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This Day, September 21, In Jewish History by Mitchell A. Levin

September 21

19 BCE: Virgil, the classical Roman poet passes away. Eclogue 4, the so-called Messianic Eclogue, is the best known of Virgil’s Eclogues or “Selected Poems also known as Bucolics or “Pastorals.. Written in 40 B.C., during the consulship of Pollio, Virgil's benefactor a year or two previously, it hails the birth of a baby boy who will usher in a golden age of peace and prosperity in which even nature herself will participate. The golden age is the new era of peace for which Augustus was responsible, and the child is thought to be the expected offspring of Augustus and Scribonia (the infant turned out to be a girl). The similarity of language in the poem to that of the Book of Isaiah gave rise to the idea, in the early Christian period, that the fourth Eclogue was indeed a prophecy of the birth of Christ. The similarity may be due to the fact that Jewish ideas spread over Italy in the second half of the first century B.C., and Virgil may have used his acquaintance with them to express the Roman equivalent of a Messianic expectation.

1104: The first synagogue in Speyer was consecrated today, “eleven years after the pogrom of 1096.

1348: The Jews of Switzerland were charged with perpetuation of the Black Death epidemic. There were riots in Bern Chilon and Zurich. Jews held at Chilion were tortured until they "confessed" to having poisoned wells in the area around Venice, Italy. Many Swiss Jews were burned to death during the riots while others were expelled from their respective cities after the violence had subsided. The Black Death was supposed to have been caused by poisoned wells and the Jews were the responsible for poisoning the wells. Of course the Black Death was really Bubonic Plague, but the ignorant found it convenient to blame the Jews for any inexplicable ill that befell them.

1451: Jews of Arnhem were ordered to wear the Jew-badge by the Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, the Cardinal for that part of Holland.

1553: The Talmud was confiscated and publicly burned in Rome under the auspices of Cardinal Caraffa, later to be Pope Paul IV, a rabid counter-Reformationist. The Cardinal chose this day specifically because it was Rosh Hashanah so the Jews would feel the grief more strongly. Talmud burning would spread to other parts of Italy.

1558: Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, passed. Charles wore two hats, or should we say two crowns. While he was the Holy Roman Emperor he was also King of Spain. As the Spanish monarch he continued to enforce the ban against Jews living in his realm. But as Holy Roman Emperor, his rule over German Jewry was such that they “regarded the emperor as their benefactor and protector against the Protestants.”

1618(Tishrei, 5379): In Holland, Dona Ester, wife of Moses Peixotto passed away. Her tombstone provides us with one of the earliest records of the Peixottos, a prominent Sephardic family who came to the United States in the first decade of the 19th century.

1645(1st of Tishrei, 5406): In Mogilev, Russia, rioters attacked the Jews during Tashlikh services..

1676: Innocent XI begins his Papacy. “Innocent showed a degree of sensitivity in his dealings with the Jews within the Italian States. He compelled the city of Venice to release the Jewish prisoners taken by Francesco Morisini in 1685. He also discouraged compulsory baptisms which accordingly became less frequent under his pontificate; but he could not abolish the old practice altogether. More controversially he issued an edict by which all the money-lending activities carried out by the Roman Jews were to cease. Such a move would incidentally have financially benefitted his own brothers who played a dominant role in European money-lending. However ultimately convinced that such a measure would cause much misery in destroying livelihoods, the enforcement of the edict was twice delayed.

1710(Elul, 5470): Hodel, daughter of Moshe Kikinish of Lemberg, died a martyr's death after falsely confessing to blood-ritual charges in order to save the lives of other Jews.

1731: Jews were granted the right to attend fairs in Smolensk provided that they limit their transactions to wholesale business.

1758: In Paris, Abraham Silvestre who was “of Jewish origin” and his wife gave birth to linguist and orientalist Silvestre de Sacy who prepared texts for the British and Foreign Bible Society.

1759(29th of Elul, 5519): Erev Rosh Hashanah

1768(10th of Tishrei, 5529): Yom Kippur

1776(8th of Tishrei): Shabbat Shuvah

1776: During the British occupation of New York, a fire broke out that destroyed approximately 25% of the city – a fire that the British claimed was started to disrupt their forces and that the Americans claimed the British  started so that they could loot the city, most of whose Jewish inhabitants had fled with the departure of American forces.  

1789(1st of Tishrei, 5550): Jews celebrate Rosh Hashanah for the first time under the Presidency of George Washington.

1779: Birthdate of Count Wedel Jarlsberg, a Norwegian noble who supported banning Jews from his country.

1802: Anti-Jewish riots took place in Switzerland. Five centuries have passed since the black plague but the Swiss behavior remained unchanged.

1812(15th of Tishrei, 5573): First Day of Sukkoth

1825(9th of Tishrei, 5585): Erev Yom Kippur

1836(10th of Tishrei, 5597): Yom Kippur

1836: Joseph Samuels led services in the newly dedicated synagogue in Cincinnati, Ohio – the first such structure in the Queen City.

1838: Privileges granted the Jews of Sweden were revoked by the Swedish government.

1841: Hassocks Gate Railway Station which was designed by Anglo-Jewish architect David Mocatta opened today.

1842: Birthdate of Ottoman Sultan Murad V. During his reign, Jews migrated to Turkey after the signing of the Berlin Treaty. Also, his Jewish subjects celebrated the 400th anniversary of their arrival from Spain. It took three tries, but Herzl finally got an audience with the Sultan in 1902 during which he makes his case for a Jewish Homeland under the protection of the Sultan.

1842: Birthdate of John B. Weber, Civil War veteran and New York Congressman who was appointed the first Commissioner of Immigration at the Port of New York in 1890 which meant he had a major impact on the flood of Jewish immigrants from eastern Europe – deciding in some cases who could stay and who had to be returned. Weber joined Dr. Walter Kempster in visiting Russia and preparing an official report on the conditions of the Jews living in that country and the purposeful policy of deprivation and discrimination pursued by the Czar to impoverish the Jews and force them to immigrate to the United States.

