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This Day, June 3, In Jewish History by Mitchell A. Levin

June 3

350:  Roman usurper Nepotianus, of the Constantinian dynasty, proclaims himself Roman Emperor, entering Rome at the head of a group of gladiators. The Constantinian Dynasty took its name from its most famous member, Constantine I, the Emperor who turned the Roman Empire into a Christian entity; a policy followed by his successors much to the dismay of the Jewish people.

1098: During the First Crusade, Antioch falls to the crusaders after an eight-month siege. This would open the road to Jerusalem, where, after another siege, the Christians would capture the City of David and slaughter its Jewish inhabitants.

1140: French scholar Peter Abelard is found guilty of heresy.  Abelard may have been a heretic in the eyes of the Catholic Church, but when it came to the Jews, his views were classically Christian.  He believed that the Jews were wicked and that God’s grace had passed from them to the Gentiles who had accepted Christ. The grace of God would return to the Jews in the end of time when the Jews will be converted to Jesus.  Christ is spoken of as about to be crowned or about to be crucified it is said that He “went forth”; to signify that the Jews, who were guilty of so great wickedness against Him, were given over to reprobation, and that His grace would now pass to the vast extent of the Gentiles, where the salvation of the Cross and His own exaltation by the gain of many peoples, in the place of the one nation of the Jews, has extended itself. Whence, also, to-day we rightly go forth to adore the Cross in the open plain, showing mystically that both glory and salvation had departed from the Jews and had spread themselves among the Gentiles. But in that we afterward returned [in procession] to the place whence we had set forth, we signify that in the end of the world the grace of God will return to the Jews; namely, when, by the preaching of Enoch and Elijah, they shall be converted to Him. Abelard may have been a heretic in the eyes of the Catholic Church, but when it came to the Jews, his views are classically Christian. 

1361: In Spain orders are given for the construction of a Juderia (Jewish Quarter) in Tarazona. The Jewish Quarter is to be separated by walls from the Christian community. The Christians living where the Juderia is to be built were given property of the same value and relocated.

1425: Pope Martin V issued “Sedes apostolica,” a Papal Bull that commanded Jews to wear “a distinctive badge.” [Editor’s note – this may have more to do with Pope Martin’s fight against slavery.  The badge was intended as a way of deterring the sale of Christians as slaves.  For a Pope, his views on the Jews was on the positive side of the scale as can be seen from his “Declaration on the Protection of the Jews” issued in 1419.}]

1455: Pope Calixtus III canonized Vincent Ferrer, the Dominican friar who converted thousands of Jews to Christianity with threats of violence and the actual incitement of mobs in a variety of places including Toledo and Valencia.

1621: The Dutch West India Company receives a charter for New Netherlands, which would come to include New Amsterdam. A Jewish merchant named Joseph d’Acosta was one of the company’s shareholders.  The fact that the Dutch West India Company had Jewish shareholders would prove to be of critical importance when Peter Stuyvesant would try to expel the Jews from New Amsterdam which was part of New Netherlands.

1658: Pope Alexander VII appointed François de Laval vicar apostolic in New France. Alexander was the pope who seemed to have a great deal of concern about the rights of tenancy in the ghetto since he issued two bulls – Verbi Aeterni and Ad Ea Per Quae- on the subject.

1658: Today the Court of Burgomasters, apparently on its own initiative, declined to permit judgment in civil actions to be taken against Jacob Barsimson, a Jew, holding that "though defendant is absent, yet no default is entered against him, as he was summonedon his Sabbath": an instance of religious toleration and just dealing foreshadowing a New York statute of two centuries later that made it a misdemeanor maliciously to serve any one with process on his Sabbath, or with process returnable on that day ("New York Penal Code," § 271). Similarly, the municipal authorities licensed Asser Levy and Moses Lucena, Oct., 1660, as sworn butchers, providing on their application that they might take the oath at the hands of the officer "agreeably to the oath of the Jews," and with the reservation that they should not be bound to kill any hogs.

1678(13th of Sivan): Rabbi Ephraim ben Jacob Katz, author of Sha’ar Ephraim, passed away

1752: During the quarrel between Rabbi Jacob Emden and Rabbi Jonathan Eybeschutz a secular Danish court ruled in favor of Emden, severely censuring the three communities of Altona, Hamburg and Wansbeck and ordering them pay a fine of one hundred thalers. This enabled Emden to return to Altona where he regained possession of his synagogue and his printing press.

1753(1st of Sivan, 5513): Rosh Chodesh Sivan

1768: King William V, the Dutch ruler, visited both the German and Portuguese synagogues today which along with his attendance at the weddings of Jewish subjects was an acknowledgement by the Prince of Orange of the loyalty Jewish community.

1782(21st of Sivan, 5542): Aaron F. Goldsmid, the London merchant who was founder the famous British Goldsmid family passed.  A native of Amsterdam, he “was the son of Benedict Goldsmid, a Hamburg merchant. In 1765 he left Holland with his family to settle in London, where he founded the firm of Aaron Goldsmid & Son, subsequently Goldsmid & Eliason. The firm of Aaron Goldsmid & Son experienced serious reverses through the failure of Clifford & Sayer, one of the principal houses in Holland. Hence only George, the eldest son, entered into partnership with his father. The other sons founded new businesses for themselves in which they amassed large fortunes. Goldsmid left four sons and four daughters. The second son, Asher, was one of the founders of the firm Mocatta & Goldsmid, bullion-brokers to the Bank of England. Benjamin and Abraham were famous as financiers and philanthropists.” (As reported by the Jewish Encyclopedia)

1803: Birthdate of Talmudist Gabriel Jacob Polak whose works included “Dibre Kodesh,” a Dutch-Hebrew dictionary and “Halikot Kedem,”  a collection of Hebrew poems.

1805(6th of Sivan, 5565): Shavuot

1812: In Copenhagen, Salomon Monies and his wife gave birth to Danish portrait painter David Monies.

1835(6th of Sivan, 5595): Shavuot

1846: Abraham Edward Alexander married Hannah Symons on the United Kingdom.

1848: In Pennsylvania Isaac and Henrietta Yetta Kohn gave birth to Berth Kohn who became Bertha Tim when she married Louis Tim

1849: In Montgomery, Alabama, the Chevra Mevaker Cholim, with the approval of 30 members, became Congregation Kahl Montgomery which is now known as Temple Beth Or. The congregation built its first sanctuary in 1862.

1850: The traditional founding date of Kansas City, Missouri. Temple B’nai Jehudah, the first Jewish congregation in Kansas City would be formed twenty years later in 1870. The congregation built a temple in 1908. In 1909, United Jewish Social Services opened the Alfred Benjamin Dispensary at 17th and Locust to provide medical treatment to Jewish Immigrants.  This institution evolved into Menorah Hospital by 1931.

1853: In Kent (UK), Anne and Will Petrie gave birth to William Mathew Flinders Petrie, the Egyptologist who discovered the Merneptah Stele and identified the word Israel in the writing.  This became an important non-biblical proof of the existence of the ancient kingdom of Israel.

1853: “The Last Hartford Convention” published today described the activities of a convention that began yesterday to discuss the Bible.  In mocking tones the author assumes that by now “the very existence of the Hebrew law-giver has been pronounced a myth; the Creation a counterfeit; the Deluge a fable; the Exodus a forgery.”  The author wonders what “stores of rabbinical learning” including “Talmud, Targums and Commentators” as well as contemporary historians who have corroborated the stories of the Israelites will be discredited by these contemporary philosophers whom he compares to the infidels going back to Roman times who have tried and failed to discredit “the first five books.”

