 18 months by the Union Trust Co., of Jamestown, N. Y. from the estate of Louis Heinemann, who was a patient at the hospital 12 years ago. A sum of $100,000 was made in gifts to friends and relatives, and the remainder of the estate of $300,000 will go to the local Jewish Hospital and the Hebrew Union College of Cincinnati.

1927: JTA reported that Louis Marshall, president of the American Jewish Relief Committee, has expressed his astonishment at the sensational charges made by Max D. Steuer on his arrival from Europe concerning the alleged existence of fraud in the administration of unnamed Jewish relief funds prior to 1925.

1927: “The Prince of Pappenheim,” a silent film with a script co-authored by Robert Liebman was released today in Germany.

1927: JTA reported that Alfred M. Cohen international President of the Independent Order B'nai Brith returned on the steamer Hamburg from an extended tour in Europe. He was met at the pier by Dr. Boris D. Bogen, Executive Secretary of the Order and by numerous friends.

1927: JTA reported that a gift of $250,000 to the University of Chicago from Louis B. Kuppenheimer was announced by Vice President Frederick C. Woodward. The money will be used to establish an endowment fund to be known as the Louis B. and Emma M. Kuppenheimer Foundation. Editor’s Note

[Louis Kuppenheimer was the son of Jonas Kuppenheimer and the brother of Albert Kuppenheimer, the trio who over fifty years ago came to Chicago and stared what has become one of the world’s largest clothing concerns in the world.]

1929: Based reports published today there are now 9,200 refugees scattered throughout Palestine as a result of Arab terror and violence. Of this number 2,500 are gathered in Jerusalem, 1,500 at Tel Aviv, 2,700 at Haifa and 2,500 at Safed.

1931: “Julius Sizzer” a “two reeler” in which Benny Rubin who co-authored the script, plays the parts of two brothers was released today in the United States.

1931(25th of Elul, 5691): Seventy-six year old pathologist Dr Nathan Weidenthal, the son of “Bernard and Dorothea (Deborah) Weidental and the husband of “Ernestine (Esther) Weidenthal” passed away today in his home town of Cleveland, OH.

1932: A memorial service was held in Baghdad to mark the passing of Sir Eskell Sassoon, the First Finance Minister of Iraq who was praised in a eulogy by the Prime Minister for his “character, culture, his outstanding personality, his vast knowledge, sense of duty and the proper fulfilment of that duty no matter how great the sacrifice was in time or in life.”

1932: It was reported today that Ethel Cohen of Providence, R.I. “was elected head of the ladies’ auxiliary” of the Jewish War Veterans at their convention which came to an end yesterday in Atlantic City, NJ.

1932: Representative Emanuel Celler of New York, who returned today on the Europa, accompanied by Mrs. Celler, predicted that beer and light wines would be legalized at the next session of Congress. In anticipation of this he said that he went abroad as a member of the Judiciary Committee to study the licensing systems of various European countries.

1933: Louis Gradner began serving as the Mayor of Cape Town, S.A.

1933: Seventy-one year old Edward Grey, 1st Viscount Grey of Fallodon, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs at the start of World War I who signed the Sykes-Picot Agreement which has had such a significant impact on the Middle East and Israel and who in 1914 when asked by MP Herbert Samuel “about a homeland for the Jewish people” replied “that the idea had always had a strong sentimental appeal to him and he would be prepared to work for if the opportunity arose” passed away today.

1934: The New York Times reviewed Those Who Perish, Edward Dahlberg’s novel about “the psychological repercussions of Hitlerism on the people who worked for a Jewish community house in the town of New Republic, NJ.

1936: It was announced today that the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and its affiliate, the American Joint Reconstruction Foundation, appropriated $1,040,000 in 1935 to help Jews in Poland and other Eastern European Countries.

1936: A 25-percent tax is imposed on all Jewish assets in Germany.

1937: “Funeral services were held today a Golders Green Jewish Cemetery” for Sir Albert Levy, the founder of Adrath Tobacco Company and creator of the State Express cigarette brand who donated millions to bot Jewish and non-Jewish charities and instituions.

1939: During World War II, the Polish air force was now completely destroyed after less than a week of combat. Germany began plans to move troops to the West (French Border.) Despite being sworn to support Poland, France declined to attack or militarily engage Germany.  This inaction was a prelude to France’s feeble resistance to the German attack in the Spring of 1940 and the willingness with which many Frenchmen would collaborate with the Nazis.

1939: As the Wermacht and the SS death squads swept through Poland, persecution of the Jews began with the application of economic sanctions placed on the Jews of Bedzin.