1843: In Bromberg, Prussia, Moses Nathan Silberberg and Pauline Pulvermacher gave birth to Max Silberberg the husband of Dora Feder who came to the United States in 1859, served in the Union Army and served for several years in the Ohio State Legislature, representing a district from Cincinnati.

1846(1st of Tishrei, 5607): In the first year of the Mexican-American War, Jews observe Rosh Hashanah

1847: Birthdate of Yitzhak Isaac Halevy Rabinowitz the “rabbi, Jewish historian, and founder of the Agudath Israel organization” who was raised by his grandfather Mordechai Eliezer Kovno, “after his father was killed by soldiers.”

1850(15th of Tishrei, 5611): Sukkoth

1853: Rabbi J.J. Lyons officiated at the wedding of T. Jefferson Tobias of Charleston, SC to Adelaide Hendricks, the daughter of Uriah Hendricks of New York City.

1853: “Great Britain: London Trade-American Sewing Machines” published today reported “if the clothing firm of E. Moses and Son has not begun using the sewing machine in its tailoring operation, it soon will, since the firm is always looking for ways to be be more cost effective.” “London clothier Elias Moses was the first to pioneer a retail model of massive advertising and deep discounts to create a high-volume business in low-margin ready-to-wear clothing…The Moses & Son store even looked different, fitted with” the “ then unheard of plate-glass display windows out front and fixed prices on clothing inside. But after the father passed away, and the son retired, the store rather lost is heart. When the son of Moses and Son died in 1884, the Times of London mourned, ‘The large premises at Aldgate and Oxford Street know the name of E. Moses and Son no more.’”

1857: Bertha and Marcus Goldman gave birth to Henry Goldman who joined Goldman Sachs & Co in 1885 where he “helped list retail companies like Sears and Woolworth” and he refinanced Studebaker.  He left the company during World War I over his support for Germany an attitude that would change when he visited the country when the Nazis came to power and became a tireless worker to help German Jewish intellectuals and children escape to the United States.

1858: In Philadelphia, PA, Rebecca Baehr married Julius Israel of Camden, SC.

1859: Benjamin Szold arrived in the United States and began serving as the Rabbi for Oheb Shalom in Baltimore, Maryland. He would serve in that capacity until his death in 1902. Szold moved the congregation from Minhag America (Reform) to Minchag Ashekenaz (Traditional). For all of his own accomplishments, his greatest claim to fame may be that he was the father of Henrietta Szold.

1860: Seventy-two year old German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer who called the Jews "The Great Master of Lies" passed away today.

1863: At its meeting today the Board of Alderman referred to the Committee on Donations and Charities the Report of Committee on Finance, with resolution that the Comptroller be directed to dispose of the following ground, belonging to the Corporation, and located adjoining the Orphan Asylum of the Hebrew Benevolent Society, on Seventy-seventh-street, and extending from the westerly line or side of said Orphan Asylum to the easterly line or side of Lexington-avenue. being in extent one hundred and thirty-five feet front and rear, by one hundred feet deep to the said- Hebrew Benevolent Society, to be held by the said Society upon the same tenure or conditions as the twelve lots of ground heretofore granted to the Bifid Society; the grant hereby made to said Society to be sanctioned by the Legislature of the State at its next or any subsequent session, in order to perfect the title thereto in the aforesaid Society, and to obviate the prohibition contained in the forty-first section of the Amended Charter of one thousand eight hundred and fifty-seven, in respect to disposing of the property or franchises of the City.

1865(1st of Tishrei, 5626): American Jews celebrate Rosh Hashanah for the first time during the Presidency of Andrew Johnson

1867: Birthdate of American statesman, Henry Stimson. By the time he passed away in 1950, Stimson had amassed an incredible record of public service serving Presidents from Teddy Roosevelt to Harry Truman. Stimson served as Secretary of War from 1940 through 1945. This meant that he was the cabinet member who oversaw the Army and Army Air Force in the successful defeat of the Axis military. Towards the end of the war, there were some in the Roosevelt administration who circulating a resolution opposing creation of a Jewish state in Palestine. Stimson came out against this move which helped to smother it at a time when American support for a Jewish state was a hotly debated issue in the halls of government.

1870: According to the Teachers’ Reading Room and Exchange in Manhattan there are 7 Hebrew Schools below 59th Street with a total enrollment of 1,147 and 47 teachers.

1871(6th of Tishrei, 5632): Sixty-four year old Rabbi Mendel Hess passed away. Born in 1807, at Lengsfeld (now Stadtlengsfeld), Saxe-Weimar he was a German rabbi.He was one of the 1st Jewish theologians to combine a university education with Talmudical training. From 1828 until his death he was chief rabbi of the grand duchy of Weimar, residing first at Lengsfeld and later at Eisenach. Although the measure had aroused great dissatisfaction among the Jews, he strictly enforced the decree of the government (June 20, 1823) ordaining that Jewish services should be conducted exclusively in the German language and that the reading in Hebrew of sections of the Bible should be followed by their translation into the vernacular. The position of rabbi as government official became very unpleasant, as he was required to inform against those who failed to attend the services, a requirement which even the progressive Jews, who approved of the ordinance, condemned. Intermarriages between Jews and Christians being allowed in the grand duchy, Hess officially consecrated such nuptials, notwithstanding the proviso that the off-spring should be brought up in the Christian faith. In the consecration of Jewish marriages he likewise ignored time-honored traditional rabbinical regulations, and it is said that in his disregard of Jewish sentiment he went so far as to attend a theater on the eve of the Day of Atonement). Hess was a member of the three rabbinical conferences which (1844-46) convened at Brunswick, Frankfort-on-the-Main, and Breslau, and as such was an advocate of uncompromising radicalism. After 1848 he felt the illiberality of enforced reforms, and petitioned the government to repeal the law which made attendance at the Reform services compulsory ("Allg. Zeit. des Jud." 1853, p. 474). He edited "Der Israelit des Neunzehnten Jahrhunderts" from 1839 to 1847, and, with Samuel Holdheim as coeditor, in 1847 and 1848. Hess also published two collections of sermons and addresses

1873(29th of Elul, 5633): Erev Rosh Hashanah

1874(10th of Tishrei, 5635): Yom Kippur

1874: Birthdate of Joe Levin, a founder of B'nai Abraham Synagogue in Brenham, Texas.