1857: Henry Hart married Rosa Nathan at the Great Synagogue in London

1857: Barend Hyman married Rachel Minden at the Great Synagogue in London.

1863: Birthdate of William H. King, the Senator from Utah who in 1927 “declared…that he favored the United States severing diplomatic relations with any country which failed because of anti-Semitism to protect its Jewish nationals” and “expressed the belief that eventually Palestine would be able to support a population of a million Jews.”

1870: The London Standard denounced the review of Benjamin Disraeli’s Lothair published in Blackwood. The Standard did not take issue with Blackwood’s right to make negative comments about the book.  The complaint was that Blackwood made the review “the vehicle for a coarse, violent and outrageously personal attack” on Mr. Disraeli.  “The critic has used the book as opportunity for indulging his spleen against its distinguished author.”

1870: “A petition by Jews living in Indianapolis, Indiana urging the President of the United States to Intervene on behalf of Romanian Jews was referred the Senate’s Committee on Foreign Relations.”

1870: The United States Senate spent an hour this morning discussing the recent massacre of Jews in Romania during which Senator Morton of Indiana presented a request that the President intervene to “save the Jews of” Romania “from further persecutions.”   The Senate passed a motion offered by Senator Sumner of Massachusetts asking the President to provide the Senate with any information in the possession of the State Department concerning the violence.  “Mr. Sumner said that the interests of humanity demanded that the fullest information should be had by the Senate on this subject.”  According to Sumner, “the massacre was a most terrible affair, the whole enormity of which was not yet made public.”  Senator Sprague of Rhode Island said that Jews owned most of the land in Romania and controlled all of the trade in the Principality “while a vast population of Christians” were deprived of the means of support” and that this was the cause of the violence.  He said that these facts “furnished food for profound reflection…to affairs here in our country, where the tendency” is rapidly moving “in the same direction.  Senator Stewart of Nevada “said he hoped Mr. Sprauge did not mean to imply that when a man gets rich he ought…to be killed.”  Senator Sprague “smiled faintly” but made no further reply.  [Editor’s note – The concern for the Jews of Romania was the first expression of support for the plight of foreign Jews in the post-Civil War United States.  Senator Sumner had been a leading Abolitionist and was a major political power in the dominant Republican Party. The President who would show support for the Jews was U.S. Grant.  By the same token the views of Senator Sprague, the son-in-law of Salmon P. Chase, another prominent Republican who served as Sec. of Treasury and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, were the an example of the genteel anti-Semitism which would manifest itself in everything from exclusion at fancy hotels to quotas at the leading ivy league universities.]

1871: “Rome: The Press in the Eternal City” published today reported in the newly united Italy, Jews and Free-thinkers dominate the world of literary opinion.  Among the Jews are: Giacomo Dina ‘the patriarch of Italian journalism” and the editor of Florence Opinione;” Carlo Levi, editor of the Nuova Roma; Edward Arib, “the ablest representative of the liberal press” and editor of Liberta; Alessandro D’Acona of Pisa and Luigi Camerini of Milan, “accomplished critics of belles lettres.  At the same time, the clerical press which is an inferior journalistic product is filled with anti-Semitic comments. For example, Buon Senso referred to Edward Arib as a “shameless Jew…’following the example of the Jews in the days of Nero who were the real instigators of the Roman Emperor’s persecution of the Christians.” [Editor’s Note – Italy, after the reunification, was one of the best places for Jews to live in Europe. At the same time, there was an undercurrent of anti-Semitism tied to the Papal parties that would flower when Mussolini would become Hitler’s partner.]

1873: Birthdate of German born and educated American pharmacologist Otto Loewi recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.  He passed away in 1961.

1877: “The Return of the Jews” published today reported that the long dreamed of “rehabilitation of Judea” by the Jews might be realized in the not too distant future.  While there are only a small number of Jews living in Jerusalem thanks to the advances in modern transportation there has been increasing stream of Jews coming to visit from Poland, Morocco and Russia.  Captain Charles Warren, who is best known for the maps he has made of Jerusalem, thinks that that the Jews of Morocco would be the best candidates for restoring Judea to its former glory.  They are the only significant Jewish population with agricultural skills. Unlike the Jews of Jerusalem whom Warren described as being “incompetent to revive the glories of the past” because of long years of “indolence and degeneracy” the Jews of Morocco  are  “patient…and less fanatical than many of their brethren” as well as having a proven track record of being able to use irrigation to raise crops. [The vision of Captain Warren “the agent of the English exploration fund in Pale tine pre-dates Herzl by thirty years.]

1877: It was reported today that there are 152 synagogues in the United States with 33 in New York, 23 in Maine, 14 in Pennsylvania, 9 in Illinois and 7 each in California, Ohio and Vermont.

1877: The Board of Jewish Delegates reported that 174 out of 341 congregations and 99 other organization have responded to its questionnaire.   According these responses there are 189,576 Jews in the United States.  Based on this admittedly incomplete response, the board estimated that there are 250,000 Jews living in the United States with 60,000 living in New York City.

1878: In Alexandria, VA, founding of Congregation Beth El on North Washington Street

1878: While serving as regent during Kaiser Wilhelm’s recuperation from an assassination attempt, Frederick appointed Dr. Friedberg, who was both Jewish and a Liberal “to the highest judicial post in the kingdom” – a move that greatly displeased the Kaiser who refused to honor Friedberg with the Order of the Black Eagle when he returned to power. (Editor’s note – “Dr. Friedberg” is Heinrich von Friedberg who had converted to Christianity – a conversion that apparently did not satisfy the first Kaiser and showed how the idea of “Jewish blood” had taken hold in 19th century Europe.)

1879(12th of Sivan, 5639): Lionel Nathan de Rothschild the son of Nathan Mayer Rothschild and Hanna Barent Cohen passed away. Lionel’s was the first Jew to serve as an MP in the House of Commons.  First elected in 1847, he was not able to assume his seat until 1858 following a decade long fight to change the rules about the oath of office.  Queen Victoria refused to appoint him to the House of Lords.  She would later recant and elevate Lionel’s son to the Lords.

1879: In Yalta, “Yakov Abramovich Leventon, a pharmacist, and Sofia (Sara) Lvovna Horowitz: gave birth to Marem-Ides Leventon who gained fame as actress Alla Nazimova.

1880: As unrest continues to grow in Russia, it was reported that several Jews have been arrested near St. Petersburg on charges that they are connected with the Nihilst (an all-purpose term used by the authorities for revolutionaries seeking to over-thrown the Czar)

1880: Birthdate of Pennsylvanian Benjamin Rosenbloom the University of West Virginia tackle who went on to a legal career while servicing as a State Senator and a member of Congress from 1921 to 1925>

1881(6th of Sivan, 5641): Shavuot

1882: As conditions worsen for Jews in the Ukraine, it was reported that Russian Jews who lack passports are being denied the right to immigrate.

1885 (OS May 22): Birthdate of Yakov Mikhaylovich Sverdlov, a leader of the Bolsheviks who also was a leader of the infant Soviet Union.  He passed away in 1919, before the Revolution turned sour and anti-Semitism reared its ugly head.

1885: The Board of Directors of the Sanitarium for Hebrew Children appealed for contributions to support its upcoming summer program of excursions.  Donations should be sent to Nathan Lewis, President of the Board, John J. Davis or any of the other directors. [Editor’s Note – This was the Jewish version of the popular movement to provide trips to the country for children living in the tenements of major cities.]

