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This Day, October 11, In Jewish History by Mitchell A. Levin


1138: Massive earthquake strikes Aleppo, Syria.  According to tradition, the Jewish community traces its origins back to the time of King David.  This is based on the description of the conquest of the city by Joab found in the Book of Samuel.  The Great Synagogue, the most famous Jewish edifice in the city was originally built in the fifth century of the Common Era. The real importance of the community can be traced to the Aleppo Codex,the earliest known manuscript containing the entire text of the Bible. Tradition states that Maimonides consulted the Aleppo Codex when he set down the exact rules for writing Torah scrolls.” The Codex was copied by the scribe Shlomo Ben-Buya'a over 1,000 years ago. It was deposited with the Aleppo community at the end of the 14th Century and kept in a small vault in the Cave of Elijah under the Joab Ben Zeruiah Synagogue of Aleppo. The community guarded it for over 600 years." Whatever loss the community suffered during the earthquake, we know it survived and thrived since it was visited by Rabbi Petachya of Regensburg (Germany) starting in 1170 and Benjamin of Tudela in 1173.  Benjamin’s visit was part of his “round the world tour” which he described in his literary work entitled the Travels of Benjamin.

1285: Following a false charge that the Jews had purchased a Christian child from an old woman and then killed, a mob in Munich attacked the Jews community.  Those who escaped the mob took refuge in the synagogue which the mob then burned killing 180 Jews.

1347: Emperor Louis IV, the German ruler who had given Gottfried von Eppstein permission to settle Jews in Eppstein, Homburg and Steinheim in 1335, passed away.

1394: Ordination of Benedict XIII, one of the Avignon Popes whom the Catholic Church classifies as an Anti-Pope.  In an attempt to gain acceptance of his Papacy, Benedict attacked the Jews.  Not content to adopt oppressive laws at aimed Children Of Israel, he initiated the Disputation of Tortosa in 1413 one of those one-sided debates that the Church loved.  As a result of this one, the works of Maimonides were burned and copies of the Talmud were to be confiscated so that they could be censored.

1727: George II and Caroline of Ansbach are crowned King and Queen of Great Britain. King George II was the monarch who gave “the royal assent” to the Jewish Naturalization Act of 1753.  Unfortunately, the act was repealed a year later.

1727: “Zadok the Priest,” an anthem composed by George Frederic Handel based on First Kings 1:38-40 which describes the coronation of King Solomon was performed today during the coronation of King George II.

1741: George Fredrick Handel completed the second of “Samson,” his oratorio based on the figure from the Book of Judges.

1777(10th of Tishrei, 5538): Four days after the Americans completed their game-changing victory at the Battle of Saratoga, Jews observe Yom Kippur

1783(15th of Tishrei, 5544): Sukkoth

1787: In Georgia Philip Mosses Russell and Esther Mordecai Russell gave birth to Isaac Russell, their first son and third child who would have two younger siblings.

1789(21st of Tishrei, 5550): Hoshanah Rabah

1792(25th of Tishrei, 5553): Seventy-nine year old Hebrew poet and businessman David Franco Mendes passed away today in his home town of Amsterdam.

1796(9th of Tishrei, 5557): Erev Yom Kippur; Kol Nidre is chanted for the last time during the Presidency of George Washington.

1796: While sailing to the United States aboard the sloop Simionhoff, Israel Baer Kursheedt used the English bible of the ship’s captain to explain to him the significance of Yom Kippur which he was about to begin observing.

1797(21st if Tishrei, 5558): Hoshanah Rabah

1821(15th of Tishrei, 5582): Sukkoth

1826(10th of Tishrei, 5587): Yom Kippur

1838(22nd of Tishrei, 5599): Shmini Atzeret

1838(22nd of Tishrei, 5599): Sixty-nine year old Silesia native Adolf Martin Schlesinger, the Berlin music publisher whose “ongoing lobbying on the issue of musical copyright (prompted by copyright infringement of his publication of Weber's Der Freischütz), was a major factor in the introduction of the influential Prussian copyright law of 1830” passed away leaving a business that was so successful that his widow had no financial problems and his sons were able to expand the business to include a Paris branch.

1842: In New York City Moses and Esther Lazarus gave birth to Sarah Lazarus, a sister of Emma Lazarus.

1845(10th of Tishrei, 5606): The day after the United States opened the Naval Academy in Annapolis whose most famous Jewish graduated was Admiral Hyman Rickover, Jews observe Yom Kippur

1845(10th of Tishrei, 5606): A minyan led by Mayer Klein and Philip Newberg held services in Chicago, Ill, marking the first time that his occurred in “The Windy City”

1846: Birthdate of Carlos Enrique José Pellegrini, the Argentine President who was sympathetic to attempts to settle Jewish refugees in his country.

1850: In Albany,NY founding of Congregation Anshe Emeth which would consolidate a year later with Congregation Beth Emeth to for Congregation Beth Emeth.

1850: The University of Sydney, Australia’s oldest university, opened its doors. Percy Marks, described as “Jewish Renaissance Man” was one of its earliest and most famous Jewish graduates. The Australian Union of Jewish Students or AUJS is an on campus organization whose aim is to promote Jewish continuity.  Today the University has a Department of Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish studies whose website asks and answers the following:  “Why enroll in Jewish Studies at the University of Sydney?? * Challenging: Where else would you find such a stimulating fusion of diverse ethnic and religious groups studying together? Learn about religion and politics in an open and fun environment.

 * Educational: Further your knowledge and insights into Jewish Studies. Learn about the issues around assimilation and Jewish civilization and master classical or Modern Hebrew or Yiddish.
* Practical: For undergraduate students, taking one of these courses will count towards qualifications in General Studies or part of your Arts, Arts/Law or Education degrees. It will also enable budding teachers to pursue a career in Modern Hebrew, Jewish Studies and Tanach.
* Unique: Delve into Jewish philosophy, history and politics, delivered by expert lecturers in their fields.
There is a Jewish club called AUJS (Australian Union of Jewish Students) which has many purposes, one of which is to promote Jewish continuity!


1851(15th of Tishrei, 5612): Sukkoth

1852: Famed German mathematician Ferdinand Eisenstein passed away at the age of thirty.  Eisenstein’s fate was typical of many Germans.  His parents were Jewish, but they converted to a Protestant denomination before their son’s birth to gain full entrée into German society.

1853(9th of Tishrei, 5614): Erev Yom Kippur; Kol Nidre is recited for the first time during the Crimean War which had just begun earlier this montn

1855: Johann Ludwig Schneller, a German Lutheran missionary “bought from the people of Lifta, a parcel of land outside LIfta, approximately 3 kilmotres (1.9 miles) northwest of Jaffa Gate.

1863(15th of Tishrei, 5764): Sukkoth

1863: “The House of Rothschild” published today based on information from the London Globe provided a fascinatingly detailed contemporary look at this most prominent of Jewish dynasties.