1876(3rd of Tishrei): Tzom Gedaliah

1876: In Vladislavov, David and Marie Bernstein gave birth to Herman Bernstein, the Russian born American author and diplomat who wrote “History of a Lie,” a book which exposed the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” as an anti-Semitic forgery and served as U.S. Ambassador to Albania.

1878: As a Yellow Fever Epidemic gripped the Deep South, the officers of Hebrew Hospital Association in Memphis, Tennessee issued the following appeal: “Our funds having been entirely exhausted, and sickness still continuing with unabated fury in our midst, we appeal to our co-religionists through the United States for pecuniary aid. There are orphans to be cared for, in addition to relieving the wants of the sick and the distressed. And our good work must be discontinued unless aid is given us. All remittances should be addressed to David Eiseman, Treasurer of the Hebrew Hospital Association.”

1878: Raphael D.C. Lewin delivered a lecture on the subject of “Life and Character of Moses Mendelssohn, the German-Jew Philosopher of the Eighteenth Century.” The proceeds of the lecture will go to aid those suffering from the Yellow Fever Epidemic.

1878: The Chamber of Commerce Relief Committee dispersed funds to various organizations aiding victims of Yellow Fever including $1,000 to the Hebrew Benevolent Association of New Orleans, $500 to the Association for the Relief of Jewish Widows and Orphans of New Orleans and $500 to the Hebrew Benevolent Association of Memphis, TN.

1878(9th of Tishrei, 5548): Erev Yom Kippur

1879 (4th of Tishrei, 5640): Tzom Gedaliah

1879: In Columbus, Mississippi, founding of B’nai Israel, a congregation that holds Friday night and Saturday morning services in the Odd Fellows Building, provides a religious school that meets twice weekly and owns a cemetery “one mile south of the courthouse.”

1879 (4th of Tishrei, 5640): Rabbi Meir Leibush ben Yechiel Michel also known as the Malbin passed away. Born in 1809, he ultimately became the Chief Rabbi of Bucharest. He wrote a commentary on the Bible, showing the close relationship between the Oral and the Written Law. He fought strongly against many reformist movements which he likened to modern day Kararites. While not very popular with the "enlighteners," he apparently was quite popular with the common people of the various communities that he served.

1880: It was reported today that the Jewish festival of Succoth or Feast of Booths commenced on Sunday evening and will continue until next Monday night.  The first and last days of the festival are only regarded as holy days, the intermediate days being of no special import.  His is the harvest of feast of the ancient Jews and is also commemorative of the Israelites dwelling in Succoth of booths during their weary journey through the wilderness.”

1883: Birthdate of Robert Goldstein the producer of “The Spirit of ‘76” a film made before the United States entered WW I which portrayed the cruel treatment of Americans during the Revolution by British soldiers.  Unfortunately for Goldstein and he was prosecuted under Title XI of the Espionage Act, and received a ten-year sentence plus a fine of $5000. The sentence was commuted on appeal to three years.

1883: It was reported today that while addressing a banquet being held in Grosswardein, the Hungarian Prime Minister said “Jew-baiting affected the honor of the Fatherland, and the Government was bound to protect the lives and property of all citizens regardless of class prejudice.”

1884: Birthdate of Clarence Cleveland Dill, the United States Senator from the state of Washington who was so supportive of Herbert Hoover’s nomination of Benjamin Cardozo to serve on the Supreme Court that, on a radio broadcast he called it “the finest act of his career as President.”

1884: “The English Peers” published today, using information that first appeared in the Fortnightly Review, described the obstructionist role played by the House of the Lords in the past sixty years including their repeated oppositions to bills passed by the House of Commons that would have relived Jews of their “civil disabilities.”

1884: It was reported today that in London, this week’s edition of the Jewish Chronicle contained a letter from Henry Rice, the President of the United Hebrew Society of New York and I.S. Isaacs, the society’s secretary, describing the opposition of Jews in the United States “to the immigration of idle, weak people who expect to live on charity alone and urging that care be taken that none be sent save those able to earn a living.”  The Jewish leaders warned that the U.S. government would send back the former.  The Chronicle called “the letter harsh and unsympathetic.”1884: “Heine’s Memoirs” published today provides a detailed review of The Memoirs of Heinrich Heine which include “some newly discovered fragments of his writings” and “an introductory essay by Thomas W. Evans”

1884: It was reported today that unnamed Jewish peddler has been arrested in New Haven on charges that he had split open the head of John Carroll after being teased by a group of boys last night.

1884: The Society of United Hebrew Charities met at Wheatly Hall in Philadelphia to discuss the additional street being place on its limited resources to the huge influx of Russian immigrants.

1884: “Honoring An Aged Philanthropist” published today described the “extensive preparations” being made by American Jews to celebrate the 100th birthday of Sir Moses Montefiore on October 24.  At four o’clock in the afternoon on that date synagogues throughout the United States will hold services following the special liturgy first developed in the British Empire.” 

1890: In Vienna, a sub-Lieutenant who had been arrested for attacking an old Jew appeared before the Police Commissioner today and explained his action by saying that “he had…quarreled with a Jew and hated all the race so much that he had sworn he would punish the first one he set eyes upon.”