1885: It was reported today that in Vienna, the Liberals had elected 8 candidates, the Democrats had elected three candidates and the anti-Semites had elected one candidate.  It was their poor showing at the polls that caused the anti-Semites to begin rioting in the Austrian capital.

1887: Witnesses continued to testify in the trial of Adolph Reich who has been charged with murdering his wife last April. A former landlady testified that Reich had hit his wife and pulled her hair out while another testified that Reich thought his wife was having an affair with him.  The witnesses denied the accusations saying he visited her to pick up the coats which made for his shop. Proceedings were delayed because a Hebrew Bible had to be brought to the courtroom for use by some of the witness.

1888: A convention was held today in Philadelphia that incorporated the American Jewish Publication Society.  In a telegram sent to the meeting from Berlin by Jacob H. Schiff, the prominent businessman and philanthropist offered to donate five thousand dollars to an endowment named in honor of Michael Heilprin if the society can raise an additional fifty thousand dollars in the next year.The purpose of JPS was and is to publish in English books of Jewish interest. Among its hundreds of publications are Graetz's, Dubnov's and Baron's History's of the Jews, and Ginsburg's Legends of the Jews. Other important authors included Israel Zangwill, Leo Baeck, Cecil Roth, Jacob R. Marcus, and Louis Finkelstein. Starting in 1899, the JPS has published the American Jewish Yearbook.

1892(8th of Sivan, 5652): Isidore Loeb, a French-Jewish scholar passed away.  Born at Sulzmatt (Soultzmatt), Upper Alsace in 1839, he was “the son of Rabbi Seligmann Loeb of Sulzmatt” and “was educated in Bible and Talmud by his father. After having followed the usual course in the public school of his native town, Loeb studied at the college of Rufach and at the lycée of Colmar, in which city he at the same time attended classes in Hebrew and Talmud at the preparatory rabbinical school founded by Chief Rabbi Solomon Klein. In 1856 he entered the Central Rabbinical School (Ecole Centrale Rabbinique) at Metz, where he soon ranked high through his knowledge of Hebrew, his literary ability, and his proficiency in mathematics. In 1862 he was graduated, and received his rabbinical diploma from the Séminaire Israélite de France at Paris, which had replaced (1859) the Metz Ecole Centrale Rabbinique. Loeb did not immediately enter upon a rabbinical career, but tutored for some years, first at Bayonne, France and then at Paris. In 1865 he was called to the rabbinate of St. Etienne (Loire). His installation sermon, on the duties of the smaller congregations (Les Devoirs des Petites Communautés), is one of the best examples of French pulpit rhetoric. Soon, however, he felt a desire to extend the field of his activity. He went to Paris, where he was appointed secretary of the Alliance Israélite Universelle, which position he held until his death. It was largely due to Loeb's labors that this association became an important factor in the progress of Oriental Judaism; and he created the library of the Alliance, which is one of the most valuable Jewish libraries in existence. Meanwhile he continued his historical and philological researches, and developed an extensive literary activity. The chair of Jewish history in the Rabbinical Seminary of Paris having become vacant through the death of Albert Cohn (1877), Loeb was appointed his successor. He held this position for 12 years. His main activity, however, was devoted to the Société des Etudes Juives, which was organized in Paris in 1880. Beginning with the first number, he successfully edited the Revue des Études Juives, the organ of that society, and was, moreover, a voluminous and brilliant contributor thereto.

1889: Forty-six year old Bernhard Förster a leading German anti-Semite who described Jews as “a parasite on the German body” and who was married to the Elisabeth Nietzsche, the sister of philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche committed suicide today in San Bernardino, Paraguay.

1890: The Reverend Dr. Madison Clinton Peters, the author of Justice to the Jew, The Wit and Wisdom of the Talmud and The Jew as a Patriot married Miss Sarah H. Hart in Philadelphia, PA, today.

1890: “Catechising The People” published today described the challenges census takers faced among New York’s immigrant population.  Once the Jews understood “the purpose of the questions they became quite cheerful and communicative.”

1891: It was reported today that New York’s 25th police precinct under the command of Captain John Gunner is home to many prominent public buildings and institutions including several synagogues and the Mount Sinai Hospital

1892(8th of Sivan, 5652): Fifty-two year old Isidore Loeb the editor of the Revue Des Etudes Jives, a quarterly created by the Société des Etudes Juives passed away today.

1892: Comptroller Myers said today “that the discrepancies he had discovered in the accounts of two public institution,” one of which the Ladies’ Deborah Nursery and Child’s Protectory, “arose from a lack of conformity between the commitment papers of the children made out by the police magistrate’s clers and the papers made out by the officials of the homes.”

1892: “Hamilton College Clark Prize” published today described the outcome of the school’s public speaking competition which was won by Gregory Rosenblum who spoke on “The Jews of Russia,”

1893(19th of Sivan, 5653): Sixty-one year old Joshua Hendricks passed away this evening at his home on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Mr. Hendricks was a fourth generation owner of Hendricks Brothers, a firm specializing in metals (specifically copper) which was founded in 1764.

1893: Forty-six year old Member of Parliament “Arthur Strauss married 29-year-old Minna Cohen on 3 June 1893 at the Register Office in the District of St. George's Square, Pimlico, London.”

1893: “Senator Hill Backed Down” published today described a verbal altercation that took place when Senator Hill, a member of the Senate Committee on Immigration asked Colonel John Weber, the former Commissioner of Immigration at the Port of New York (Ellis Island) if he gotten his position as a general agent for the Baron Hirsch Fund “because of the special favors show to Jews on Ellis Island.” Weber, a veteran of the Civil War and a former member of the House of Representatives who had used his experience as an agriculturalist to help the Hirsch Colony at Woodbine, NJ “flushed angrily” at the accusation and told Senator Hill, “You had better put that question again.  I hardly understand it.”  Hill chose not to repeat the question which was indicative of his anti-Jewish bias when it to immigration.

1893: Six years after the Anglo-Jewish Historical Exhibition was held in 1887, a meeting was held under the leadership of Lucien Wolf at the club of the Maccabaeans in London where the Jewish Historical Society of London was founded for the purpose of "conducting researches into the history of the Jews of the British empire, transcribing and publishing documents, forming a library and museum, and organizing a course of lectures on general Jewish history."

1894: Approximately 2,000 people attended the annual reception at the Montefiore Home for Incurables which was held this afternoon.

1894: Today’s “New Publications” included a review of Roger Williams: The Pioneer of Religious Liberty by Oscar S. Strauss.

1895: Isaac Stern, Dr. Alfred Meyer and Professor Felix Adler were among those who spoke at the graduation exercise of the 1895 class of the Mount Sinai Training School for Nurses where sixteen graduates four of whom were Jewish were honored today.

1895: Birthdate of Hungarian born American movie maker Zoltan Korda, who was the ‘middle brother” of two other filmmakers – Alexander Korda and Vincent Korda.

 1896: General James R. O’Beirne and Rabbi Rudolph Grossman of Temple Beth-El were among those who gave addresses at exercises held today in the auditorium of the Educational Alliance Building where students enrolled in the Baron de Hirsch English day classes demonstrated the progress they had made since Memorial Day.

1899: “The Court of Cassation” revised “the Dreyfus case and” ordered “a new trial before the court-martial at Rennes.

1900(6th of Sivan, 5660): First Shavuot of the 20th century

1900: The International Ladies’ Garment Workers Union (ILGW) is founded.  In its early days, the union was dominated by Jews who made up a disproportionate number of the workers in an industry known for its sweatshop conditions.  At the close of the 20th century, the Union gained renewed famed for its jingle “Look for the Union label in the clothes you are wearing.”