“A few days ago, our Paris correspondent told us that a congress of the members of the illustrious house of Rothschild has been sitting at Paris. The purport of the meeting was nothing less than to rearrange the dominions of the great banking dynasty. In one word, the great object of the Rothschild congress was to reduce the five branches of the house who now rule Europe to four, and following the example of Garibaldi, to strike another sovereign of Naples from the list of reigning monarchs. Henceforth there are to be but four kings of the house of Rothschild, with secure thrones at London, Paris, Vienna, and Frankfort. It is now exactly a hundred years since a poor Jew, called Mayer Anselm, made his appearance at the City of Hanover; barefooted, with a sack, oa his shoulders, and a bundle of rags on his back. Successful in trade, like most of his co-religionists, he returned to Frankfort at the end of a few years, and set up a small shop in the "Jew-lane," over which hung the signboard of a red shield, called in German roth-schild. As a dealer in old and rare coins, he made the acquaintance of the Serene Elector of Hesse Cassel, who, happening to be in want of a confidential agent for various open and secret purposes, appointed the shrewd-looking Mayer Anselm to the post. The Serene Elector being compelled soon after to fly his country. Mayer Anselm took charge of his cash, amounting to several millions of florins. With the instinct of his race, Anselm did not forget to put the money out on good interest, so that, before Napoleon was gone to Elba, and the illustrious Elector had returned to Cassel, the capital had more than doubled. The ruler of Hesse Casse thought it almost a marvel to get his money safely returned from the Jew-lane of Frankfort, and at the Congress of Vienna was never tired of singing the praise of his Hebrew agent to all the Princes of Europe. The dwellers under the sign of the Red Shield laughed in their sleeves; keeping carefully to themselves the great fact that the electoral two million florins had brought them four millions of their own. Never was honesty a better policy.  Mayer Anselm died in 1812, without having the supreme satisfaction of hearing his honesty extolled by kings and princes. He left five sons who succeeded him in the banking and money-lending business, and who, conscious of their social value, dropped the name of Anselm, and adopted the higher sounding one of Rothschild, taken, from the sign board over the paternal house. On his deathbed their father had taken a solemn oath from all of them, to hold his four millions well together, and they have faithfully kept the Injunction. But the old City of Frankfort clearly was too; narrow a realm for the fruitful sowing of four millions; and, in consequence, the five were determined after a while to extend their sphere of operations by establishing branch banks at the chief cities of Europe. The eldest son, Anselm, born 1773, remained at Frankfort; the second, Salomon, born in 1774, settled at Vienna; the third, Nathan, born in 1777, went to London; the fourth, Charles, the infant terrible of the family, established himself in the soft climate of Naples, and the fifth and youngest, James, born 1792, took up his residence at Paris. Strictly united, the wealth and power of the five Rothschilds S was vested in the eldest born; nevertheless, the shrewdest of the sons of Mayer Anselm, and the heir of his genius, Nathan, the third son, soon took the reins of government into the own hands. By his faith in Wellington and the flesh and muscle of British soldiers, he nearly doubled the fortune of the family, gaining more than a million sterling by the sole battle of Waterloo, the news of which he carried to England two days earlier than the mail. The weight of the solid millions gradually transferred the ascendancy in the family from Germany to England, making London the metropolis of the reigning dynasty of Rothschild. Like the royal families of Europe, the members of the house of Rothschild only intermarry with each other. James Rothschild married the daughter of his brother Salomon: his son Edmond heir apparent of the French line, was united to his first cousin, the daughter of Lionel, and granddaughter of Nathan Rothschild; and Lionel again-M.P. for London -- gave his hand in 1836 to his first cousin Charlotte the daughter of Charles Rothschild, of Naples. It is unnecessary to say that, though these matrimonial alliances have kept the millions wonderfully together, they have not improved the race of old Mayer Anselm, of the Red Shield. Already signs of physical weakness are becoming visible in the great family. So, at least, hint the French papers in their meager notices about the Rothschild congress at Paris. From all that can be gathered out of a wilderness of canards, thin faces and thick fiction, it appears that the sovereigns of the Stock Exchange met in conference for the double purpose of centralizing their money power and widening their matrimonial realm. In other words, the five reigning kings; descendants, according to the law of primogeniture, of the five sons Mayer Anselm, came to the decision to reduce their number to four by cutting off the Neapolitan branch of Charles Rothschild; while it was likewise decided that permission should be given to the younger members of the family to marry, for the benefit of the race, beyond the range of first cousinship. What has led to the exclusion of the Neapolitan line of Rothschild seems to have been the constant exercise of a highly blameable liberality, unheard of in the annals of the family. Charles, the prodigal son of Mayer Anselm, actually presented, in the year 1846, 10,000 ducats to the orphan asylum of St. Carlo, at Naples, and the son and heir of Charles (Gustavus) has given repeated signs of his inclination to follow in the footsteps of his father. Such conduct, utterly unbecoming of the policy of the house of Rothschild, could not be allowed to pass unnoticed, and, accordingly -- we quote the rumor of Paris journalism -- the decheance of the Neapolitan line has been pronounced. However, Baron Gustavus De Rothschild is not to retire into private life, like famous Charles V., with only a cassock on his shoulders and a prayer-book in his hand, but is allowed to take with him a small fortune of 150,000,000 francs, or about six millions sterling -- a mere crumb from the table of the descendants of poor Mayer Anselm, who wandered shoeless through the electorate of good King George III. It is certain that no romance of Royalty is equal to the romance of the house of Rothschild

1864: Campina Grande was elevated to the status of city in Brazil.  Campina Grande is in northeast Brazil.  Based on a recent documentary many Catholics in that region follow various Jewish customs without being aware of their origin, In all likelihood, the region was originally settled by Marranos or Conversos.  Their descendants continued practicing rituals such as not eating pork, circumcising new born males, reciting special prayers on the first day of the month and a variety of customs relating to dealing with the dead without being aware of their origins. 

1864 The General News column today reported that “In consequence of a Jewish feast occurring yesterday, there were fewer buyers at the yards, and the gentiles had the business of buying and selling to themselves, -- this gave less animation to the sale yards. It is thought that the Jews will bring in some stock to-morrow, and that there will be considerable business transacted.”

1872(9th of Tishrei, 5633): Erev Yom Kippur

1874(30th of Tishrei, 5635): Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan

1874: During today’s opening session of the Supreme Lodge of the Order of Kesher Shel Barzel, in the Bowery. J.P. Solomon of New York was chosen as Supreme Rosh. Other officers elected were, Deputy Rosh, L.H. Cohen of Ohio and Supreme Sopher, A.T. Jones of Pennsylvania.

1876(23rd of Tishrei, 5637): Simchat Torah

1878(14th of Tishrei, 5639): Erev of Sukkoth

1878: A fire broke out tonight in New York City “in the temporary building erected in the yard at #67 Hester Street for the celebration of…Sukkoth.”  The fire took place during services which created panic among the worshippers all of whom escaped without injury

1878: It was reported today that dispatches sent from Berlin by The Pall Mall Gazette (a British publication) say the European Powers are still refusing to recognize the independence of Romania until the government at Bucharest fulfills its treaty obligations granting full rights to its Jewish citizens.  The Romanian government has been using a series of legal gimmicks to avoid granting the Jews the civil rights that had been promised during negotiations in Berlin.