1890: Rabbis Pereira Mendes and M.H. Harris officiated at the funeral of Benjamin F. Peixotto at Temple Israel of Harlem. Pall bearers include Julius Bien, Meyer S. Isaacs, Adolph Sanger, Daniel T. Hays, Michael H. Cardozo, Kiliaen Van Rensselaer, M.M. Davis and Adolphus Solomons of Washington, D.C.

1890: “New Publications” published today included  a description of The Centurial: A Jewish Calendar for One Hundred Years, a Jewish calendar and almanac compiled by E. M. Myers.

1891(18th of Elul, 5651): Henry Marks, a young Jew from Brooklyn  who had served with Troop E, Fifth Cavalry, US Army, shot himself “on the lake shore at Edgewater” outside of Chicago.

1891: Seventy year old Victor Guérin a French explorer and archaeologist whose seven trips to the “holy land” resulted in the seven volume Geographical, Historical, and Archaeological Description of Palestine and who used such Jewish sources “as the Mishna and Talmud, as well as Jewish travelers such as Benjamin of Tudela and Isaac Chelo” passed away today.

1892(29th of Elul, 5652): Erev of Rosh Hashanah

1892: Polish Jews being held in quarantine at Sandy Hook “have been sent kosher food from their friends in New York so they can begin their celebration of Rosh Hashanah

1892: “The Jewish New Year” published today provided a description of the upcoming holiday that includes “a peculiar observance, the blowing of the shofar or cornet…”

1893: Solomon Breyer is at home with a scalp wound he suffered when the synagogue on Rivington Street he was praying at Erev Yom Kippur caught fire and burned.

1893: According to reports published today, a concert will be held “to defray” the legal expenses of Jewish anarchist Emma Goldman.”

1895: “Knows the Hebrew Bible by Heart” published today described the intellectual attainments of Professor Jacob Cooper, the Rutgers professor who claimed that he was so well versed in the Old Testament that “if all the Hebrew Bibles in the world were destroyed he could reproduce the text from memory and who was awarded an honorary LL.D. by Tulane for his work in ancient languages.

1896: “Santa Maria,” a comic or light opera created by Oscar Hammerstein is scheduled to open at the Olympia Theatre in New York.

1899: In Algiers, rioting that had been begun by Max Regis, the former mayor and notorious Jew baiter yesterday continued today with the police making at least six arrests.

1900: Fire in Constantinople, left 2000 Jews without shelter. One synagogue was destroyed.

1900: In n the town of Potoki, near Kremenchuk, Ukraine, Hoda (Hadassah) and Yehuda Leib Nissan Vilensky, a Zionist leader descended from a long line of rabbis gave birth to Miriam Vilensky who gained fame as Israeli writer and poet Miriam Yalan-Shteklis

1901: Herzl is granted an interview with British Colonial Minister Joseph Chamberlain.

1903(9th of Tishrei, 5738): Erev Yom Kippur

1906(2nd of Tishrei, 5667): Second Day of Rosh Hashanah

1907(13th of Tishrei, 5668): Parashat Ha’Azinu

1907(13th of Tishrei, 5668: Fifty-five year old Harris Lebus, the native of Hull, who after learning the furniture making trade from his cabinet-maker father joined with his brother Herman Andrew Harris to form Harris Lebus, “the largest furniture factory in the world” passed away today.

1909: Birthdate of Kwame Nkrumah, President of Ghana from 1958 until 1966. Nkrumah was President of Ghana when it gained its independence from Britain. Under Nkrumah, Ghana established strong economic and political ties with Israel. Like many other newly independent African states, Ghana saw Israel as a source for training in modern technology that would attempt to establish a pseudo-colonial relationship. Israel saw these joint efforts as a way of off-setting the petro-power of the Arab nations. Among other things, Ghana and Israel formed a joint ocean cargo and shipping line called Black Star. Unfortunately, Nkrumah lost his moral compass and was deposed in 1966l A year later, Israel’s African friends would turn on her and succumb to threats of an Arab led shut off of petroleum following the Six Days War.

1910: “Ezrah,” the first Ashkenazi community organization is founded in Montevideo, Uruguay.

1911: On Thursday evening Joseph H. Hertz is formally installed as Rabbi of Congregation Orach Chayim in Manhattan.

1912)10th of Tishrei, 5673): Yom Kippur

1914(1st of Tishrei, 5675): As Jews on all fronts of the Great War celebrate Rosh Hashanah, on the Western Front, German and Allied Forces plan their next move following the Battle of the Marne – the fight that saved France from crushing defeat in the first month of conflict.

1914: In an attempt to do away with “mushroom synagogues” – “temporary synagogues organized for unattached Jews for the observance of New Year’s and the Day of Atonement – the Kehillah in New York is hosting services at the Technical School for Girls, the Young Women’s Hebrew Association building on 5th Avenue and Educational Alliance with no charge for seats.

1915: It was reported today that “Djemal Pasha is especially annoyed because of the Zion Mule Corps which consists of volunteers from among the Jewish refugees from Palestine who are engaged in transport work at Gallipoli.

1915: It was reported today that “Djemal Pasha has announced he will extirpate Zionism root and branch and that not a single Jew will be allowed to re-enter Palestine.”

1915: Today, “the American warship Chester arrived at Alexandria from Jaffa” carrying “nearly 400 British, French and Russian subjects.

1915: The American warship Des Moines is expected to arrive at Alexandria having left Jaffa with a large contingent of refugees that included 200 Jews, many of whom have been expelled by Djemal Pasha because he thinks they are Zionists.

1916: “The rejection by ‘democratic’ Jewish organizations” in the United States “of the peace plan for an American Jewish Congress to demand equal rights for Jews in other countries was considered at a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Conference of National Jewish Organizations” led by President Louis Marshall which took place today at the Hotel Astor.

1916: U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis spoke at reception given in his honor tonight by Zionist leaders during which he “pledged to give $6,000 to the Zionist movement on the condition that Boston Jews succeed in raising the remaining $18,000 of the $24,000 pledged at the Hebrew Congress in Philadelphia last Spring.”