1903: A mass meeting to protest the atrocities inflicted by the Russians on the Jews is scheduled to be held tonight at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia.

1904: Herzl leaves for Edlach, Austria accompanied by his wife and his fellow Zionist Yona Kremenetzky.

1904: Birthdate Jacob Pincus Perelmuth who gained fame as Jan Peerce, the Cantor and a tenor performing at the New York Metropolitan Opera.

1906: In Louisville, Adath Israel Temple dedicated its third congregational home. The building was designed by architects Kenneth McDonald and J.F. Sheblessy and was commonly known as the “Third Street Synagogue.” Following it merger with Brith Sholom in 1976, the congregation took the name Congregation Adath Israel Brith Sholom

1910: In New York, Joseph Russell Levy, “the son of a prosperous Jewish cigar manufacturer from Salt Lake City” and Alta Mae Goddard, an Episcopalian gave birth to Marion Goddard Levy who gained fame as actress of Paulette Goddard.

1911(7th of Sivan, 5671): Second Day of Shavuot

1911(7th of Sivan, 5671): Mildred G. Calisch the only daughter Edward Nathan Calisch, the graduate of HUC and rabbi of Congregation Beth Ahabah in Richmond, VA, was killed today in an automobile accident.

1911: Birthdate of Marion Levy who gained fame as the actress Paulette Goddard known for playing opposite Charlie Chaplin in "The Great Dictator."

1912: Aviation pioneer and Adas Israel congregant, Arthur Welsh prepares for a two-hour test of the Wright military planes.

1913: Birthdate of Yitzhak Berman the native of Berdychiv who made Aliyah in 1920 and following military service pursued a successful legal career before entering politics where he rose to Speaker of the Knesset.

1913: In Manhattan, Abraham and Ida Krim gave birth to Norman Bernard Krim “an electronics visionary who played a pivotal role in the industry’s transition from the bulky electron vacuum tube, which once lined the innards of radios and televisions, to the tiny, far more powerful transistor…He , did not invent the transistor…but he saw the device’s potential and persuaded his company to begin manufacturing it on a mass scale…” (As reported by Dennis Hevesi)

1915: It was reported today that Rush Rhees, the President of the University of Rochester is scheduled to speak at the upcoming meeting called to protest the execution of Leo M. Frank.

1915: At a mass meeting, the Cincinnati (Ohio) Businessman Men’s Club “passed a resolution asking for the Governor of Georgia to commute the sentence” of Leo Frank “to life imprisonment.

1915: At Columbus, Ohio, the Directors of the Chamber of Commerce voted to ask for clemency for Leo Frank.

1915: Following his release from prison for his role in the death of Mary Phagan, Jim Conley was reported today to “show no remorse” and declared that Frank “ought to be hanged.”

1915: Among those who signed the petition sent from Brooklyn to the Governor of Georgia asking for clemency for Leo Frank were Brooklyn Borough President Lewis H. Pounds, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Callaghan, Dr. S. Edward Young, the pastor of the Bedford Presbyterian Church, Congressman Rueben Haskell and United States District Attorney Melville J. France.

1916: The British and French declare a state of siege in Salonica and remove all Greeks from official posts due to the possibility they were pro-German.

1916: It was reported today that “under Austrian law non-Christians may marry Jews but not Catholics nor Protestants.”

1916: It was reported today that the State Board of Charities had heard conflicting information at the hearing on granting a charter for the Beth Moses Hospital in Williamsburg with Justice Jacob St. Strahl representing the Hebrew Ladies’ Dispensary and Dr. J.M. Goldberg asserting that the charter should not be granted and Rabbi Raisin telling the board that “Williamsburg had 200,000 Jews…and that it could well afford to maintain two ‘kosher’ hospitals.’

1917: “The thirteenth annual meeting of the Jewish Consumptives’ Relief Society” is scheduled to “be held at the Auditorium of the Irene Kaufmann Settlement” in Pittsburgh at two o’clock this afternoon.

1917: In Chicago, the meeting of the Young Women’s Auxiliary of the Jewish Consumptive’s Relief Society is scheduled to take place today at the Sinai Center.

1917: Following reports of a German bombing raid conducted for the first time by bombers instead of Zeppelins that killed 95 and injured 192, “Albert Einstein wrote a friend in Holland, ‘The ancient Jehovah is still abroad.  Alas he slays the innocent along with the guilty, whom he strikes so fearsomely blind that they can feel no sense of guilt.’”

1917: In Chicago, the closing exercises of the K.A.M. Sabbath School are scheduled to take places this morning in vestry rooms of the Temple.

1917: Joseph Feinberg, N.M. Barnett, Leo H. Hoffman and N.D. Kaplan are among those who are scheduled to address this afternoon’s mass meeting at Congregation Beth Hamedrosh Hagodel as preparations are made for electing delegates to the American Jewish Congress.

1917: Ruby Davis will play patriotic airs and Major Abel Davis will speak on “Jewish Patriotism” at the annual meeting and supper of the Isaiah Alumni Association will is scheduled to start at 6:30 this evening.

1917: The Young Men's and Young Women's Hebrew Association of Camden, New Jersey purchased 572 and 574 Walnut Street from Smith C. Moore and his wife Elizabeth, for the sum of $4,000 as recorded in Camden County's real estate records, Book 418, pages 296 and 297. On the same the Young Men's and Young Women's Hebrew Association of Camden, New Jersey purchased 570 Walnut Street from Joseph F. and Mary C. Mack for $2100, as recorded in Camden County's real estate records, Book 418, pages 297 and 298.

1917: In New York City, 16 year old Josephine (née Condon) and 31 year old Bernard Gorcey, both of whom were vaudeville actors gave birth to Leo Bernard Gorcey best known for his roles with The Bowery Boys and the Dead End Kids.

1917: During WW I, anti-Jewish riots broke out Leeds, UK.

1917: U.S. premiere of “The Slave,” a silent five reel move filmed by cinematographer Joseph Ruttenberg.

1918: “The provisional Zionist Committee” in New York City “received a cable from Lemberg, Galicia,” today that described the arrival there of Daniel Auster “a teacher at the Jewish High School in Haifa” who was one of the 1,500 Jews deported by the Turks and sent to Damacus.

1920: Rabbi Jacques J. Lyons son Julius J. Lyons the lawyer and banker who had left his home in New Jersey a year ago to live with his son Edwin in San Diego and who passed away last month was remembered in print today for his charitable and civic activities including service on the boards of the Mount Sinai Hospital, the Hebrew Technical Institute and the Montefiore Home

1921: On the King’s Birthday, Sir Herbert Samuel, the High Commissioner for Palestine made the first official interpretation of the Balfour Declaration, assuring the Arabs that immigration would be controlled according to the "economic absorptive capacity" of the country - and in fact suspended immigration, though only temporarily.  In describing the impact of the speech to Winston Churchill at the end of the month, Samuel said the Jewish population viewed the speech as a “severe set-back” to their aspirations and that it made them feel “very nervous and apprehensive.

1921(26th of Iyar, 5681): German born New York physician Simon Baruch, father of Bernard Baruch, passed away

1922(7th of Sivan, 5682): Second Day of Shavuot

1924(1st of Sivan, 5684):  Rosh Chodesh Sivan

1924(1st of Sivan, 5684):  Franz Kafka, author of The Trial and Metamorphosis, passed away at the age of 40.

1924: In his first year as a professional 18 year old Sidney “Sid” Terris won “a ten round decision on points at the Henderson Bowl in Brooklyn.”