1939: At approximately 5 p.m., Polish government, which had left Warsaw the day before, arrived at Łuck which would lead to bombing of the town since German intelligence quickly found out about it

1939: In keeping with the spirit of the non-aggression pact the Soviet Union signed with Hitler Stalin approved the new party line which was to be adopted by Communists throughout the world that the war being waged by the French and English was unjust and imperialist.

1940(4th of Elul, 5700): Parashat Shoftim

1940(4th of Elul, 5700): Eighty-one year old Baden native and owner of the “brush manufacturing firm J. Dukas and Company” Julius J. Dukas who came to the United States at the age of 19, married Sarah Hyman Dukas with whom he had one daughter and whose activities in the Jewish community included serving as “President of the Hebrew Free Loan Society for 35 years” passed away today.

1940: In a speech to a special SS Squad, Himmler said that there was only one goal, ". . . To create an order that will spread a consciousness of Nordic blood until we draw to us all the Nordic blood in the world."

1940 Duneera arrives at Sydney, carrying Jewish refugees from Axis countries, incarcerated as enemy aliens.

1940: As the Luftwaffe attempted to make good on its promise of defeating the English through air attacks, the Nazi air force shifts tactics and begins daylight and nighttime bombing of London.

1941: British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden notes that "if we must have preferences, let me murmur in your ear that I prefer Arabs to Jews."  This strain of anti-Semitism was acceptable at certain levels of British society and certainly was part and parcel of the British Foreign Office.  Eden was Churchill’s protégé. Supposedly he was responsible for the policies that kept the British for doing more to rescue the Jews of Europe and to admit them to Palestine.  Eden finally became Prime Minister in the 1950’s.  His government fell as a result of the Suez crisis when Eden clumsily tried to remove Nasser from power; a ploy that included covert support for an Israeli strike across the Sinai Peninsula.

1942: At least 5000 Jews from Kolomyia, Ukraine, are deported to Belzec; 1000 are killed in the Kolomyia Ghetto itself.

1942: Third baseman Cy Block made his major league debut with the Chicago Cubs.

1942: The main article on the foreign page of The Time of London was headed "Vichy's Jewish victims, children deported to Germany." Where they were deported was not stated.  There was plenty of information floating around that England's "newspaper of record" could have at least speculated as their fate.

1943: A transport left Westerbork for Auschwitz.  Among those on board were Etty Hillesum and her family.

1943: Rabbi Stephen S. Wise officiated at the funeral of Judge Julian W. Mack, “prominent jurist and Zionist leader.” (JTA)

1944: After having been interrogated by the Gestapo for almost a month, Victor Kluger, one of those who helped hide the Frank family, “was moved to the prison on Weteringschans, in a cell with people sentenced to death.”

1944: Following the eruption of the Partisans’ Revolt in Slovakia, the Nazis resumed their deportations of the Jews which today resulted in the arrest of Rabbi Chaim Michael Dov Weissmandl, his wife, his four daughters and one son in Nitra which lead to their ultimate transport to Auschwitz.

1944: Hungarian authorities permit Ottó Komoly, a Jew, to rent buildings in Budapest to be used for the protection of Jewish children. Komoly will ultimately protect 5000 children in 35 buildings.

1945(29th of Elul, 5705): Erev Rosh Hashanah

1945(29th of Elul, 5705): Seventy year old “general medical practitioner” and graduate of Columbia’s College of Physicians and Surgeons Milton A. Gershel, the “former house physician at Mt. Sinai Hospital and “resident physician for the Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Society” passed away today in Manhattan.

1945: Abe Bloomberg began serving as Mayor of Cape Town, SA.

1945: “In the reconstructed wing of a war-damaged synagogue in the Kreuzberg section of Berlin, 400 members of the capital’s remaining community of Jewish gather at sundown tonight for the first Rosh Hashanah observance since their liberation from a twelve year campaign of extermination.”

1945: “Americans Capture Warsaw Murder” published today described the capture in Japan of Joseph Alfred Meissinger, the German war criminal who “ordered the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto and sent 10,000 Jewish children to a concentration camp where they were killed during the Rosh Hashanah holy days..

1945: The Hebrew Sheltering and immigrant Aid Society will conduct Rosh Hashanah services for detainees at Ellis Island “while other services will be held for recent arrivals” no longer convinced to the immigration facility “at the society’s synagogue at 425 Lafayette Street.

1945: “For the first time in fifteen years, Frank L. Weil, president of the National Jewish Welfare Board said all Jews could feel a surge of hope as they welcomed a New Year,” “but he added that the victory only highlighted the magnitude of the tragedy that has befallen the oppressed peoples and provided new outlets for traditional American generosity.1948: “Sundown Beach” by Bessie Breuer opened on Broadway in NYC.