1916: “Congressman Meyer London, the only Socialist in Congress spoke briefly on the Mexican situation at a dinner and reception given in his honor” tonight during which “he praised President Wilson for having avoided war with Mexico and asserted that it was indeed a strange sensation to stand alone against all of the other Congressman when the Mexican Expedition was under discussion.

1917: It was reported today that Djemal Pasha, the military governor of Syria has been deposed the government.

1916: Birthdate of Lea France Gourdji, the daughter of Turkish-Jewish parents who gained fame as Françoise Giroud, whose accomplishments included co-founding influential political weekly L’Express to advance the agenda of French-Jewish politician Pierre Mendès France.

1917: In Russia, proclamations were circulated today “accusing the Jews of attempting to assassinate Alexander Kerensky and overthrow the new regime.”

1917: In Zhitomir, Russia, “peasants demanded a Tsar instead of a ‘Jewish ministry.’”

1918(15th of Tishrei, 5679): First Day of Sukkoth

1918: During WW I, British cavalrymen under the command of General Allenby captured the 3,000 man Turkish garrison at Nazareth.

1918: During WW I, as British forces fought to liberate Eretz Israel from Ottoman rule, the RAF and RAAF conducted “the most devastating aerial attack of the war” in which “fifty aircraft bombed and machine gunned the Turks” who were trying to escape from Nablus and cross the Jordan River where they mistakenly thought they would be safe from further attack.

1921: Sir Ernest Joseph Cassel, German-born, British merchant and banker passed away. It was not until he died that most people discovered that Cassel had converted to Roman Catholicism at the behest of his wife.
1922: U.S. President Harding signed a joint resolution of congress expressing approval of the establishment of a national home for the Jewish People in Eretz Yisrael. Passing resolutions was just about all of the support that the Jews would get when it came to support for a Jewish Homeland in Palestine. Another element that is often overlooked is the lack of strong support for a Jewish Homeland in Palestine. Large segments of Orthodox Jews opposed the Zionists because the movement ran contrary to waiting for the Messiah. And large numbers of Reform Jews opposed it because it ran contrary to their assimilation goals.

1923: Chinka Chana Zaid and Yosef Yechiel Zaid, HaKohen gave birth to Yehuda and Israel Zaid.

1924: In Brooklyn, “Benjamin Koslow, an electrician and the former Ruth Sachs” gave birth to Howard Bertram Koslow, the painter and illustrator who gained fame as the designer of stamps for the U.S. Postal Service. (As reported by William Grimes)

1926: Herman Bernstein, the Polish born American author and editor of The Jewish Tribune was inundated with telegrams and letters congratulating him on the celebration of his 50th birthday. The expression of best wishes came from a variety of Jewish and non-Jewish leaders including David Belasco, Colonel Edward M. House, Louis Marshall and Felix M. Warburg.

1926: In Cleveland, Ohio, businessman William J. Glaser and his wife Lena gave birth to Donald Arthur Glaser an American physicist and neurobiologist who won the 1960 Nobel Prize in Physics "for the invention of the bubble chamber."

1926(13th of Tishrei, 5687): Sixty-three year old Louis Grossman the Austrian born American Reform Rabbi who served the Plum Street Temple in Cincinnati, Ohio for thirty years passed away today.

1927: “Oh, Kay!” a musical with music by George Gershwin, lyrics by Ira Gershwin opened at His Majesty’s Theatre in London.

1927: “The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg” a silent film directed and produced by Ernst Lubitsch starring Norma Shearer was released today in the United States today.

1928: Catcher Ike Danning made his major league debut with the St. Louis Brown.

1928: Sam and Annie Stein Lazarus gave birth to Irwin Milton “Bootsy” Lazarus their fourth son, the others being Jacob Mendel Lazarus, Leon Albert Lazarus and Ralph Lazarus.

1929: “The Oxford students who defended the Jews in the Arab attack in Jerusalem arrived in London from Palestine today in charge of the Rev. Graham Brown principal of Wycliffe Hall. ..The father of one of the students who met them at the ship said that the Jewish community of Tel Aviv presented each with a special memento…The students are all young men studying for the ministry…They were pleased at having enrolled in the police force and at having aided in restoring order in Jerusalem.”

1929: Birthdate of Elsa Rabinowitz, the native of Charleston, SC who gained fame as actress Elsa Raven who played “Ida Straus” in the blockbuster “Titanic.”

1929: “Illusion” an early “talkie” produced by B. P. Schulberg and featuring Lillian Roth was released by Paramount Pictures today.

1929: Eighty-three year old Nathaniel E. Harris who was the governor of Georgia when Leo Frank was lynched passed away today.

1931: “Graft” a thriller produced by Samuel Bischoff was released in the United States today by Universal Pictures.

1930(28th of Elul, 5690): Forty-two year old Urkanian born Mania Krimgold Lispector, the wife of Pinkhas Lispector and the mother of author Clarice Lispector, passed away today as a refugee in Brazil having had to live with the memories of rape and the reality of paralysis.

1933(1st of Tishrei, 5694): American Jews observe a New Year living for the first time under The New Deal.

1934: In the Westmount neighborhood of Montreal, Nathan Cohen and Marsha (Masha) Klonitsky, the daughter of Rabbi Solomon Klonitsky-Kline gave birth to singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen

1935: “Jubilee” a musical comedy with a book by Moss Hart at the Shubert Theatre in Boston today for a three-week pre-Broadway run.