1925: In the Bronx, Helen (née Klein) and Emanuel Schwartz gave birth do Bernard Shwartz, who gained fame as actor Tony Curtis and may be best known for his performance  in the film "Some Like It Hot," where he co-starred with Marilyn Monroe and Jack Lemon

1926: Birthdate Newark, NJ Irwin Allen Ginsberg who gained fame as poet and beatnik, Allen Ginsberg.

1928 (14th of Sivan): Samuel Chaim Landau founder of Torah va-Avo-dah, the religious Zionist movement, passed away 

1929: In Philadelphia, “Edith (née Cohen) and Nathaniel Barris, a dentist” gave birth Charles Hirsch Barris who as Chuck Barris gained fame for creating numerous TV game shows including the Newlywed Game and the Gong Show.

1930(7th of Sivan, 5690): Second Day of Shavuot

1931: “The Band Wagon,”  “a musical revue with book by George S. Kaufman and Howard Dietz, lyrics by Howard Dietz and music by Arthur Schwartz” “opened on Broadway at the New Amsterdam Theatre.”

1932: Birthdate of Fischel Lebowitz the native of Transylvania, Romania, who survived the Holocaust, and as Fred Lebow became a successful American businessman, an avid distance runner and the founder of the New York City Marathon.

1933: As the Catholic Church sought to establish positive relations with the new Nazi regime, “a joint pastoral letter appeared from the German Bishops' Conference” that “contained a statement that if the State would only respect certain rights and requirements of the Church, the Church would gratefully and happily support the new situation.”

1936: Professor Georg Bernhard, the German journalist, statesman and economist” who had said “in an interviews that his mission is to work to unseat Hitler in Germany” arrived in New York today aboard the liner Paris “as the guest of the American Jewish Congress.”

1936: “Assurance that Great Britain would halt Arab uprisings and safeguard the rights of Jews in Palestine was given” today “by Major Henry Adam Procter, Conservative Member of the House of Commons, at a luncheon tendered him by the Zionist Organization of America at the Hotel Astor.”

1936: “The Mandates Commission of the League of Nations decided today after a two-day discussion to deal with the present unrest in Palestine at this session, in connection with the 1935 report of Great Britain as the mandatory, in so far as is now possible and not to defer discussion of the report to its Autumn session.”

1936: As the Arab uprising continues, David Vardi, a 27 year old owner of an orange packing house near… Rishon Litzion and Israel Arger, a 31 year old workman, were seriously wounded today when two Arabs who were old friends of theirs shot them in the packing house. Both were shot in the head and there is little hope for their recovery. In Haifa, a bomb was thrown at a Jewish owned bus, wounding three riders. 

1937: The Palestine Post reported that the Polish General Consul in Jerusalem told the Va’ad Leumi (The National Council of Palestine Jews) that he was deeply distressed at the recent anti-Jewish disturbances in Poland. He promised to forward, without delay, the Va’ad protest to his government. The Palestine government agreed to compensate, to a certain extent, the victims of the 1936 Arab disturbances, or their dependents

1939(16th of Sivan, 5699): Fifty year old Sir Philip Sassoon, a member of the distinguished Sassoon family passed away today.

1940: It was reported today that during his commencement address at the Jewish Institute of Religion, Dr. James G. Heller, vice president of the Central Conference of American Rabbis said “When the world is faced with terror, go back to the past of Israel and believe in your people and in yourself.” (He said this as the Jews of Poland feel under the heel of Nazi and Soviet tyranny)

1941: Author Irving Wallace married writer Sylvia Kahn.

1941: Eighty-two year old Kaiser Wilhelm II died in exile today.

1942: The German military commander of occupied France ordered all Jews to wear a yellow Star of David with the inscription "Juif" on it.

1942(18th of Sivan, 5702): In Warsaw, 110 Jews were shot in the prison on Gesia Street. Ten Jewish policemen are among the victims.

1942: Jews revolt in Breslau, Germany.

1943(29th of Iyar, 5703): German troops in the Warsaw Ghetto destroy a bunker on Walowa Street that conceals 150 Jews.  It was one of the last remaining bunkers in the ghetto. By September, all that were remaining would be flushed out and destroyed.

1943: Near Michalowice, Poland, Germans kill two Polish farmers who have rescued and hidden three Jewish escapees in a barn.

1943: Max Sievers, a non-Jewish opponent of the Nazis who had immigrated to the United States in 1939 but was forced to leave because he could not get a visa was arrested by the Gestapo today.

1944: In response to Rudolf Kastner's plea to let some of the Hungarian Jews remain in Budapest, Eichmann said, "I have to clean up the provincial towns of the Jewish garbage. I must take this Jewish muck out of the provinces. I cannot play the role of the savior of the Jews.”

1944: A train from Lyon arrived in Birkenau. One survivor, Freda Silberberg, stated how it was the French that arrested her, not the Germans. Dr. Mengele selected Freda for his experiment pool.

1948: Four Egyptian aircraft flew over Tel Aviv on what would be the 16th bombing raid over the Jewish city. Numerous civilian casualties had been sustained in the previous attacks and the residents expected more of the same.

1948: In a modern version of David versus Goliath, Modi Alon flew Israel’s one serviceable fighter aircraft across the Tel Aviv skies attack four Egyptian aircraft that were set to bomb the city.  Alon shot down the two bombers and forced their fighter escorts to flee.  These were the first aerial combat victories scored by the IAF.  In one of those strange moments of the war, the people of Tel Aviv actually watched the performance of a combat air arm that they had not known even existed.

1948(25th of Iyar, 5708): Avraham Mordechai Alter passed away. He was also known as the Imrei Emes after the works he authored, was the third Rebbe of the Hasidic dynasty of Ger a position he held from 1905 until his death in 1948. He was one of the founders of the Agudas Israel in Poland and was influential in establishing a network of Jewish schools there. It is claimed that at one stage he led over 200,000 Hasidim.

1948: Having survived the Holocaust and the “Communist takeover of Czechoslovakia” wine make Eugen Herzog, his wife Sidonia and their children arrived in New York City clinging to the earthen potato pot on which they had prepared their meals while hiding in Europe. (As reported by Laurie Gwen Shapiro)

1949: “Du Guesclin” a film about a 14th century general featuring Gérard Oury as “Charles V of France” was released in France today.

1949: In Baltimore, MD, Elizabeth D. (née Davidson) and Donald N. Rothman, a lawyer and the brother of film executive Tom Rothman, gave birth to actor John Mahr Rothman.

1949: NBC and DuMont broadcast the final episode of the “Admiral Broadway Revue” a variety show created by Max Liebman with scripts by Mel Brooks and Mel Tolken starring Sid Caesar.

1953: Professor Otto Loewi, winner in 1936 of the Noble in medicine for the discovery of the chemical transmission of nervous impulses who is now the Research Professor of Pharmacology in the New York University College of Medicine celebrated his 80th birthday today.

1956: NBC broadcast the last episode of “The Bachelors” with music by David Rose today.

1957: Howard Cosell's television show appeared for the first time.

1960: Four newly deciphered letters of Bar Kochba describing organizational challenges faced by the leader of the revolt against the Roman Empire (132-135 CE) were presented in a lecture given today by Professor Yigal Yadin today at Hebrew University. The letters revealed that the supply route for Bar Kochba’s soldiers was via Ein Gedi and Tekoa.  This is the same Tekoa which was home to the prophet Amos.  Yigal Yadin was head of the Israeli military during the War for Independence.  His work helped to establish for those who had doubts, the legitimacy of Jewish history.