1949: The USS Benjamin Peixotto, a decommissioned “liberty ship” that had been sold to China “went aground in Tola harbor at Hong Kong during a typhoon.

1950: Two Holocaust survivors from Budapest who moved to Israel Peter David Bisseliches and Agnes Steiner married today

1950:  Birthdate of Emmy award winning actress Julie Kavner.  Kavner is best known for her role as Brenda Morgenstern in “Rhoda” and the voice of Marge on “The Simpsons.”

1951: Fritz Sonnenberg began servings as Mayor of Cape Town, SA.

1951: “Spurred by the current food crisis, Israel has signed a contract with a private Ethiopian group for the purchase within the next year of 10,000 tons of meat equal to six months' rations for the entire Israeli population. Shipments from Eritrea through the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba to the Israeli port of Elath are expected to begin in a few months.”

1951: Sir Zelman Cowan, the 19th Governor General of Australia and his wife gave birth to Rabbi Shimon Cowen, the “Director of the Institute for Judaism and Civilization” in Melbourne who is according to at least once “affiliated with Chabad Chasidism” the Jewish traditional Jewish group best known for its work of outreach among non-affiliated Jews.

1953: Following the death of Stalin, Nikita Khrushchev becomes head of the Soviet Central Committee. During the post-World War II period, Nikita Khrushchev had governed the Ukraine, an area of intense suffering for the Jews during the war and an area where the local population had worked with the Nazis to murder their Jewish neighbors. “Ukrainian Jews who fled to Soviet Asia during the occupation slowly returned to reclaim their homes, possessions and jobs. The Ukrainians who remained in the communities were hostile to the returning Jews. “The Khrushchev led government refused to interfere in the conflicts between the Russians and the Jews. As a result, anti-Semitic sentiments surfaced everywhere — in the nation’s literature and art, and through political propaganda.”  In his new position, Khrushchev was the first among equals.  He did not replicate Stalin’s paranoid anti-Semitism and Jews actually benefited from Khrushchev’s program of de-Stalinization that began in earnest in 1956.  Khrushchev would use his new position to support the Arabs in the Middle East.  He would proivde the arms and support for the Egyptians and the Syrians which made them a threat to Israel’s very existence in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.

1954(9th of Elul, 5714): Sixty-seven year old Evelyn Mosenfelder, the St. Louis, MO born daughter of Pauline and George Washington Milius and the wife of Simon Mosenfelder with whom she had three children – Robert, Dorothy and Margaret – passed away today in her home town.

1954: “Betrayed” a WW II spy story directed by Gottfried Reinhardt, featuring Theodore Bikel and with a musical score co-authored by Walter Goehr was released in the United States today.

1955(20th of Elul, 5715): Seventy-four year old Aline Bernstein, the pioneering Broadway designer passed away today.

1955: Birthdate of mathematician Efim Isaakovich Zelmanov.  Born in the Soviet Union, Zelmanov has taught in a number of American universities as he did the academic work that led to him winning the Fields Medal in 1994.

1955: In Istanbul, a pogrom aimed at the city’s Jewish, Armenian and Greek populations came to an end.

1956(2nd of Tishrei, 5717): Second Day of Rosh Hashanah

1956: In Columbus, OH, Florence Mazie (née Cohen), an amateur tap dancer, and Edward Feinstein, a sales executive for the Sara Lee Corporation and a former amateur singer gave birth to multi-dimensional musician Michael Jay Feinstein.

1959: In Detroit, Michigan, Clarita (Gershowitz) Karlin and Julian John Schamus gave birth to U.C. Berkley graduate James Allan Schamus the “award-winning screenwriter, co-founder of Good Machine production company, and the CEO of Focus Features.”

1959: In Chicago, the 3rd Pan American Games in which Eugene Selznick’s Volleyball team won the gold medal came to an end.

1960: Two days after he had passed away funeral services are scheduled to held at Riverside Chapel for 64 year old Jack David Tarcher, the husband of Mary Tarcher with whom he had three children – Jeremy, Judith and Miriam – who was a leader of the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New Yew York, having served as a Trustee at Large for more than two decades

1961: Alf Honikman began serving as Mayor of Cape Town, SA.

1963(18th of Elul, 5723): Parashat Ki Tavo

1963(18th of Elul, 5723): Eighty-four year old Hungarian born and JTS educated Morris D. Waldman who had spent more than forty years working with various Jewish social agencies including the New York United Hebrew Charities, the American Joint Distribution Committee and Jewish federations in Boston, Brooklyn and Detroit passed away today. (As reported by JTA)

1964(1st of Tishrei, 5725): As Jews observed Rosh Hashanah, they now enjoyed a new sense of inclusion thanks to the efforts passage two months ago of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which outlawed discrimination based on religion.  Jews would repay the efforts of Lyndon Johnson, the man who made this possible by voting for him in overwhelming numbers in the November elections.