1935(23rd of Elul, 5695): After a long illness Henry Samuel Morais passed away today at the House of the Incurables in the Bronx, New York. Born in Philadelphia, PA in 1860, he was the son of Rabbi Sabato Morais, a well-known national Jewish leader, Rabbi of Congregation Mikveh Israel of Philadelphia, and founder of the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York. Morais attended different private and public schools for his secular education, while he received a traditional religious education from his father. After his schooling he taught for twelve years in the schools of the Hebrew Education Society and in the Hebrew Sabbath-Schools of Philadelphia.He was interested for a time in law but abandoned it to pursue a literary career. He contributed art icles on various subjects to secular and Jewish papers including current matters in Judaism, Jewish literary topics, and other general questions. He wrote for journals all over the United States, although, of course, most of his material was published along the east coast, especially in Philadelphia. In 1887 he was the principal founder of the Philadelphia Jewish Exponent, a weekly newspaper that represented a traditional religious point-of-view, and served as managing editor for its first two years. After leaving the Jewish Exponent he joined the special staff of the Philadelphia Public Ledger and became its editor in 1894. He was also the editor of two other journals in Philadelphia during this time: the Musical and Dramatic Standard and the Hebrew Watchword and Instructor. Along with his journalistic activities Morais took active part in the cultural and intellectual life of Philadelphia. He was the founder and president of Doreshe Da'ath Society, a Jewish literary and intellectual group, founder and executive director of the Philadelphia Musical and the Philadelphia Concert Company, and was also involved with the American Jewish Historical Society, along with his father, during its formative years in the late 1890s and early 1900s. Besides his journalistic efforts and the works which he published (see below for an annotated bibliography) Morais used his religious background and education along with his former teaching experience to enter the Rabbinate where he became known as an articulate speaker, as a Jewish educator to both adults and children, and as a communal leader. He was asked quite often by different synagogues to deliver guest sermons on special Sabbaths and the holidays. As a Rabbi, Morais was respected by and appealed to an American-born, English-speaking constituency committed to the ideals of traditional Judaism. Morais himself held strong views against the Reform movement in America and became embroiled in a number of controversies concerning statements which he made against Reform Judaism. Morais was nevertheless unable to find security in the Rabbinical profession and he held numerous pulpits. Morais' first position was in Philadelphia, where he became acting minister in Congregation Mikveh Israel, 1897-1898, upon his father's death. After a brief illness Morais left Philadelphia to accept a position in Congregation Adath Jeshurun, Syracuse, New York, where he served as Rabbi in 1899-1900, and 1902-1903. In 1900-1901 he served as Rabbi to Congregation Jeshuath Israel, Newport, Rhode Island. After leaving Syracuse he came to New York where he remained for the rest of his life. He founded and became Rabbi of Congregation Mikveh Israel in New York City. Successive pulpits for Morais included: Congregation Sons of Israel, Brooklyn, New York; Congregation Derech Emunah, Arverne, Long Island; Congregation Pincus Elijah, New York City, and the Congregation of Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York. Morais never married; he kept in close contact with his brother and sisters, and maintained a large group of friends with whom he corresponded -- indeed many of these people were major figures within the American Jewish community and their correspondence appears in this collection.

1936: More than seventy people including Benjamin Winter, chairman of the Federation of Polish Jews in America, Sam Rosoff, Judge Jeremiah T. Mahoney, Harry Hershfield, Dr. Alexander Rosenfeld, the vice present of the Maccabee Association and Egon Pollak, a former start of the Hakoah team of Vienna were among those who attended a luncheon at Jack Dempsey’s Restaurant today in honor of the visiting Maccabee Palestine soccer team.

1936: Having spent the las four months in Europe and the Near East, half of which was spent in Palestine, “B. Charney Valdeck, president of the American Ort Federation and general manager of the Jewish Daily Forward arrived back in the United States aboard the Queen Mary and declared that he was “more convinced than ever that Zionism is a political mistake.”

1936: “Because he had published a charge of ritual murder and other libels against the Jews, Arnold Spence Leese, a 57 year-old veterinary surgeon and editor of the violently anti-Semitic newspaper The Fascist, was sentenced to six month imprisonment at Old Bailey today” and his printer Walter Whitehead was fined 20 pounds and ordered held in jail until the fine was paid.”

1936: In address given tonight at Amsterdam, Dr. Chaim Weizmann, the president of the Jewish Agency “emphatically denied reports that he had consented to a temporary halting of Jewish emigration to Palestine” saying that “neither British police nor Arab terrorists can stop Jewish emigration to Palestine.”

1937: The Palestine Post reported that David Ben-Gurion, Moshe Shertok (Sharett), and Nahum Goldman were present at the opening meeting of the Sixth Committee of the League of Nations in Geneva. In his opening address M. Lange of Norway compared the Palestinian situation to 'the squaring of a circle,' but added that 'humanity owes a debt of gratitude to Jewry.' The Sixth Committee waited for the arrival of British Foreign Minister Anthony Eden to start the Palestine debate.

1937: Catcher Harry Chozen made his major league début with the Cincinnati Reds.

1939: Sigmund Freud, who is suffering acute pain from the cancer of the palate “asks his physician to administer enough morphine to end the pain.

1939: “The Soviets and the Germans signed a formal agreement coordinating military movements in Poland including the ‘purging’ of saboteurs, after which “a joint German-Soviet parade was held in Lvov and Brest-Litovsk. (Two years later Nazi tanks would be rolling towards Moscow and Stalin’s folly would be obvious to all except the most loyal Comrades who did not want a trip to Siberia or worse.)

1939: Heydrich, the Chief of the Reich Central Security Office, held a conference in Berlin to discuss the long-term future of Polish Jewry. During the conference, Heydrich stated that there was an ultimate plan for dealing with the Jews, the first step of which called for the concentration. He orders chiefs of Einsatzgruppen to establish, in cooperation with German civil and military authorities, Jewish ghettos in German-occupied Poland. He decrees that all Jewish communities in Poland and Greater Germany with populations under 500 are to be dissolved, so that deportations of Jews to urban ghettos and concentration camps can be accelerated. Further, Heydrich orders the establishment of ghetto Judenräte (Jewish councils). The main goals of the ghettoization process are to isolate Jews, force them to manufacture items for Germany, and provide easy Nazi access for murder and deportation.