1879: Citizens of Bolivar County, Mississippi, meeting at Bolivar Landing passed a resolution denouncing Edward Storm, the Republican nominee for Supervisor as “a dishonest Jew, the servile tool of the slave owner before the war and convenient and abandoned ally of the corrupt carpet-bagger” since the end of the Civil War. (This maybe a reference to Edward Storm, a native of Berlin, Germany who served in the Confederate Army from 1861 until 1865 and is buried in Greenville, MS

1879: It was reported today that there are between six and seven million Hebrews in the world which is about the same number that were alive in the days of King David. This includes 5 million Jews in Russia, 200,000 in Asia, 80,000 in Africa and a million to a million and a half in America. Russia has the largest European Jewish population followed by Austria. There are only about 500,000 Jews living in Germany 45,000 of whom reside in Berlin.  Most of the African Jews live in Algeria and Ethiopia.  The 13,500 Jews living in Jerusalem constitute over half of that city’s total population.

1881: In Prague, Adolf Kelsen and Auguste Löwy gave birth to jurist and philosopher and Hans Kelsen.

1881(18th of Tishrei, 5642): Chol Ha Moed Sukkoth

1881(18th of Tishrei, 5642: Sixteen year old Bath Hyman, a native of Prussia, passed away today in Louisiana.

1883(10th of Tishrei, 5644): Yom Kippur

1883: Rabbi Kaufman will deliver today’s sermon in German at Temple Beth-El in New York City.

1884(22nd of Tishrei, 5645): Shemini Atzeret

1884: It was reported today that the funeral of Dr. Adolphus Huebsch, the rabbi who has led Ahavet Chesed since 1866 and passed away suddenly last night will be held on the day after Simchat Torah.

1884: Birthdate of Eleanor Roosevelt.  Contrary to what the anti-Semites said, neither FDR nor his wife was Jewish.  However, Mrs. Roosevelt certainly had numerous Jewish friends.  As a champion of the downtrodden including Jews seeking to escape Hitler’s Europe and those seeking to create a Jewish homeland, she certainly enjoyed a certain kind of celebrity and popularity with Jews living during the middle of the twentieth century.

1884: “Hebrew Charity For Children” published today presented a summary of the annual report of the Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Society.  Since its opening in September of 1879, this New York Institution has received applications for admission from more than 600 boys and girls.  In addition to maintaining sex segregated facilities for those needing residential assistance, the society provided 7,983 free meals to “poor people and children” not living in one of these facilities.  Mrs. P.J. Joachimsen will continue to serve as President for another year.

1884: It was reported today that two Jews named “Ritter and Strochlenski” have been found guilty and sentenced to death in Poland for having “murdered a Christian girl.”

1885: According to reports published today, there are 100,000 people living in Bagdad, 30,000 of whom are Jews struggling “for a bare subsistence.”

1885: It was reported today that officials had destroyed an illegal still near Newburg, NY, that was reputed to be owned by four Jews who escaped apprehension.

1886: In St. Louis, MO, an inquest was scheduled to be held today to determine the facts concerning death of Josie Martel who was supposed to have been killed by her husband Frank Sandmeyer, a Jewish waiter who took his own life after taking hers.

1887(23rd of Tishrei, 5648): Simchat Torah

1888: Rabbi Kaufmann Kohler’s address at tonight’s meeting of the Young Men’s Hebrew Association was followed by musical program that was conducted by Frederick Brandies.

1890: Novosti expresses the opinion that “the expulsion of the Jews from the districts not specifically assigned to them is one of the main causes of the present critical condition of commerce.”

1890: A list published today of the newly elected officers of the Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Society Orphan Asylum included: President – Mrs. Phillip J. Joachimsen; Vice President – Mrs. Teller; Treasurer –Mrs. Barnett; Secretary – Mrs. Meyer.

1891: Unless friends or relations claim the body, “the Hebrew Charities Organization” will bury Anna HIlkofsky, the thirty-six year old epileptic who died tragically yesterday in a fire.

1891(9th of Tishrei, 5652): Erev Yom Kippur.

1891: “The Fast of Yom Kippur Published today described the differences in observance between the Orthodox and Reformed Jews while acknowledging that the holiday is so “popular” that “temporary places of worship have been established in a number of public halls, particularly on the east side of the city to accommodate those who are not regular members of any congregation.”

1891: “University of Rochester” published today included a summary of a speech delivered by David Jayne Hill the school’s president to the Query Club on “Higher Education” in which he “referred to the achievements of many of the Jews” whom “he said…were among the leaders of advanced thought and in literature, art, music and other departments they had brought honor upon the race. A people without a country, they have made the world their home.”

1892: In New York, today’s Columbus Day Parade included a group of “very little boys from the Hebrew Orphan Asylum, some of them scarcely five years old” marking behind “their tiny Drum Major;” a scene that drew “many cheers” from the onlookers.

1892(20th of Tishrei, 5653): Chol Ha Moed Sukkoth

1892(20th of Tishrei, 5653): Four year old Willie Lewis Kranson passed away today after which he was buried at the Jewish Cemetery in Natchitoches, LA.

1892: One of the Columbus Day Parades had a total of 24, 620 participants, 128 of whom were from the Hebrew Orphan Asylum.

1893(1st of Cheshvan, 5654): Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan

1893: Robert Stone, A. Druger, Issac Schachat, Arbram Levin and Harris Baskin are the five pupils of the Bardon de Hirsh Trade School on East Ninth Street who have “been turned out of their boarding house” by order of Colonel J.E. Bloom who had expelled them from the school because “they refused to obey the rules necessary for discipline in the workshops.”

1894: Otto Slimbach, a well-known bully in the eastern district of Brooklyn was mortally stabbed by an unknown assailant this evening after having engaged in drinking at several saloons, beating his mother and going through the “Hebrew quarter” and indulging in Jew-baiting for further amusement.”

1894: An unknown number of striking cloakmakers, many of whom were Jewish, were clubbed tonight in Rutgers Place.

1894: General Mercier, the Secretary of War meets with three leaders including Charles Dupuy, the President of the Cabinet before moving ahead with the arrest of Captain Dreyfus on charges of selling secrets to a foreign power.

1894: “Who the Nominees Are” published today provides biographies of  those nominated by Tammany including Nathan Strauss who is their candidate for Mayor.

1895: The list of Tammany Judicial candidates published today included Joseph E. Newburger, a graduate of Columbia Law School who is a director of the of the Hebrew Orphan Asylum and President of Rodoph Sholom.

1896: In Moscow, Osip and Anna Jakobson gave birth to Roman Jakobson, “the father of modern structural linguistics who elaborated sophisticated theories of language and communication that had profound effects on such disciplines as anthropology, art criticism and brain research…”

1896(4th of Cheshvan, 5657: Eleven month old Julius Kranson passed away today after which he was buried in the Jewish Cemetery in Natchitoches, LA.