1966: ABC broadcast the first episode of “The Monroes,” a family Western created by Milt Rosen and co-starring Barbara Hershey

1967: Walter Gradner completed two years of service as Mayor of Cape Town.

1969: During the ‘War of Attrition “Shayetet 13 carried out Operation Escort, raiding the Egyptian anchorage at Ras Sadat and destroying a pair of Egyptian P-183 torpedo-boats.”

1970(6th of Elul, 5730): Ninety year old the Warsaw born Zionist who was the first Interior Minister of Israel passed away today.

1972: “Preparations were under way today for a full state funeral” for the Israeli athletes murdered by the Palestinian terrorists at the Munich Olympics which will take place after Brig. Gen. Mordechai Prion, the Chief Rabbi of the IDF has returned with the bodies.

1972: “Munich, 1972” published today questions the propriety of resuming the Olympic Games while “the bodies of the eleven Israeli athletes and coaches killed by Arab terrorists were still unburied”, places the blame for the slaughter on all “of the Arab nations” except for Jordan and asks “the basic question” of “how to guard the international community against the depredations of such fanatical madmen.”

1972: As the world reacted to the Munich Massacre, The White House issued a statement “saying that President Nixon ‘was deeply saddened at the outcome of the tragic incident and offers heartfelt sympathy to the victims” and “Pope Paul told a group of visiting pilgrims that the massacre at the Olympic Games ‘truly dishonors our time.’”

1972: In New York, “more than 2,000 people filled City Hall Plaza for a memorial ceremony honoring the Israeli athletes murdered at Munich “presided over by Mayor Lindsay” where many of those in attendance wept as Cantor David Koussevitsky changed El Mole Rachmim.”

1973: “Ha’aretz theatre critic Tzipora (Tzipi) Shoat” gave birth to Israeli classical composer Gil Shoat.

1975: As the Soviet Union continued to follow its path of increasing its influence in the Arab world “a delegation of army political workers from South Yemen began a week-long visit to the USSR.

1976: As relations continued to worsen between Uganda and Kenya, due in part to Idi Amin’s anger and embarrassment over the Israeli rescue mission at the Entebbe airport, “intelligence information reaching Paris today said that President Idi Amin has planned a ‘revenge operation’ against Kenya.”

1978(5th of Elul, 5738): Sixty-two year old Cecil Aronowitz , the South African viola player who was appointed “head of the String Department at the royal Northern College of Music in Manchester” passed away today at Suffolk while “performing a piece by Motzart.”

1979: Leo Leonard (born Maxwell Lefkowitz) delivered the “first words” on “Sports Center’s inaugural broadcast” which “launched…ESPN on its path to becoming a television empire.”

1984: Blood Simple” a crime file “written, edited, produced, and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen which was the directorial debut of the Coens and the first major film of cinematographer Barry Sonnenfeld” was released today in the United States.

1985: “A staged concert” featuring music from Stephen Sondheim’s “Follies” took place at Lincoln Center.

1985: “My Beautiful Laundrette” a comedy directed by Stephen Fears premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

1986(3rd of Elul, 5746): Thirty-one year old music promoter Ruth Polsky passed away today “after being crushed by a runaway cab on the steps of the Limelight club in New York.”

1989: Today, “Barris Industries, Inc. an American game show production company that was founded by Chuck Barris” “was renamed Guber-Peters Entertainment Company”

1991: In “Seeking Symmetry Between Palestinians and Jews” Edward Rothstein reviews “Death of Klinghoffer” an opera that provides a rationalization for throwing a wheel-chair bound American Jew off the deck of cruise ship that had been hijacked by terrorists.

1992: After having ousted the incumbent, Bud Selig began servings as “acting commissioner” of Baseball.

1994(2nd of Tishrei, 5755): Second Day of Rosh Hashanah

1994: Eighty-two year old mathematician Dr. Abraham Gelbart, “the founding dean of the Belfer Graduate School of Science at Yeshiva University passed away today.

1994: “Mrs. Parker and The Vicious Circle” where in a case of a Jew plays a Jew when Jennifer Jason Leigh stars in the role of Dorothy Parker was released in the United States today by Fine Line Pictures.