1939: “The first actual Judenräte were established in occupied Poland by Reinhard Heydrich's orders on 21 September 1939, soon after the end of the German assault on Poland.”

1940: “City of Conquest” a film noir directed and produced by Antole Litvak with music by Max Steiner and featuring George Tobias was released in the United States today.

1940: Birthdate of Paul Cowan, “a journalist of strong social passions whose book An Orphan in History influenced thousands of assimilated Jews like himself to recover their Jewish heritage.

1941(29th of Elul, 5701): Erev Rosh Hashanah

1942(10th of Tishrei, 5703): Yom Kippur

1942(10th of Tishrei, 5703): Nazis sent over 1.000 Jews of Pidhaytsi (west Ukraine) to Belzec extermination camp.

1942: On Yom Kippur the Germans ordered Konstantynów Jews (Poland) to permanently evacuate Konstantynów and move to the Ghetto - established in Biała Podlaska meant to hold Jews from nearby 7 towns including Konstantynów, Janów Podlaski, Rossosz andTerespol

1942(10th of Tishrei, 5703): In Dunaivtsi, Ukraine, Nazis murder 2588 Jews.

1942: Open-pit burning of bodies begins at Auschwitz in place of burial. The decision is made to dig up and burn those already buried (107,000 corpses) to prevent the fouling of ground water and to hide evidence of atrocities.

1943: In Greece, Rabbi Barzilai was commanded to establish a Jewish Council and to take the necessary steps to carry out the deportation of all the Greek Jews.

1943: The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee announced today that “Max S. Perlman, the former New York City relief supervisor plans to depart soon to engage in rehabilitation activities for Jews in North Africa,” including those are natives to the area as well as refugees from Europe.

1943: Birthdate of Jerry Bruckheimer, movie and television producer. The CSI television series is one of his most famous “television franchises.”

1945: “Pope Pius XII received WJC Secretary General Leon Kubowitzki in audience, who recounted to the pope the "great losses" suffered by the Jews during the war and expressed gratitude for what the church had done to help "our persecuted people." Kubowitzki suggested a papal encyclical on the Catholic Church’s attitude toward the Jews and a condemnation of anti-Semitism. "We will consider it," Pius XII reportedly replied, adding: "certainly, most favorably, with all our love." The WJC also urged the Vatican to assist in the recovery of Jewish children saved by Catholics during the Holocaust.”

1948: "Texaco Star Theater" with Milton Berle premieres on NBC-TV. Uncle Miltie as he came to be called by his millions of fans was the son of Moses and Sadie Berlinger.

1949(27th of Elul, 5709): Fifty-seven year old Elinor Morgentahau, the wife of Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau, Jr and close friend of Eleanor Roosevelt passed away today.

1950(10th of Tishrei, 5711): Yom Kippur

1951: Reuben Shiloah, special adviser to Israel on Arab affairs arrived in Paris this morning bearing a copy of his government’s “offer to sign non-aggression pacts with each of her four Arab neighbors- Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.”

1951: Maurice Fischer, a minster with the Israeli government presented Israel’s offer to sign a non-aggression pact with her four Arab neighbors to the United Nations Palestine Conciliation Commission.

1951: “Five Israel soldiers were wounded, three of them seriously, in ambush south of the Dead Sea” that was believed to have been conducted by Arab infiltrators from Jordan.

1952: The Jerusalem Post reported that according to the East German Minister of Agriculture, his country had so far done nothing about compensating Israel for the Nazi persecution, because Jews had made no concrete application. East Germany had 'no basic objection' to discuss an appropriate compensation. East Germany, the Communist side of Germany never did go through a de-Nazification program. Their contention was that by adopting Communism, they had atoned for any sins of the past. In addition to which, they contended that the West German government had all of the former Nazis and their regime was made up of those who had been anti-Nazis. As any honest reading of history would question many of these claims especially when you consider that it was a pact between Hitler and Stalin that gave Hitler the green light for the attack on Poland and the subsequent attacks on the nations of western Europe and England.

1952: Jordan returned, two Israeli soldiers kidnapped in the Latrun area, after three months of captivity.

1953: It was reported today that the survivors of Abraham Panken include his sons Harold and Morton; his daughters Sylvia and Clara; two brothers Louis and Novie; and a sister, Mrs. Celia Lieberman.

1954: In Concord, MA, Marian (née Goodrich), a teacher, and Cass Richard Sunstein, a builder, gave birth to Cass Robert Sunstein, “a US legal scholar, particularly in the fields of constitutional law, administrative law, environmental law, and law and behavioural economics, who was the Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in the Obama administration”

1955: As Egypt continued to contest the settling of a stable border with Israel, the IDF entered the dmz in the vicinity of Nitzana/Auja and “evicted the Egyptian military personnel stationed there” and then withdrew when the Egyptians agreed not to interfere with the setting of border markers.

1956: Birthdate of Marta Fran Kauffman, the graduate of Brandeis who helped creator the sitcom “Friends.”

1957: Birthdate of writer and producer Marta Kauffman who co-created the popular sitcom “Friends” and who is married to Michael Skloff who composed the show’s theme song.

1957: Birthdate of film director Ethan Coen. He and his brother Joel are the film making duo known as the Coen Brothers.

1957: In Queensland, Albert ("Bert") and Margaret (née DeVere) Rudd gave birth to “Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd who in 2008 told more than 1,000 people at a memorial service at the Yeshiva Center in New South Wales that Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife, Rivkah, had “devoted their lives to acts of goodness and kindness and compassion for others ... but they lost their lives in a senseless act of hatred

1959: Birthdate of Leonid Borisovich Nevzlin, a Russian-Israeli businessman

1960(29th of Elul, 5720): Erev Rosh Hashanah

1963(3rd of Tishrei, 5724): Shabbat Shuvah

1964(15th of Tishrei, 5725): Sukkoth

1964: The island of Malta gains its independence from Great Britain. The Jewish presence in Malta probably dates back to when Israelites accompanied Phoenicians on trips across the Mediterranean. There is archeological evidence of Jewish presence dating from the Hellenistic period in the form of carvings of seven-branch candelabrums and inscription written in catacombs. By the time Malta gained its independence, the Jewish community was a shadow of its former self. Today the small community continues to exist observing the Shabbat and holding services led by lay people since there is no rabbi.