1897(15th of Tishrei, 5658): Sukkoth

1897: Birthdate of Boston native, violinist and bandleader Leo F. Reisman who gave pianist and bandleader Eddie Duchin “his big break.”

1897: “Thirty-four new cases of yellow fever were reported today in New Orleans, four of which were found at the Jewish Home” and they will be treated at Tuoro Infirmary, a non-sectarian medical facility supported by the city’s Jewish population.

1897: “The Feast of Tabernacles” published today provided a description of the celebration of Sukkoth which is immediately followed by the celebration of Simchat Torah, “The Rejoicing of the Law,” “when the last section of the law is read in the temples by what is called ‘The Bridegroom of the Law.’”

1898: Colonel Theodore Roosevelt delivered his first stump speech tonight during which he talked about the Rough Riders where all members were treated on their “merits as a man” whether Protestant, Catholic or Jew.” (Yes the famous regiment had Jewish members)

1902(10th of Tishrei, 5663): Yom Kippur

1906(22nd of Tishrei, 5667): Shemini Atzeret

1906: Birthdate of Charles Revson, Canadian born founder of Revlon Cosmetics.

1912(30th of Tishrei, 5673): Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan

1912(30th of Tishrei, 5673): Seventy-one year old Civil War veteran Moses Shelt passed away in Covington, KY.

1912: Louis D. Brandeis addressed some 200 social workers from the charitable and philanthropic organizations of New York and Brooklyn today at a meeting in the United Charities Building. Mr. Brandeis in his speech told the workers they might expect much help from Gov. Woodrow Wilson if he is elected President.

1912: According to reports published today, a special meeting of the Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Society of New York was held to pass a lengthy a resolution marking the recent death of Professor Morris Loeb

1913(10th of Tishrei, 5674): Yom Kippur

1913: In Rochester, NY, Rose and Harry Simon gave birth to Hymie Simon, who gained fame as Joe Simon the writer and illustrator who created Captain America. (As reported by Bruce Weber)

1914(21st of Tishrei, 5675): Hoshanah Rabah

1915: In “Call Jewish Congress American” published today it was reported that “in accepting his election as an advisory member of the Jewish Congress Organization Committee Dr. Henry Moskowitz has written the Secretary of the committee defending as strictly American in spirit the plan to form a congress of Jews which shall ‘assert the claims of Israel among the nations and seek fundamental civil and political rights’ for Jews in the countries at war.”

1915: “The interviews with Alexi Khvostfoff, the new Minster of the Interior published today” in Petrograd “do not announce his program but quote a number of interesting…statements” including his view that he “would remove most disabilities” that the Jews have had to endure.

1915: Louis D. Brandeis and Dr. Schmarja Levin address he first Fall meeting of the University Zionist Society which was held” tonight “at the home of L.A. Steinhard” on East 92nd Street.

1915: The Overseas News Agency distributed a statement “Fighting in Moscow’s Streets” that includes the belief of the “aristocracy and merchants of Moscow” that the current rioting is caused by “the disloyalty of the Jews.”

1915: F.H. Williams wrote from Bristol, CT, asking about the origins of “Pop Goes the Weasel” saying that his when he was at his grandfather’s house some time before 1855 he “distinctly heard” “three German Jews sing: ‘Queen Victoria’s very sick, Napoleon has the measles, Sebastopol’s not taken yet, Pop goes the Veasles.’”

1916(14th of Tishrei, 5677): Erev of Sukkoth

1916: “A novel turn to an ancient religious service will be given” this evening “when Methodist, Protestant and Presbyterian Army Chaplains”  take part in Sukkoth services “in the Young Men’s Hebrew Association Building in Douglas, AZ, under the auspices of the Army and Navy Committee of the Young Men’s Hebrew and Kindred Council

1918: Birthdate of Jerome Wilson Rabinowitz who gained fame as choreographer, director, dancer, and theater producer Jerome Robbins who may be best known for directing Leonard Bernstein’s musical version of Romeo and Juliet called “West Side Story.”

1918: In Brighton Raphael Lyons, a turf accountant who died in 1944 and his wife gave birth to Braham Jack Lyons who gained fame as :”journalist and public relations consultant” Dennis Lyons whom the Prime Minister gave a life peerage to in 1974 making Baron Lyons of Brighton.

1919: Major General Hans von Seeckt began serving as the first commander of The Truppenamt or 'Troop Office' which was in all but name, the German General Staff – an organization that was not supposed to exist under the Versailles Treaty and an organization whose existence proved that Germany never really had any intention of accepting the outcome of WW I, long before the Nazis came to power.

1921(9th of Tishrei, 5682): Jews hear Kol Nidre for the first time during the Presidency of Warren G. Harding

1923: In Manhattan “Sam A. Lewisohn and the former Margaret Seligment gave birth to the third of their four daughters, Elizabeth Ann Lewisohn who gained fame as historian Elizabeth L. Eisentstein. (As reported by Margalit Fox)

1924: Birthdate of Maurice Sanford Fox, “the son of poor Russian Jewish immigrants” who became “an American geneticist and molecular biologist, and professor Emeritus of Biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.”

1925(23rd of Tishrei, 5686): Simchat Torah

1926(3rd of Cheshvan, 5687): Sixty-three year old Maxim Vinaver, a Russian lawyer, Duma member and leader of the Jewish community who moved to Paris after the Bolshevik Revolution passed away today.

1926: Birthdate of major league baseball player Myron Nathan “Joe” Ginsberg.

1926: “Young April” a romantic comedy starring Joseph Schildkraut and Rudolph Schildkraut was released in the United States today

1927(15th of Tishrei, 5688): Sukkoth

1927: In a statement made public today, “Justice Jacob Panken of the Municipal Court flatly rejected an offer of Communist support for re-election.”

1929: In Manhattan, Irving Westin and the former Etta Furman gave birth to Alan Furman Westin “a legal scholar who nearly half a century ago defined the modern right to privacy in the incipient computer age” (As reported by Margalit Fox)

1931: Formation of the Harzburg Front, a right wing alliance that included the Nazi Party which was formed to undermine the democratically elected government of Chancellor Heinrich Bruning, the person who held that post for the longest period of time during the Weimar Republic.

1933(21st of Tishrei, 5694): Hoshana Raba

1936: In “Life in Tel Aviv, That Sudden Town,” published today Katherine Woods reviews Spring Up, O  Well by Ruth Kahn, a book that describes the Jewish “resettlement of Palestine”

1936: At the Free Synagogue, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise was one of the speakers at a memorial service honoring his lifelong friend Reverend S. Parkes Cadman.

1936: “Approximately 150 delegates representing 26 communities” heard Louis Lipsky, the former president of the Zionist Organization of America deliver a speech at the annual convention of the Long Island Region today at the Jamaica (Queens) Jewish Center in which “he described the British attitude toward Palestine as one of indifference and avoidance of the issues.”