1961: The final curtain came down on “Wildcat,” with music by Cy Coleman and lyrics by Carolyn Leigh

1963:  Pope John XXIII passed away. Born Angelo Roncalli, in 1935 he was made Apostolic Delegate to Turkey and Greece. Roncalli used this office to help the Jewish underground in saving thousands of refugees in Europe, leading some to consider him to be a Righteous Gentile

1964: Israel played South Korea in the finals of the 1964 AFC Asian Cup football tournament at Ramat Gan Stadium.

1964: After a week of matches, Israel won the 1964 AFC Asian Cup.

1965: U.S. premiere of “The Sandpiper” with a script co-authored by Dalton Trumbo and music by Johnny Mandel.

1967: Shabbat was not a day of rest as the Arab vise squeezed around the state Israel.  The people were beginning to feel the psychological pain of being surrounded.  The Israeli economy was unraveling under the pressure of continuous mobilization.  Dyan continued to review the plans of the General Staff.  Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, Avraham Harman landed in Israel and reported to Eshkol, Eban, and the senior military officers that the West would not come to Israel’s assistance.  If the blockade were to be broken, Israel must do it herself.  As the various leaders left that evening the plan was clear.  Israel would take action against Egypt, and only Egypt.  Jordan would not be attacked if Jordan stayed out of the fight.  Contrary to revisionist historians, there was no grand military plan to seize the Sinai, the Golan, the West Bank and Jerusalem.  The fact that Israel ended up with these at the end of the war was a result of shifting tactical situations as well as the fear on the part of the Arab states that if they did not fight they would miss out on the spoils that went with the destruction of the Jewish state

1968(7th of Sivan, 5728): As Gene McCarthy and Bobby Kennedy battle out it in California during the Democratic Presidential Primaries, Jews observe the second day of Shavuot, the last Jewish holiday Kennedy will be alive for.

1969(17th of Sivan, 5729): Seventy-two year old James Warburg, the son of Paul Warburg and nephew of Jacob Schiff whose colorful life including serving as a Navy pilot in WW I, financial advisor to FDR, a stint with Wild Bill Donovan during WW II and advocacy for international cooperation as a way of preventing WW III passed away today.

1970(28th of Iyar, 5730) Yom Yerushalyim

1971(10th of Sivan, 5731): Sixty-eight year old civic leader Barbara Ochs Adler, the widow of General Julius Ochs Adler passed away today.

1971: German born mathematician Heinz Hopf passed away.  His father was Jewish but his mother was not.  For the Nazis, this made him Jewish and he sought refuge in Swiss citizenship during the Hitler period.

1972: In Cincinnati, Ohio, Sally J. Priesand, 25, became the first woman in Reform Judaism to be ordained as a Rabbi.

1974: Albert Isakovich Koltunov, lottery worker from Chernovtsy was sentenced to five years strict regime prison on trumped-up charge of bribery after he had applied for exit visa to Israel mid-February 1974 and was arrested on March 14th.

1974: Aharon Uzan completed his term as Communications Minister. 

1974: Yitzhak Rabin, the first native-born Israeli (Sabra) to become prime minister of Israel, assumed office.

1974: Avraham Ofer replaced Yehoshua Rabinovitz as Minister of Housing and Construction.

1974: Yosef Burg completed his term as Interior Minister

1974: Shlomo Hillel replaced Yosef Berg as Interior Minister

1974: Yigal Allon began his term as Foreign Minister

1974: Avraham Ofer, replaced Yehoshua Rabinovitz as Communications Minster

1974: Gad Yaacobi replaced Aharon Yariv as Transportation Minister

1974: Hairm Yosef Zadok replaced Yitzhak Rafael as Minister of Religious Services.

1976(5th of Sivan, 5736): Erev Shavuot

1976: Composer Randy Edelman, the son of a New Jersey Jewish family, married singer Jackie DeShannon.

1976: “President Gerald M. Ford signs into law a bill creating a U.S. Commission on Security and       Cooperation in Europe (the “Helsinki Commission”) to monitor adherence to the Helsinki process.  The Commission has the active support of the Soviet Jewry Movement and human rights groups.”

1977: The Jerusalem Post reported that Israel would not take any steps against Syria until more was known about the extent and purpose of their incursion into Lebanon. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin reported that Syrian soldiers were clashing with and killing terrorists.

1977: The Jerusalem Post reported that Yigael Yadin, the leader of the new political party, the Democratic Movement for Change, which won 13 seats in the Knesset elections, was offered the deputy premiership in the Menachem Begin's new Likud cabinet.

1977: The Jerusalem Post reported that the Israeli Kfir multi-mission combat aircraft was one of the leading stars at the Le Bourget aircraft mart in Paris.

1977: The Jerusalem Post reported that an annual prize in the field of the coverage of Israel's foreign relations was established in memory of Ted Lurie, the second editor of the Post.

1979: Three people were injured when a bomb went off at a bookstore in Jerusalem.

1982: Moscow refusenik and Hebrew teacher Pavel Abramovich was summoned to the KGB for the third time in the course of a month.

1982: The Israeli ambassador to Britain, Shlomo Argov, was shot on a London street. The failed assassination attempt was under the command of Fatah leader Abu Nidal. Argov survived but was permanently paralyzed.

1982: Israeli planes attack Palestinian camps in Lebanon after Fatah attempted to murder Ambassador Argov in London.

1983: “The Man With Two Brains” a comedy directed by Carl Reiner who also co-wrote the script was released in the United States today.

1983: A month after premiering at the Cannes Film Festival, “WarGames” produced by Leonard Goldberg and featuring Maury Chaykin was released in the United States today.

1983: “The Last American Virgin” directed by Boaz Davidson who also wrote the script, produced by Yoram Globus and Menahem Golan and filmed by cinematographer Adam Greenberg was released in Sweden today.

1983(22nd of Sivan, 5743): Harry Lieberman, a primitive-style painter who began his career as an artist in his 70's, died today in North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, L.I., after suffering a cardiac arrest. Mr. Lieberman was 106 years old and lived in Great Neck, L.I. Throughout his 26 years as a painter, Mr. Lieberman completed hundreds of pieces and his work was shown in museums and galleries in Great Neck, in New York and in the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington. His work has also been on display in Houston, Seattle, Los Angeles, La Jolla, Calif., and Rotterdam, Holland. It was the boredom of his retirement after selling his confectioner business at the age of 74 that prompted Mr. Lieberman to try his hand at sketching at an art class at the Great Neck Golden Age Club. Mr. Lieberman soon moved on to watercolors and oil painting, using the two-dimensional primitive style. As a young man Mr. Lieberman studied the Talmud, and stories from that religious work as well as the Bible served as the subject matter for most of his paintings. He once told an interviewer that a man of his age - he was 100 at the time - needed a reason to get out of bed in the morning and that the older he got the better that reason needed to be. Mr. Lieberman was born Naftulo Hertzke Liebhaber in Gnieveshev, Poland, in November 1876. In 1906 at the age of 29 he emigrated to the United States, sending for his wife two years later. The Liebermans, who worked first as cloth cutters, bought a candy store that soon prospered into a wholesale confectioner business.

1983(22nd of Sivan, 5743): Eight-six year old labor leader Charles S. Zimmerman passed away today (As reported by Joseph B. Treaster)

1987(6th of Sivan, 5747): Shavuot

1987(6th of Sivan, 5747): Seventy-nine year old Jackie Fields (born Jacob Finkelstein) who won a Gold Medal in the featherweight division during the 1924 Summer Olympics and as a professional won the Welterweight Title passed away today in Los Angeles.