1997: “In concert with the publication of Lauren Greenfields’s debut monograph, Fast Forward: Growing Up in the Shadow of Hollywood, her first major show, "Fast Forward" had its US debut at the International Center for Photography (ICP) today

1997: The New York Times book section includes reviews of Uncrowned King:The Life of Prince Albert by Jewish author Stanley Weintraub and A Mad, Mad, Mad,Mad World: A Life in Hollywood by Stanley Kramer

1998: Google was co-founded by Larry Page and Russian born Sergey Brin  and while they were students at Stanford Umiversity.  Sergey Brin was born to a Jewish family in Moscow. He moved to the United States at the age of six when his father took a teaching position at the University of Maryland.

2000: The Academy Award winning documentary “Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport” was released today in the United States.

2002(1st of Tishrei, 5763): Rosh Hashanah

2002(1st of Tishrei,5763): Uziel "Uzi" Gal the German-born- Israeli gun designer best remembered as the designer and namesake of the Uzi submachine gun passed away.

2003(10th of Elul, 5763): Rock musician and songwriter Warren Zevon passed away at the age of 56.  His father was Jewish and his mother was Mormon.

2003: “And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself” written and co-produced by Larry Gelbart and co-starring Alan Arkin was released in the United States today.

2003: The New York Times featured reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or about topics of Jewish interest including Triangle: The Fire That Changed America by David Von Drehle. Woody Allen: A Life in Film by Richard Schickel

2005(3rd of Elul, 5765): Eighty-one year old Bessie Hope Wolf Garber who gained fame as actress and television personality “Hope Garber,” hostess of “At Home with Garber” passed away today.

2005: Haaretz reported that The Jewish Agency has invited university students in New Orleans - Jews and non-Jews alike - to study in Israel. According to the Jewish Agency, some 20 college students have taken an interest in the offer. Tens of thousands of students are enrolled in universities in New Orleans, 2,000 of them Jewish. The Agency's initiative was welcomed by universities in Israel, and will be funded by the United Jewish Communities of North America and the Hillel Foundation for Jewish Campus Life. The Jewish Agency put forth the initiative after it was discovered that Tulane University, in central New Orleans, was flooded and closed. The Jewish Agency has committed to partially funding the students' flights to Israel, and is also considering covering some of the tuition fees, although the amount of funding has yet to be determined.

2005: “The IDF announced that it planned to advance its full withdrawal from the Gaza Strip to September 12, pending cabinet approval.”

2006: Based on complaints from four different women, the police decided that they had enough evidence to indict Moshe Katsav.

2006: According to an article in Haaretz, “Britain’s Jewish community faces an unprecedented level of anti-Semitism and feels more threatened than ever, according to the report of the all-party parliamentary inquiry into anti-Semitism, which is to be released Thursday. The panel found an increase in "anti-Semitic discourse," particularly among leftist groupings, and recommends a series of actions to prevent the situation from deteriorating further.

2007: On the first day of his three day trip to Austria, Pope Benedict XVI “paid solemn tribute to Holocaust victims, extending his ‘sadness, repentance and friendship’ to the Jewish People.”

2007: As part of his “private” visit to Israel Prince Edward, who is seventh in line for succession to the British throne attends a Shabbat dinner in Jerusalem with Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger, as well as prominent members of the British community in Israel.  During his visit, Prince Edward went to Yad Vashem where a tree has been planted in honor of his grandmother Princess Alice of Greece, who was recognized as "Righteous Among the Nations" for sheltering a Jewish family in her Athens home during the Holocaust.

2007: Five Moroccan Jews, three of them women, ran in elections for positions in the Parliament of Morocco.

2007: “Iran’s Unlikely TV Hit” published today described the popularity of “Zero Degree Turn,” a drama that “centers on a love story between an Iranian-Palestinian Muslim man and a French Jewish woman” during the Holocaust.

2008: “The Fly,” an opera in two acts by composer Howard Shore was first performed at the Los Angeles Opera Company.

2008: Magen David Adom, Israel's emergency medical response service, opens this year's "Lifesaving Olympics" on the top of Masada. The four-day event, in which paramedic teams from all over Israel and the world will show off their lifesaving skills, will see 180 participants from thirteen countries competing.

2008: At Lester J. Morris Hillel at Michigan State University, UJC Network Midwest Cluster Leadership Meeting Hosted by the Jewish Federation of Greater Lansing.

2008: First day of Sunday School at Temple Judah in Cedar Rapids, Iowa marking the start of another year of Jewish education programs designed to meet the needs of this small, but vibrant eastern Iowa Jewish community.