1936: Dr. Stephen S. Wises presided at a dinner at the Hotel Plaza “at which the American Jewish Congress honored Louis Sturz, chairman of the finance committee and treasurer of the World Jewish Congress.

1936: “The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee reported” today “that a total of 7,750 Jews had been helped to migrate from their homes in Germany during the first six months of this by service agencies affiliated with the committee.”

1936: “While all available police were shepherding a march of 5,000 Communists through the East End tonight a group of Mosley’s gangsters shouting Fascist slogans raided Jewish shops in Mile End Road,” slashing bystanders with razors, hurling bricks through shop windows, overturning and setting on fire two cars and scattering the property of the Jews in the roadway,

1936: “An Arab Plot” published today provides a review of Talbot Mundy’s Jimgim And Allah’s Peace” an adventure novel whose hero is “Major Grim (Jimgrim) a British Military Intelligence officer on service in Jerusalem to thwart the plots of the belligerent Arab sheiks against their age-old enemies, the Jews…”

1937: Birthdate of actor Ron Leibman.  Born in New York City, his portrayal of the union organizer in the film hit Norma Rae won him kudos even if Sally Fields got the Oscar.

1937: The Palestine Post published an extensive report on the deteriorating condition of Jews in Poland and German Upper Silesia. According to Alexander Kahn, the vice-chairman of the Joint Distribution Committee in Poland, entire Jewish communities in towns and villages were subjected to unspeakable brutalities of local nationalists, anti-Semites and hooligans. There were riots at the Vilna and Lvov universities where Jewish students were beaten and, when forced to seat on the left side, preferred to stand instead. The Polish administration welcomed an economic anti-Jewish boycott while trade organizations urged to create "a ghetto" for Jewish tradesmen in the markets. In the village of Mushlatova a Jewish merchant and his wife were murdered at night, the fifth such crime in that district. Note that these outbreaks took place two years before the Nazis occupied Poland.  Anti-Semitism was part of the European cultural landscape.  It was this reality that helped to make the Final Solution possible.  “They did not hear our cries, not because they were deaf, but because they did not want to hear them.”  Anon

1938: In Cairo, at the concluding session of the Moslem Congress, the Proposals Committee presented a resolution making nine demands on the British government including nullification of the Balfour Declaration, cessation of Jewish immigration into Palestine, an end to any plans to partition Palestine and end to the mandate which would mirror the earlier end to the British Mandate in Iraq.

1939:  President Franklin Roosevelt received a letter signed by Albert Einstein urging that the United States begin an urgent program to develop what would become the atomic bomb.  It was Einstein’s support that garnered Roosevelt’s support for what would be known as the Manhattan Project – America’s program to build the Atomic Bomb.  At the time, it was viewed as a race which, if won by the Germans, would have cost the Allies the war.

1940(9th of Tishrei, 5701): Erev Yom Kippur

1940: “In compliance with War Department circular No. 5, all soldier of the Jewish faith will be granted furloughs” starting at noon today “so they may observed the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur.”

1940: In New York, “at Temple Emanu-El, Rabbi Samuel H. Goldenson” is scheduled to “preach tonight on “Believing In God.”

1940: In New York, “at the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, Rabbi David de Sola Pool” is scheduled to “preach tonight on ‘Hope for Mankind.’”

1940: In New York, at Congregation B’nai Jeshurun, Rabbi Israel Goldstein” is scheduled to “preach tonight on ‘Jewish Selfhood.’”

1940: In New York, “Rabbi William F. Rosenblum” is scheduled to “preach at Temple Israel tonight on ‘The Philosophy of Faith.’”

1940: In New York, “Rabbi Louis I. Newman” is scheduled to “preach at Temple Rodeph Sholom tonight on ‘The Secret of Kol Nidre’s Power.’”

1940: In New York, “at the Free Synagogue in Carnegie Hall, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise” is scheduled to “preach tonight on ‘How Can the Prophets Help Us Now?’”

1940: In New York, “at West End Synagogue, Rabbi Nathan Stern” is scheduled to “preach tonight on ‘Standing Before the Lord.’”

1940: In New York, “Rabbi Asher Block” is scheduled to “preach at Tempe Gates of Israel tonight on ‘The Art of Jewish Living.’”

1940: In New York, at Mount Neboh Congregation “Rabbi Samuel M. Segal” is scheduled “to preach tonight on ‘Hear, O Israel.’”

1940: In New York, “Rabbi Jonah B. Wise” is scheduled to “preach at Central Synagogue tonight on ‘Can Freedom Starve?’”

1940: As the deportation of the Jews of Cracow continued a group of un-named Jews were captured at prayer by an unknown photographer.

1940(9th of Tishrei, 5701); Eight-year old Italian Mathematician Vito Volterra passed away in Rome.

1941: Birthdate of Edmond E. Levy the native of Bara who made Aliyah at the age of 10 and rose to become an Israeli judge of the Supreme Court of Israel.

1941: A Jewish ghetto at Chernovtsy, Romania, is established.

1941(20th of Tishrei, 5702: Sixth Day of Sukkoth; Shabbat

1941(20th of Tishrei, 5702: Thousands of Jews are murdered at Edineti, Romania.

1942(30th of Tishrei, 5703): Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan

1942(30th of Tishrei, 5703): Over the next 48 hours eleven thousand Jews from Ostrowiec-Swietokrzyski, Poland, are killed at the Treblinka death camp

1943: An article in Time magazine entitled “Quality of Mercy” describes the rescue of the Danish Jews and their trip to Sweden. “Across the narrow waters of the Ore Sund word came to Sweden last week that 1,800 Gestapo men sent to Copenhagen specialty for the job had broken into Jewish homes and synagogues during Rosh Hashanah, arresting most of Denmark’s 10,000 Jews.  The reports said the Germans planned to ship their prisoners to the charnel houses of Poland.  Next day the Swedish government told the German Government that there was immediate, unconditional sanctuary for all Danish Jews in Sweden.  The Germans ignored the offer. At the end of the week, end upwards of 1,000 wretched Jews from Denmark had found their way across the cold Ore Sund to merciful Sweden.

1943: One day after rescuing three Jews from the Riga (Latvia) Ghetto by asking guards for Jews to labor on his property, Yanis Lipke rescues additional Jews using the same ruse.\

1943: Heinrich Himmler appeared on the cover of Time magazine.

1943: The trains kept rolling to Sobibor. According to Alexander Pechersky – on this day “the crematorium burned longer than usual. Helpless and distressed, we looked at the bodies of our brothers and sisters." New arrivals panicked and ran toward barbed wire, only to be machine-gunned by guards.

1944: “Laura” produced and directed by Otto Preminger with music by David Raskin was released in the United States by 20th Century Fox.

1944: U.S. premier of “To Have and Have Not” co-starring Laruen Bacall (the cousin of Shimon Peres) in her first major film role and music by Franz Waxman.

1945: According to reports published today, “Fritz Wiedemann, former German consul in San Francisco will be a leading Allied witness in the prosecution of Nazi war criminals” who will be tried according to rules established by the International Court of Justice. Wiederman had been the lover of Princess Stephanie who had spied on top Nazis.