1988: “Big,” a comedy produced by James L. Brooks, with a script co-authored by Anne Spielberg, featuring Jon Lovitz, with music by Howard Shore and filmed by cinematographer Barry Sonnenfeld was released in the United States today.

1988(18th of Sivan, 5748): Eighty-two year old Edith Mayer Goetz the wife of the late movie producer William Goetz and daughter of the late film mogul Louis B. Mayer, passed today at her home in Los Angeles after a lengthy illness.

1990(10th of Sivan, 5750): Eighty-five year old Nathaniel “Nate” Weinstock who “played tackle at Western Maryland College in the 1920’s” and who was good enough to play for the East team in the East-West Shrine All-Star Football Game passed away today.

1992: Ron Castan and Briean Keon-Cohen represented Eddie Mabo before the High Court in Australia which ruled in the claimant’s favor thus establishing the “concept of native title.”

1995(5th of Sivan, 5755): Erev Shavuot

1995(5th of Sivan, 5755): Seventy-two year old “Arthur K. Shapiro, a psychiatrist whose work at Mount Sinai Medical School advanced the knowledge and treatment of Tourette's Syndrome” passed away today. (As reported by Wolfgang Saxon)

1996: "Theme from Mission: Impossible” the theme tune of the TV series Mission: Impossible The theme which was written and composed by Lalo Schifrin was released on CD and vinyl today.

2001: Mel Brook's won a record 12 Tony Awards for the musical comedy "The Producers."

2001: The New York Times featured reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including Heinz Kohut: The Making of a Psychoanalyst by Charles B. Strozier and the recently released paperback editions of Ravelstein by Saul Bellow, I Will Bear Witness: A Diary of the Nazi Years, 1942-1945 by Victor Klemperer, The Human Stain by Philip Roth and Bee Season by Myla Goldberg.

2001(12th of Sivan, 5761): Twenty-five year old Jan Bloom from Ramat Gan succumbed to the wounds she sustained when a suicide bomber exploded a bomb two days earlier at the Dolphinarim.

2001(12 of Sivan, 5761): Seventy-seven year old “Harry Zohn, an educator, writer and translator of important works of German literature” passed away today. (As reported by Wolfgang Saxon)

2001: Yitzhak Vaknin began another term as Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Welfare.

2002(23rd of Sivan, 5762): Eighty-nine year old businessman Lew Wasserman who was Chairman and CEO of MCA from 1946 until 1995 passed away today.

2002: Ariel Sharon completes his term as Interior Minister.

2002: Eli Yishai begins his term as Minister of Internal Affairs.

2002: David Azulai becomes Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs.

2005: The funeral of Israel Epstein, which was attended by numerous Chinese dignitaries, took place this morning at the Babaoshan Cemetery for Revolutionaries, in Shijingshan District, Beijing

2005(25th of Iyar, 5765): Leon Askin passed away today in Vienna at the age of 97.  Born in 1907 as Leo Aschkenasy into a Jewish family in Vienna, Askin already wanted to be an actor as a child. His dream came true, and in the 1930s he worked as a cabaret artist and director at the "ABC Theatre" in Vienna: in this position he also helped the career of the writer Jura Soyfer get off the ground in 1935. Persecuted by the Nazis, Askin escaped to the United States via France, arriving in New York in 1940 with no money and less than a basic knowledge of English. When the U.S. entered the Second World War Askin joined the U.S. Army. While serving in the military he learned that his parents had been killed at Treblinka extermination camp. After the war, Askin went to Hollywood, invariably portraying foreign characters who speak English with a strong accent. He gained wide popularity by appearing as Gen. Albert Burkhalter in the sitcom Hogan's Heroes in the late 1960s.As opposed to other exiled Austrians, Askin never refused to work again in his home country. In 1994 he permanently took up residence in Vienna, where he remained active until his death in cabaret, as well as the Volksoper and Festwochen. He was awarded Vienna's Gold Medal of Honor.

2005: Release date for “Lords of Dogtown” co-starring Emile Hirsh

2005: In “Ghosts from the Ghetto” published today Sarah Ozacky-Lazar reviews Return to the Warsaw Ghetto by Marian Apfelbaum.

2005: Irish editor David Marcus, author of Oughtobiography – Leaves from the diary of a hyphenated Jew “was awarded an honorary Degree of Doctor of Literature by the National University of Ireland, University College, Cork”

2006(7th of Sivan, 5766): Second Day of Shavuot

2006: A group of neo-Nazis assaulted Croatia's Chief Rabbi Eliezer Aloni on a Zagreb street in front of his synagogue on Shabbat.

2007: In London, the ZF presents Portraits of Israel “a photographic journey through the history of Israel as seen through the lens of Rudi Weissenstein.  He dedicated his life to documenting Israel’s growth from 1936 until his death in 1992.  He was the official photographer at the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1948.

2007: The Sunday New York Times book section features reviews of two tomes about Jewish comedians,  It’s Good to be the King: The Seriously Funny Life of Mel Brooks by James Parish and Rickles’ Book by Don Rickles with David Ritz; The Big Question by Jewish game show host Chuck Barris, Summer Reading by Hilma Wolitzer, A Day at the Beach by Helen Schulman, From A Cause to a Style: Modernist Architecture’s Encounter With the American City  by Nathan Glazer, The Ministry of Special Cases by Nathan Englander, Opening Day: The Story of Jackie Robinson’s First Season by Jonathan Eig and Jewish author Joseph Finder’s review of April in Paris by Michael Wallner.

2007: The Sunday Washington Post book section features a review of The Gravediggers Daughter, a novel about a Jewish immigrant who struggles to blot out her past, by Joyce Carol Oates, who discovered late in life her own family's Jewish history. Her grandmother, who immigrated to the United States in the 1890s, kept her religion hidden for fear of persecution

2007: In an article entitled “Lower East Side Is Under a Groove,” the New York Times reports on the role played by Sion Misrahi, the son of Jewish immigrant from Greece, in the rejuvenation of New York’s Lower East Side.

2008: In Cedar Rapids, at Temple Judah, funeral services are held for Abbott Lipsky followed by the internment at Eben Israel Cemetery. Those who knew Abbott B. Lipsky remembered him t as the kind of person you wanted to befriend. Lipsky, well-known in Cedar Rapids for his work in the community, was described as a role model who had a wry sense of humor and a keen and inquiring mind. Lipsky passed away on Wednesday, May 28 at the age of 94. Lipsky's roles in the community included serving as the first chairman of the Cedar Rapids Civil Rights Commission, and founding the Citizen's Committee for the Cedar Rapids Public Schools and the Downtown Cedar Rapids Association. He moved to Cedar Rapids in 1945 to join his wife's family business, Smulekoff's Furniture Co., where he has served in management, later rising to president.

2008: As the race of Grand Rabbi of France heats up with weeks of sniping from both sides, the two main Jewish communal organizations in France — the CRIF and the Unified Jewish Social Fund, or FSJU — issued an unusual joint statement urging both sides to calm down.“It appears that a series of verbal, written and visual slips is hurting the dignity of the campaign and risks giving a negative image of our community as a whole. This is why CRIF and FSJU believe it is their duty to exhort the friends and supporters of the candidates to show restraint and keep in mind that beyond the democratic battle, the general interest of the community should prevail over any other considerations.”

2008: the Ville-Marie council unanimously voted to demolish the building that had been home to Bens De Luxe Delicatessen on condition that the developer must commemorate the deli in the new building.

2008: “Waiting for the Barbarians” an opera in two acts composed by Philip Glass, was performed today at the Barbican Centre in London.