2008: In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, presentation of a concert titled “Klezmer to Classical.” From the haunting sounds of Klezmer folk music to the classical beauty of works by Mendelssohn and lush 20th century harmonies of Gershwin and Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Jewish composers have given us some of the world’s most transcendent and emotionally moving music. Klezmer to Classical honors the creative genius of these composers and features a little-known masterpiece by Czech composer Gideon Klein, composed shortly before his death in a concentration camp in 1945. In a display of the best of Cedar Rapids’ ecumenical spirit the concert is sponsored by Ann Lipsky, Harold and Robert Becker and the Thaler Holocaust in collaboration with the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library and is being held at First Presbyterian Church.

2008: The Washington Post book section featured reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or on topics of Jewish interest including Hot, Hot, Flat and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution -- And How It Can Renew America by Thomas Friedman, The Black Hole War: My Battle with Steven Hawking to Make the World Safe for Quantum Mechanics by Leonard Susskind and The New Paradigm for Financial Markets: The Credit Crisis of 2008 and What It Means by George Soros.

2008: The New York Times features reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish reader including the recently paperback editions of Mort Zachter’s Dough: A Memoir and Yael Goldstein Love’s The Passion of Darsky.

2009: Opening night of the Second annual Piyyut Festival in Jerusalem featuring Cantor David Riachi, an orchestra and a children's choir.

2009: Opposition leader and Kadima party chief Tzipi Livni blasted the Netanyahu government today, calling its policy amateurish and indecisive and denying she had any intentions of having Kadima join the government.

2009: Today, the Jerusalem Post obtained an exclusive letter from German President Horst Köhler criticizing the decision to award Germany's highest Medal of Honor - the Federal Cross of Merit - to anti-Zionist attorney Felicia Langer.

2010: Notyetness, a solo exhibition featuring the work of Israeli-American Yael Kanarek is scheduled to open at Bitforms Gallery in New York City.

2010: The DVD of “The Round Up” a French movie “based on the true story of a young Jewish boy that depicts the Vel' d'Hiv Roundup (Rafle du Vel' d'Hiv) -- the mass arrest of Jews by French police who were Nazi accomplices in Paris in July 1942

2011: The Gilad Hekselman Quartet is scheduled to perform at the Jazz Standard in NYC where they will celebrate the release of Gilad's third album 'Hearts Wide Open' on Le Chant Du Monde label of Harmina Mundi

2011: “The Exchange,” an Israeli Hebrew language film “directed by Eran Kolirin” premiered at the Venice International Film Festival today.

2011: Rabbi Mindy Avra Portnoy is scheduled to lead the opening session of “Not the Matriarchs: Lesser Known Women of the Hebrew Bible” at the JCC of Greater Washington.

2011: Day @ the J is  scheduled to feature a screening of the documentary "Yiddish Theater: A Love Story," a hot lunch, and an Israeli art exhibit, Expressions Fine Art at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington, in Rockville, MD.

2011: Israeli settlers in the West Bank vandalized an Israel Defense Forces base today, carrying out a "price tag" operation against the army for the first time since adopting the policy in recent years.

2011: Today, Israel Police began dismantling social protest encampment sites in Tel Aviv and Holon, less than two months after activists set up the tent cities to demonstrate against the high cost of living in the country

2011(8th of Elul, 5771): Eighty-four year old William Lee Frost, the Jewish philanthropist who had succeeded his father a President of the Jewish Telegraphic agency passed away today. (As reported by JTA)

2011(8th of Elul, 5771): Daniel Rogov, Israel's leading food and wine critic and veteran writer for Haaretz, passed away today. Rogov, who wrote under a pseudonym, was born in the U.S.A. He finished his high school studies at the age of 15 and flew to Paris, where he began his journalistic career by writing articles about food and wine for American magazines and newspapers. He later widened his repertoire and wrote for publications in France and Switzerland, and appeared on television programs as an expert in the subject. He moved to Israel in 1978 and began writing for the Jerusalem Post, quickly establishing himself as the leading wine expert in Israel. He started writing for Haaretz in 1984. Rogov was the author of "The Rogov Guide to Israeli Wine,” an annual study of the year's best vintner selections. Rogov announced he was leaving Haaretz just three days before his death, due to his deteriorating health.  A month earlier, on August 29, top members of the wine industry organized an evening in his honor at the Dan Panorama hotel in Tel Aviv. Rogov contributed to Johnson's Pocket Wine Book, and the Tom Stevenson wine report, and managed the Wine Lovers Page website. Rogov prepared a goodbye message for members of the website’s forum. “When it comes to food and wine... I wrote about them throughout the years out of a sense of love and devotion, both emotional and intellectual," he wrote in the message.  As I hope I showed, food and wine for me are not just things that go into our bodies. They are a reflection of our anthropology, our history, our psychology, out social needs, and of course, enjoyment.” “Like all critics who take themselves seriously, I greatly enjoyed sharing my thoughts, and in a certain sense I consider myself as the Umberto Eco of wine and culinary criticism, my writing reflects both and accurate and post-modern, that leaves the intelligent reader to come to his own conclusions. At the end of the day, this was a good life.”