1945(4th of Cheshvan, 5706): Social activist Alice Goldmark Brandeis, the widow of Justice Louis Brandeis passed away today.

1945: Early this morning, a group of armed Jewish attackers overpowered the guards at the British Army camp at Rehovot and stole a quantity of weapons and ammunition which they loaded into stolen trucks that were used to make a clean get—away.

1945: The USS President Warfield was struck from the U.S. Naval Vessel Register.  This was but one of the many steps that would lead this packet steamer to re-emerge as the Exodus in 1947.

1946: Seventy-eight year old Austrian diplomat Alfred Rappaport who had converted to Roman Catholicism in 1883 passed away today.

1946: Rabbi Phillip Bernstein of Rochester, NY, who serves as an adviser to Generals Joseph T. McNarney and Mark Clark” commanders of the American zones of occupation in Germany and Austria is returning to Germany today after meeting with President Truman at the White House.  Truman expressed concern for the plight of the Jews and said he wanted more firsthand information.  Bernstein said that the “original concept of resettling 100,000 European Jews is untenable” since the number of Jewish displaced persons is closer to 225,000.

1946: One hundred fifty of the four hundred Jews imprisoned at the Latrun detention camp began partial hunger strike in protest over their lengthy detention without ever having been charged let alone tried with any crime.

1946: An organization called the Arab Higher Fighters executed “two Arab land brokers” accused of having sold land to Jews.

1947: “Twenty British constables armed with Sten guns guarded the American consulate against possible Arab attack today after the United States announced its support of the partition of Palestine…The precautionary measures followed the bombing of the Swedish consulate…by Arabs…which was believed to have been an answer to a speech by the Swedish chairman of the United Nations special committee on Palestine” at the United Nations which is meeting a Lake Success, NY.

1948: At 5 p.m., former Gov. Herbert H. Lehman and Dr. Nelson Glueck, president of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, speak in a pre-Yom Kippur broadcast of the American Jewish Committee carried by WCBS and the Columbia Broadcasting System.
1948” “Where’s Charley?” a musical with lyrics and music by Frank Loesser opened on Broadway at the St. James Theatre where it “ran for 792 performances.
1951: In Paris, Ruth Ambrunn and Alter Mojze Goldman gave birth to Jean-Jacques Goldman a Grammy Awards-winning French singer-songwriter, who is hugely popular in the French-speaking world and since 2003, was the second-highest-grossing French living pop singer, after Johnny Hallyday.
1952(22nd of Tishrei, 5713): Shmini Atzeret and Shabbat
1952: Howie Greenfield knocked on Neil Sedaka’s door and asked him if “he wanted to write songs” with him.  Sedaka “didn’t know how to write songs and didn’t have any inclination” to learn how to.  Greenfield would convince him to change his mind and Sedaka later said it was a good thing “because we ended up writing over 300 songs together over the next 20 years.”
1953: NBC broadcast Paddy Chayefsky’s teleplay “The Bachelor Party” on the Philco Television Playhous
1953: General Mordechai Makleff, the 3rd Chief of Staff of the IDF, and at 32 the youngest to hold the position, announced his intention to resign after repeated disputes with government leaders.
1955: In Los Angeles, premiere of “Oklahoma,” the cinematic version of the Rogers and Hammerstein musical directed by Fred Zinnemann
1956: The two act version of A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller “opened at the New Watergate Theatre Club in New York.”
1959(9th of Tishrei, 5720): Erev Yom Kippur
1959(9th of Tishrei, 5720): Yitzchok Zev Soloveitchik, the Brisker Rov passed A native of Belarus, he escaped the Holocaust and settled in Jerusalem. A leader of the Haredi community, he advocated completed withdrawal from involvement with the state of Israel.  Unlike others, this meant he opposed accepting any financial aid from the state. 
1960: “The Siege of Sidney” a historic film with music by English composer Stanley Black (Solomon Schwartz) was released in the United Kingdom today. 
1961(1st of Cheshvan, 5722): Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan

1961(1st of Cheshvan, 5722): Leonard "Chico" Marx passed away at the age of 74.

1961: U.S. Premiere of “King of Kings,” the biblical blockbuster produced by Samuel Bronston

1961: U.S. Premier of the 3rd version of “Back Street” based on a novel by Fannie Hurst

1962: Pope John XXIII convened the Second Vatican Council or Vatican II. The Council marked a turning point in improving relations between the Catholic Church and the Jewish People.

1063(23rd of Tishrei, 5724): Simchat Torah

1963:  Popular French singer Edith Piaf passed away.  The popular Piaf was accused by some of collaborating with the Nazis while they occupied Paris during the war.  In her defense, Piaf’s supporters pointed that she helped the Jewish composer Michael Emer escape from occupied France. More to the point during the war she carried on an affair with the Jewish pianist Norbert Glanzberg, Okay, so it’s not Schindler’s List or Raoul Wallenberg; but saving Jews is saving Jews.

1965(15th of Tishrei, 5726): Sukkoth

1973(15th of Tishrei, 5734): Sukkoth

[Editor’s note – the next three entries are incomplete.  They are not a catalogue of failure, but a record of very brave men, fighting against great odds, not unlike those members of the RAF who fought so courageously during the Battle of Britain – never have so have so many owed so much to so few)

1973: An F-4E Phantom carrying Kobi Hayun and Uri Arad was shot down by an Egyptian MiG-21

1973: An F-4E Phantom carrying Yonatan Ofir and Eran was shot down by an Egyptian MIG=21

1973: An F-4E Phantom carrying Asher Snir was shot down by a SAM or anti-aircraft batteries.

1973: During the Yom Kippur War, after pushing Syrian troops from the Golan Heights, Israeli troops under General Raful Eitan counterattacked into Syrian territory. During the battle for the Golan, the Syrian army lost approximately 1,100 tanks. Some 3,500 Syrians were been killed, and 370 prisoners taken. At the end of the battle “a special paratroop unit led by a young officer called Yoni, made its way through Syrian-occupied territory, and in a dramatic rescue operation,” evacuated Lieutenant-Colonel Naty Yossi, who had led a gallant tank attack. The Yoni mentioned here is none other than Yoni Netenyahu, the man who will lose his life three years later on the rescue mission at Entebbe.  His second in command described the scene, “Yoni attacking, shooting and his leading his men into battle, leading them, not giving orders from behind.”  By nightfall, the Israelis were ten kilometers inside Syria and literally on the road to Damascus.  Despite this moment of victory, the fate of the Jewish state still hung in the balance and the situation was quite precarious to say the least.  

1974: Sylva Zalmanson, who had been freed on August 22nd after having served “4 years of a 10 yeaer sentence imposed at the end of the 1970 Leningrad Trial, arrived in Israel.

1974: Ten people participated in the first of two demonstrations took place in Moscow today during which demands were made for the granting of exit visas.