2008: A recording of Philip Glass’ “Waiting for the Barbarians” “was released today on the Orange Mountain Music Label.”

2009: The Brooklyn International Film Festival, which will feature two Israeli movies, hosts a Kick-Off Party at Delancy restaurant.

2010: A series of programs Jewish including “Identity through Music” in which percussionists and composer David Freeman demonstrates how contemporary musicians incorporate and reinterpret traditional Jewish texts and “A One-Pot Seminar” in which Gabe Goldstein, Associate Director for Exhibitions and Programs at the Yeshiva University Museum discusses what we can learn about an individual's identity and community from a cholent pot are scheduled to be presented at Yeshiva University Museum as part of Limmud NY

2010: Danny Valencia “went 1 for 3” in his “Major League debut with the Minnesota Twins” today.

2010(21st of Sivan, 5770): Steve Averbach, the former Monmouth County resident who was paralyzed in an attempt to thwart a suicide bomber in Jerusalem in 2003, died suddenly today at his home in Tel Aviv

2011(1st of Sivan, 5771): Rosh Chodesh Sivan

2011(1st of Sivan, 5771): One hundred one  year old “Harry Bernstein, whose painfully eloquent memoir about growing up Jewish and poor in a northern English mill town earned him belated literary fame on its publication in 2007, when he was 96” passed away today. (As reported by William Grimes)

2011(1st of Sivan, 5771): Eighty-nine year old Israeli businessman Sammy Ofer passed away this morning in Tel Aviv (As reported by Isabel Kershner

2011(1st of Sivan, 5771): Fifty-nine year old pop music icon Andrew Gold passed away today. (As reported by Paul Vitello)

2011(1st of Sivan, 5771): Gus Tyler, who had been associated with the Forwards since 1932 passed away today.

2011: The final Musical Shabbat of the year is scheduled to take place at Temple Judah in Cedar Rapids, IA.  This marks the fourth year that the community has participated in this most popular way of experiencing the Joy of Shabbat.

2011: The Historic 6th & I Synagogue plans on meeting a variety of spiritual needs as it hosts two Shabbat services – the laid back, lay led 6th Street Minyan and Friday Night Shabbat Services with MesorahDC followed by a traditional Shabbat dinner.

2011: Labapalooza is scheduled to present “Planet Egg” by Zvi Saharis, an Israeli who studied directing at the University of Haifa, at St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn, NY.

2012:  JCCNV is scheduled to sponsor the Israel Street Festival in Fairfax, VA

2012: Sally Priesand, Sandy Eisenbeg Sasso, Amy Eilberg, and Sara Hurwitz met again, this time at Monmouth Reform Temple at a celebration honoring the four first women rabbis to be ordained in their respective denominations, and the 40th anniversary of Sally Priesand's ordination as the first Reform female rabbi.

2012: Temple Emanuel in Kensington, MD is scheduled to host “Tango Comes to the Land of Milk & Honey, Kolot Halev’s annual concert with Hazzan Ayelet Piatigorsky and featuring Emmanuel Trifilio on the original tango folk instrument, the bandoneón performing selections that range from Sephardic ballads to Yiddish songs to Moroccan and Mexican melodies.

2012: The National Museum of American Jewish Military is scheduled to host “Family Stories: Sons, Fathers and Zaydes,”  an afternoon long event that will enable participants “to create a lasting tribute to that special male relative or friend through a skit, a scrapbook, a video, a song and dance routine, or whatever the imagination conjures.”

2012: “The Steins Collect: Matisse, Picasso, and the Parisan Avant-Garde,” an exhibit of works collect by Gertrude, Leo, Michael and Sarah Stein is scheduled to come an end at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

2012: “Celebrate Israel,” complete with an 8 o’clock fun run through Central Park and a five hour parade is scheduled to take place today in the Big Apple.

2012: Early this morning, IAF jets attacked three weapons manufacturing facilities in the central Gaza Strip and two tunnels that the Israel Defense Forces say are used to commit terrorist acts against Israeli military patrols in the area.

2013: Justice Minister Tzipi Livni is scheduled to address the American Jewish Committee’s Global Forum today.

2013: Marlene Trestman, the author of a book on Bessie Margolin, was honored at this evening Supreme Court’s Historical Society Gala Dinner “where she was also presented with a piece of marble from the Supreme Court edifice.” (As reported by Crescent City Jewish News)

2013: Just a month before the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, The American Jewish Historical Society and Yeshiva University Museum are scheduled to present “Jewish Soldiers in the Civil War: Jews and the Battle of Gettysburg.”

2013: Syria will not get S-300 missiles from Russia until 2014, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee today.

2013: Chief Rabbis Shlomo Amar and Yona Metzger received letters today threatening violence if the Women of the Wall activist group is not allowed to pray according to its practices at the Western Wall in its upcoming prayer service.

2013(25th of Sivan, 5773): Ninety year old Arnold Eidus who gave up a successful advertising career to become a concert violinist passed away today. (As reported by Margalit Fox)

2013(25th of Sivan, 5773): Eighty-nine year old New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg passed away today.

2014(5th of Sivan, 5774): Erev Shavuot – Temple Judah in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is scheduled to host Confirmation Services led by Alyssa Roach and Lincoln Ginsberg.

2014(5th of Sivan, 5774): Eighty four year old New York Republican leader Roy Goodman passed away today. (As reported by Richard Perez-Pena)

2014: The Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington is scheduled to host “Shavuot After Dark” where members will lead an interactive session, “Exploring Jewish Washington: Another Kind of Jewish Geography.”

2014: A group of Palestinians clashed this morning with security forces and threw rocks at Israeli cars near the Tapuah Junction resulting in at least 2 Israeli civilians being injured by their rocks.

2014: In Jerusalem, the First Station Complex will feature street theatre, a puppet show and “kid’s activities” as part of the Shavuot celebration

2014: Midburn Israel, “an experiment in community, art, self-expression and self-reliance” is scheduled to start in Ramat Hanegev.

2014: Israel's Teva is being sued by the city of Chicago together with other major pharmaceutical manufacturers for excessively promoting painkillers, effectively getting people hooked and costing the city untold amounts of money, Bloomberg reported today. (As reported by Ynetnews)

2015: Gilad Hekselman and his trio are scheduled to appear at Smalls where they play “Gilad's original music as well as some jazz standards and Israeli songs.”

2015: “The first anniversary of the deaths of Naftali Fraenkel, Gil-ad Shaer and Eyal Yifrach, the Israeli teenagers kidnapped and killed by Palestinian terrorists last summer, was marked today with a Unity Day.”

2015: “When a School Board Victimizes Kids” published today described the conflict surrounding education in East Rampo, the school district in Rockland County.

2015: As the Red Alert siren was sounded in places that included the Ashkelon and Netivot areas, two rockets from Gaza exploded in the Sdot Negev region. There were no physical injuries or damages.

2015: “The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife” opened at Theatre J in Washington, DC.

2016: In Cedar Rapids, IA, Temple Judah is scheduled to host its final Musical Shabbat of the year featuring Shir Yehudah.

2016: As part of the Israel Film Center Festival the JCC Manhattan is scheduled to host a Kabballat Shabbat Concert featuring Israeli Idan Raichel.

2016: The Cedar Rapids Gazette published “Morley Raised Writing to an Art Form.”

2017(9th of Sivan, 5777): Parashat Naso; for more see

2017:  In Jerusalem, The Israel Festival is scheduled to host performances by “flamenco dancer Israel Galván” and the “intensive pop performance of “Crazy Girls Save the World,” from the Japanese Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker.”



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