2011: commissioner Insp.-Gen. Yochanan Danino has set up a special task force to tackle far right elements in the West Bank suspected of being behind a string of recent attacks launched as a response to demolitions of illegal outposts. The task force will be made up of officers from the elite national Lahav 433 unit and Judea and Samaria police district, police said today.

2012: A symposium sponsored by the Library of Congress entitled “The Stations That Spoke Your Language: Radio and the Yiddish American Cultural Renaissance” is scheduled to come to an end today.

2012: Elad Lassry’s Untitled (Presence) is scheduled to open at the Kitchen in NYC.

2012(20th of Elul): Yahrtzeit of Dr. Jacob Levin – a great man who lives on in so many ways.

2012: Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip fired two Kassam rockets into the western Negev early today. The rockets landed in open areas in the Sdot Negev Regional Council, close to Netivot. No damage or injuries were reported. Red alert sirens were heard in the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council, just north of the Strip, late this morning, but no rockets or mortars were discovered. (As reported by Times of Israel Staff)

2012: Defense Minister Ehud Barak said that Israel may reoccupy parts of the Gaza strip in the future, while speaking at a meeting of the Fisher Institute on "Operation Cast Lead" today.

2013: Thanks to change in policy by Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, elections are scheduled to take place instead of on Yom Kippur as originally planned by his predecessor Julia Gillard.

2013(3rd of Tishrei, 5774): In Cedar Rapids, guest Chazan Ilan Caplan leads traditional Shabbat Shuvah services at Temple Judah.

2013(3rd of Tishrei, 5774): Ninety-four year old cellist Fred Katz passed away today. (As reported by Margalit Fox)

2013: As Israelis and Jews around the world wait for “the next shoe to drop” Egyptian troops move into the Sinai “to clean out insurgents,” CNN released videos showing victims of Syrian gas attacks and supporters of the Assad regieme threaten all kinds of retaliation ranging from terrorism to cyber attacks aimed at disrupting commerece and industry around the world.

2013: Israel drew 1-1 with Azerbaijan tonight in a disappointing performance which made the team’s World Cup 2014 hopes a very long shot.

2014: The New York Times published reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including 10:04 by Ben Lerner and Eichmann Before Jerusalem: The Unexamined Life of a Mass Murderer by Bettina Stangneth.

2014:  Zvi Eckstein is scheduled to speak on “The Chosen Few: How Education Shaped Jewish History” at the Center for Jewish History

2014: As part of events marking the 50th anniversary of the premiere of “Fiddler on the Roof” the Slidell (LA) Little Theatre is scheduled to present its final performance of the Broadway hit. (As reported by the Crescent City Jewish News, the source of information about Jewish communities along the bayous and Gulf Coast)

2014: The Chicago Bears, led by Coach Mark Tressman, the only Jewish NFL coach opened their seasons by losing to the lowly Buffalo Bills.

2014: Bruce Levenson, the owner of the Atlanta Hawks announced today he will sell his controlling interest in the National Basketball Association franchise because of racially insensitive remarks he made, in an echo of a scandal involving the former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers NBA team.”

2014: The memorial service for comedian Joan Rivers took place this afternoon at Temple Emnanu-El in New York City.

2014: “Rioters, angry over the today’s death of an East Jerusalem teenager from wounds sustained a week earlier after being shot by Israeli police during a riot threw rocks and attacked a gas station convenience store near the seam line between the East and West sides of Jerusalem Sunday night, as the capital saw the worst spate of violence since the killing of an East Jerusalem teen in June.” (Times of Israel)

2014: The Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education is scheduled to sponsor “a Sephardic-focused walking tour of South Portland, including a behind the scenes look at Portland’s Sephardic synagogue, Congregation Ahavath Achim.”

2014: Robyn Helzner, whose underground performances in the Soviet Union inspired countless Jews and refuseniks is scheduled to perform at the ceremonies marking the opening of “Voices of the Vigil: Documenting the Soviet Jewry Movement.”

2014: In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the Creative Corridor’s cultural season opens with Brucemorchestra presenting an “American Salute” featuring the music of those all-American composers, George Gershwin, Aaron Copland and Leonard Bernstein.

2015: In Leeds, UK, Michael Meadowcroft is scheduled to deliver a lecture about the life of Joshua Samuel Walsh, the solicitor who was Lord Mayor of Leeds from 1966 to 1967.