1975: Debut of Saturday Night Live, produced by Lorne Michaels, or, as he was known when growing up in Canada, Lorne Michael Lipowitz

1977(29th of Tishrei, 5738): Five days before his 67th birthday Sir Misha Black founder of the Artists’ International Association and winner of the Minerva Medal, the Chartered Society of Designers highest award.

1977: The Jerusalem Post reported that Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan told the UN General Assembly that for the past 10 years, 1967-1977, Israel was committed, but to no avail, to territorial concessions on the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip in return for a genuine peace. There was no sign that Arabs were ready for a settlement. And the same can still be said today.

1978(10th of Tishrei, 5739): Yom Kippur

1981: “One Day At A Time” starring Bonnie Franklin opens on CBS for its seventh season.

1981: U.S. premiere of “My Dinner with Andre” produced by George W. George the son of cartoonist Rube Goldberg.

1984(15th of Tishrei, 5745): Sukkoth

1984:  After premiering at the Cannes Film Festival, “Once Upon a Time America” a film that “chronicles the lives of Jewish ghetto youths who rise to prominence in New York City's world of organized crime” based on The Hoods by Harry Grey was released today in the United States was released today into the United Kingdom

1985: Birthdate of actress Michelle Trachtenberg.

1987: “House of Games,” which marked the directorial debut of David Mamet who also wrote the screenplay with Jonathan Katz was released today in the United States by Orion Pictures

1987: “How An Orchestra Fell Silent” published today descried the demise of the White Plains Symphony which Siegfried Landau served as music director for a quarter of a century.

1989(12th of Tishrei, 5750): Just days before his 83rd birthday Pennsylvania native Theodore Lorber who “was a member of the United States Fencing Team at the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics passed away today.

1990(22nd of Tishrei, 5751): Shmini Atzeret

1991: “Drop Dead Fred” a “dark comedy” with music by Randy Edelman was released in the United Kingdom today

1991: “City of Hope” featuring Gina Gershon as “Laurie Rinaldi” opened today in Boston and New York City.

1991: The first shows of season two of The Simpsons, a cartoon sitcom developed by James L. Brooks and Sam Simon was broadcast today.

1993: A month after the signing of the Declaration of Principles had taken place in Washington, D.C. between Israel and the PLO, the Israeli Foreign Minister “sent a letter to the Norwegian Foreign Minister in which he confirmed that ‘the Palestinian institutions of East Jerusalem and well-being of the Palestinians of East Jerusalem are great importance and will be preserved.’”

1997(10th of Tishrei, 5758): Yom Kippur

1998: The New York Times book section featured a review of Phillip Roth’s novel, I Married A Communist.

2000: Avraham Shochat began serving as Minister of Energy and Water Resources (AKA – Ministry of National Infrastructure)

2000: In addition to his other duties, Binyamin Ben-Eliezer began serving as Minister of House and Construction

2000: Portions of the INS Dakar, the Israeli submarine that sank in 1968, were raised from the floor of the Mediterranean Sea. (They were later placed at the memorial to the sub and its crew located at the National Military and Police Cemetery on Mt. Herzl.)

2001: “Knockaround Guys” a crime-comedy co-written, and co-directed by Brian Koppelman, co-produced by Lawrence bender featuring Josh Mostel and Dov Tiefenbach was released in the United States today.

2001: The Polaroid Corporation filed for bankruptcy marking the end of a company founded on the dream and the genius of Edwin Land and his instant photography.

2002: “Below,” a horror film written and produced by Darren Aaronofsky  was released in the United States.

2003(15th of Tishrei, 5764): Sukkoth

2004: At the start of the Knesset winter session, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon “outlined his plant to start legislation for the disengagement” from Gaza “beginning in November.”

2005(8th of Tishrei, 5766): Brent Shapiro’s death today lead to the found of “The Brent Shapiro Foundation,” “a non-profit organization which aims to raise drug awareness” chaired attorney Robert Shapiro, Brent’s father.

2005: Israeli mathematician Robert J. Aumann and Thomas C. Schelling won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science for their work in game theory, which explains the choices that competitors make in situations that require strategic thinking.

2005: The Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage opened in suburban Cleveland.  It is named for Milton Maltz and his wife, Tamar. The museum describes the heritage of the Jewish community through sound, visuals and interactive displays. The museum shares a campus with The Temple-Tifereth Israel. Founded in 1850, it's one of the oldest reform congregations in the United States.

2006(14th of Tishrei, 5767): A double barreled celebration as Sukkoth and Shabbat both begin on Friday night.

2006: reported that Randy Weinstein is regretfully resigning the from Student Government Association (SGA) at Georgia Tech when that organization decided to provide funding for the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) so that it could put on a program that provided “a one-sided attack on Israeli anti-terrorism policy.”

2006: As of today, General Universal Stores (GUS) which had been under the control of Leonard Wolfson since 1970, was listed as two separate entities – Home Retail Group and Experian - on the London Stock Exchange.

2007: In Washington, D.C. the DCJCC as part of the Hyman S. and Freda Bernstein Jewish Literary Festival a noon time discussion of Jewish Washington: Scrapbook of an American Community, a fascinating and authoritative chronicle of the history and heritage of Washington's vibrant Jewish community. “The story of Washington's Jewish community is often told only as a one-dimensional timeline: Jews came "late" to the city and followed the usual immigration patterns of opening small shops that grew into large stores; organizing Jewish communal organizations; and eventually moving out to the suburbs. This book, which began as a landmark exhibition at the National Building Museum, adds depth and dimension to that story, and honors the 350th anniversary of Jewish life in America. A wealth of images of historic documents, artifacts and photographs—many never before seen by the public—alongside brief essays and a historic overview, depict a Washington that is both the nation's capital and hometown to the sixth largest Jewish community in the United States.”

2007: The Oxford Union debating society raised ire among student groups and activists on Thursday after its president announced that he had invited Holocaust denier David Irving to come speak at the university.

2008: At the Jerusalem Cinematheque, a screening of the short film “So We Said Goodbye” ( “נפרדנו כך”) in which “65-year-old Yaakov is saying goodbye to his sons and grandchildren, who are leaving Israel and recalls the moment when as a child he bid farewell to his family in 1937 Poland. The film was the winner of the 1990 Aliza Shagrir Award.”

2009 (23 Tishrei, 5770): Simchat Torah

2009: Israeli poet Efrat Mishor reads at Prairie Lights Bookstore in Iowa City, IA.

2009: American fans of Maccabi Tel Aviv will have the opportunity this fall to watch their team in action at Madison Square Garden, tonight when the Israeli team takes to the court against the New York Knick in a rematch of the teams' meeting in 2007.

2009: The Sunday edition of the Washington Post included reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including Why the Dreyfus Affair Really Matters by Louis Begley

2009: The Sunday edition of the Los Angeles Times included reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including The Book of Genesis Illustrated by R. Crumb

2009: The New York Times included reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including Anne Frank: The book, the Life, the Afterlife by Francine Prose and Mike Bloomberg: Money, Power, Politics by Joyce Purnick.