2015: At the Neue Galerie, the exhibition “"Gustav Klimt and Adele Bloch-Bauer: The Woman in Gold" is scheduled to come to a close but the Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I by Gustav Klimit is on permanent view at the gallery.

2015: At the University of Michigan, Janice Bluestein Longone is scheduled “kick-off her last show a look at the evolution of menus and guidebooks over the decades, titled “Dining Out: Menus, Chefs, Restaurants, Hotels and Guidebooks.”

2015: In Metairie, a suburb of New Orleans, The Crescent Jewish News in partnership with Torah Academy is scheduled to present the 1st Original Red Beans & Rice Cook-Off.

2016: Dr. Steven Feller, the Chair of the Physics Department at Coe College is scheduled to be awarded today with one of three very special, and highly prestigious, Centenary Fellowships, which have been created to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the Society of Glass Technology (SGT) at the SGT100 Centenary Conference which is being held in conjunction with the biennial European Society of Glass Conference in Sheffield, UK.

2016: “Jackie,” a biopic about the former first lady written by Noah Oppenheim and starring Natalie Portman premiered at the Venice International Film Festival.

2016: “The Jewish Book Council, Met Council, and the Yeshiva University Museum at the Center for Jewish History” are scheduled to host “The Newest Dish on Jewish Fish” – a panel “discussion on the culinary histories of the most "acquired tastes" of Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine” followed by a guided tour of the Yeshiva University Museum’s feature exhibit, “Nourishing Tradition: Jewish Cookbooks and the Stories They Tell.”

2016: As Border Police and Israel Police officers were leaving the Shuafat neighborhood in Jerusalem today, a car began to speed up in the officers' direction in an attempt to hit them. When the driver ignored warnings and continued driving at high speed toward the group, the officers fired, killing him

2016: Baxter St at CCNY is scheduled to host the opening reception for Polaris an exhibition that includes the works of Israeli born artist Ofri Cnanni.

2016: Michael Dell’s “Dell Inc. completed the acquisition of EMC Corporation, which “at $67 billion has been labeled the highest-valued tech acquisition in history.”

2017(16th of Elul, 5777): Ninety-four year old Buffalo born illustrator Jerimiah Goodman passed away today

2017: Rabbi Zamir Cohen and Rabbi Charlie Harary are scheduled to speak in Great Neck at today’s Hidabroot Event.

2017: The Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival is scheduled to begin today.

2017: In Memphis, TN, Temple Israel launches its latest museum exhibit, “Cinema Judaica: The War Years, 1939-1949.”

2017: Today “nearly 10 years to the day after Israel allegedly destroyed a Syrian nuclear reactor,” the IAF “allegedly carried out an airstrike against a Syrian advanced weapons development facitly” known as the Scientific Studies and Research Center. (As reported by Judah Ari Gross)

2017: The Philos Project and American Sephardi Federation are scheduled to host “Nosotros: Strengthening Bonds Between Jewish and Latino Communities,” “an art exhibit featuring the work of three renowned Latino artists--Juan Bravo (Dominican Republic), Angel Urrely (Cuba), and Carlos Ayala (Puerto Rico)--as a symbolic recognition and “step forward” to improving Jewish-Latino relations. Each piece reflects the shared roots of Jewish and Latino communities and expresses hope for a more positive future from the perspective of each respective artist

2018: Beit Avi Chai is scheduled to host “Kabbalat Shabbat Elul” with a theme of anticipating the New Year with “forigiveness, hope and prayer for new and blessed beginnings.”

2018: The Jerusalem Centre for the Performing Arts is scheduled to host a screening of “Transit,” a tale of about escaping from the Nazis with a strange, romantic twist.

2018: The Meteor Musical Festival is scheduled to continue for a second day in the Upper Galilee.

2018(27th of Elul, 5778): Because of a quirk in the calendar, Shabbat falling on the 28th of Elul, the Shofar is blown for the last time in 5778.

2019(7th of Elul, 5779): Parashat Shoftim; for more see

2019: “Jerusalem International Connection Israel” is scheduled to sponsor a “Couples and Families Third Meal Picnic at Beit Elisheva.

2019: In Columbus, OH, in addition to its other Shabbat observances, Congregation Tifereth Israel is scheduled to a Religious School Retreat for Grades 4 – 8.

2019: This evening, JCC of Northern Virginia is scheduled to host comedian Mike Capozzola.

2019: In Jerusalem, the Train Theater is scheduled to present “Dragon – There Is No Such Thing.”

2019: Fortieth anniversary of Leo Leonard (born Maxwell Lefkowitz) delivering the “first words” on “Sports Center’s inaugural broadcast” which “launched…ESPN on its path to becoming a television empire.”

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