2010: Israeli author Joshua Sobol is scheduled to take part in a reading at McNally Jackson bookstore in New York City.

2010: The Knesset is scheduled to convene for its Winter Session.

2010: Steve Linde reported today that “Irene Rosenfeld, an American Jewish businesswoman who is chief executive of Kraft Foods, came in second place on Forbes magazine’s list of the world’s 100 most powerful women published this month. The list, which is headed by first lady Michelle Obama, features several other prominent Jewish women:

• Mary Schapiro, the head of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (17th),

• Elana Kagan, the new Supreme Court justice (25th), • Sarah Jessica Parker, the attractive actress in Sex in The City (45th),

• Suze Orman, a personal finance expert, author and TV host (61st),

• Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer (66th), and

• Donna Karan, the famous fashion designer (96th).

2010: The 2010 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science was awarded to three recipients today including Peter A. Diamond, a professor of MIT.

2010(3rd of Cheshvan, 5771): Seventy four year old Carla Cohen who Politics and Prose was a bookstore was more a cultural landmark than a commercial venture, passed away today. (As reported by Ashley Parker)

2010(3rd of Cheshvan, 5771): Seventy-nine year old Claire Rayner passed away in London.

2010(3rd of Cheshvan, 5771): Ninety four year old real estate developer Robert V. Tishman, whose work included the World Trade Center, passed away today. (As reported by Dennis Hevesi)

2011: Ethan Halpren is schuedled to host an Israeli Dance Workshop and Marathon at the Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia featuring internationally recognized choreographer and instructor Ira Weisburd.

2011: Israeli pianist Ran Dank is scheduled to perform the works of Chopin and Beethoven at the Merkin Concert Hall in New York City.

2011: Under the agreement, announced today, Israel is to free 1,027 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for its soldier, Gilad Shalit, held captive in Gaza for the past five years. Kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit will be returned to Israel next week, Israeli authorities reported. Shalit is expected to be transferred to the Sinai Peninsula through Rafah crossing, then to Israel. According to reports, Israel Defense Forces intend to allow Shalit to be reunited with his family as soon as possible.

2011: Unknown vandals scrawled "Death to the Jews" on four synagogues and a vehicle in the northern city of Safed on tonight.

2012: “The Gatekeepers,” a film created by Israeli director Dror Moreh is scheduled to be shown at the New York Film Festival

2012: In Washington, DC, Robin Jacobson, the Librarian at Adas Israel is scheduled to lead a discussion about Comedy in a Minor Key which “tells the story of a Dutch couple who harbor a Jew during the Holocaust and the consequences of their relationship.”

2012: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced today that the elections for the 19th Knesset will be held on Tuesday, January 22, 2013.

2012: Gina “Gershon's first book written for adults, In Search of Cleo: How I Found My Pussy and Lost My Mind, the true story of the hunt for her runaway cat was released today.

2012: Barbra Streisand performed before the sold out crowd at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn tonight.

2012: The leader of Hezbollah claimed responsibility today for launching an Iranian-made drone aircraft into Israeli airspace earlier this week, adding more tension to an already explosive Mideast atmosphere.

2012: Over seven years after he vanished without a trace, a Daliat al-Carmel resident discovered the remains of missing Druse soldier Majdi Halabi two weeks ago in a forest near Usfiya, the IDF confirmed today. Halabi went missing in May 2005.

2012: “Fill the Void,” “the award-winning movie debut from Israel’s Rama Burshtein” is scheduled to have its Israeli premier. (As reported by JTA and Times of Israel)

2013: The Eden-Tamir Music Center is scheduled to host “Mozart’s Women – Cose fan tutte”

2013: Shrek is scheduled to open at the Lawrence Family JCC in San Diego, CA

2013: The Ninth Grade is scheduled to lead Shabbat Eve services at Temple Judah in Cedar Rapids, IA.

2013: The Hyman S. & Freda Bernstein Jewish Literary Festival is scheduled to present “The Great Children’s Read: Bringing Books to Life” featuring Pamela Mayer, author of Don’t Sneeze at the Wedding.

2013: Construction and Housing Minister Uri Ariel (Bayit Yehudi) today called on Israel to halt direct talks with the Palestinians following the fatal attack of an Israeli man overnight in a settlement in the northern Jordan Valley, Army Radio reported. (As reported by JP Staff)

2014(17th of Tishrei, 5775): Shabbat Chol Hamoed Sukkoth

2014: In Washington, Adas Israel is scheduled to hold Shabbat services for the first time since Gil Steinhauf, the congregation’s senior rabbi informed the community that he and his wife are divorcing while declaring “I have come to understand that I am gay.”

2014: Today “six Israelis claimed the world open water relay record after swimming 380 kilometers (236 miles) home from Cyprus in a challenge also meant to highlight ocean pollution.”

2014: “Two Israelis were arrested in the West Bank today after a group attacked a Palestinian family picking olives at the start of harvest season — a frequent source of tension.”

2014: Lewis Black is scheduled to perform this evening at the Pabst Theatre in Milwaukee, WI.

2015: The New York Times featured books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including Pastrami On Rye: An Overstuffed History of the Jewish Deli by Ted Merwin.

2015: In Ottumwa, IA, Congregation B’nai Jacob which was founded in 1915 is scheduled to celebrate its centennial with a Centennial Open House led by President Harvey Disenhouse.

2015: ‘From Jaffa to Agripas a special project initiated by the c.a.t.m.o.n dance group and its creative director Elad Schechter is scheduled to take placed for the second time in Jerusalem,

2015: Temple Judah is scheduled to host its communal Sukkah Breakdown, a sure sign that the holiday season is over

2015: The Jewish Museum of Maryland is scheduled to host Scott R. Benarde speaking on “Stars of David: Rock ‘n’ Roll Jewish Stories” a “program that provides a look into how Judaism influence the makers of popular music over the past fifty years.”

2015: In New York, filmmaker Paula Fouce, Anne Frank’s stepsister Eva Schloss Geiringer and Jonathan Brent are scheduled to discuss “No Asylum: The Untold Chapter of Anne Frank’s Story” after its screening this evening.

2015: “Light & Noir: Exiles and Émigrés in Hollywood, 1933–1950 and exhibition that tells the fascinating story of immigration, acculturation, and innovation that influenced Hollywood film as an American cultural phenomenon” is scheduled to opened at the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center.

2015: In New Orleans, the JCRS is scheduled to host its annual Chanukah Gift Wrapathon.

2015:  Near Gan Shmuel, next to Hadera, a twenty year old terrorists “used his car to run over two soldiers waiting at the bus stop” and got and stabbed three more people ages 15, 19, and 45.

2015: The Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education is scheduled to host “Courage, Hope, and Survival of the Holocaust by Eva and Les Aigner.”

2015: Natalee Birchansky, one of the next generation of leaders of the Cedar Rapids Jewish community is scheduled to host her first Art Show.

2016(9th of Tishrei, 5777):  Erev Yom Kippur

G'mar Hatima Tova”




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