1964: Steve Allen replaced Gary Moore as host of “I’ve Got a Secret” the popular game show produced by Mark Goodson, Bill Todman and Allan Sherman

1969(9th of Tishrei): Erev Yom Kippur

1969: In Camden, NJ, President Martin Odlen read Beth El’s Golden Jubilee Proclamation which began,

"In the Beginning G-d created Beth El as a dream in the hearts of men".

1970: Birthdate of Samantha Power, the wife of Cass Sunstein, who was the 28th United States Ambassador to the United Nations and whom Mike Abramowitz, Director of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum's Center for the Prevention of Genocide described as part of “a small group of people that really care about genocide prevention and prevention of mass atrocities” and who is “a real champion for those issue at the highest levels of government.”

1970(20th of Elul, 5730): Eliyahu Lopian, the native of Grajewo, Poland, known as Reb Elyah, who was among the most prominent rabbis of the Mussar Movement passed away today.

1970: Monday Night Football premieres. Monday night football redefined American viewing and social habits for at least two decades. The surprising hit program featured three voices in the broadcast booth, the most unique of which was Howard Cossell. Once again, a Jew played a major role in creating a venue of American pop culture. While everybody thinks of Cossell as the quintessential “New York Jew” he actually was born in North Carolina.

1973: The U.S. Senate confirmed Henry Kissinger as Secretary of State. Kissinger was the first Jewish person to hold the position.

1973(24th of Elul, 5733): Eighty-five year old Oscar award winning composer and arranger Charles Previn who was the great-uncle of Andre Previn and Steve Previn passed away today.

1974(5th of Tishrei, 5735): Shabbat Shuva

1975(16th of Tishrei, 5736): Seventy-one year old Russian born Harvard trained attorney Morris Ploscowe passed away today.

1975: Warner Brothers released “Dog Day Afternoon” directed by Sidney Lumet and co-produced by Martin Bregman.

1975: “Soviet authorities intervened in Succoth picnic held in the woods near Moscow by Russian Jews and visiting Israeli athletes; tearing down Israeli flag.”

1976: East Berlin registered Rykestraße Synagogue as a monument, so public subsidies flowed for the renovations in 1986/1987

1977(9th of Tishrei, 5738): Erev Yom Kippur

1977(9th of Tishrei, 5738): Ben-Zion Halfon an Israeli politician who served as a member of the Knesset for the Alignment between 1969 and 1977 passed away. “Born in Tripoli in Libya in 1930, Halfon was a member of a Zionist youth movement. In 1947 he attempted to make aliyah to Mandate Palestine via Italy, aboard the Aliyah Bet ship Medinat HeYehudit. However, he was detained by the British authorities and sent to an internment camp in Cyprus. The following year he reached Israel, and joined the Palmach's Yiftach Brigade, with whom he fought in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. He was involved in helping other Libyan Jews who had made aliyah, and in 1949 he was amongst the founders of moshav Hatzav. He became involved in the Southern branch of the Moshavim Movement, and became the movement's representative in the Labor Party. He served as national co-ordinator of the movement's purchasing organisation and on the board of the Agricultural Bank. In 1969 he was elected to the Knesset on the Alignment list (an alliance of the Labor Party and Mapam), and was appointed Deputy Minister of Agriculture on 22 December that year. He was re-elected in 1973 but lost his portfolio. He lost his seat in the May 1977 elections, and died in a traffic collision near Gedera junction a few months later aged 47. In 2006, the archaeological museum in Nitzana was named after him.

1986: Jewish golfer Corey Pavin won the Greater Milwaukee Open

1987: Three molecular biologists who have helped revolutionize understanding of one of the body's main immune defense systems and a psychiatrist whose research has had profound influence on the medical treatment of depression were named winners of the 1987 Albert Lasker Medical Research Awards yesterday. The winners are Dr. Susumu Tonegawa, a professor of biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Dr. Philip Leder, chairman of the department of genetics at Harvard Medical School and Dr. Leroy Hood, chairman of the division of biology of California Institute of Technology and Dr. Mogens Schou, director of psychopharmacology research at Aarhus University Psychiatric Institute in Denmark. The awards were funded by Albert Lasker, the successful Jewish advertising executive.

1988(10th of Tishrei, 5749): Yom Kippur

1988(10th of Tishrei, 5749): Eighty-three year old movie director Harvey Koster passed away today.  (As reported by Andrew L. Yarrow)

1990: “The Tall Guy” starring Jeff Goldblum and featuring Jason Isaacs in his first movie role was released today in the United States by Miramax.

1991: Birthdate of actress Zoe Weisenbaum.

1991: Nadine Brozan described the new role played by Evelyn Lauder in the fight against breast cancer.

1993: At the Toronto Film Festival, premiere of “A Bronx Tale” produced by Jane Rosenthal.

1995: NBC broadcasts the first show of the seventh season of “Seinfeld.”

1995: NBC broadcast the first episode of “The Single Guy,” a sitcom starring Jonathan Silverman, the son of a sabra and the grandson of Rabbi Morris Silverman and Jessica Hecht.

1997: The New York Times book section featured reviews by Jewish authors and/or about topics of Jewish interest including Aryeh Lev Stollman's first novel, The Far Euphrates and the latest collection of short stories by Deborah Eisenberg entitled All Around Atlantis.

1997: Broadcast of the first episode of Season Seven of “The Simpsons” developed by James L. Brooks and Sam Simon and featuring the voice of Harry Shearer.

1998(1st of Tishrei, 5759): Rosh Hashanah

1998: Publication of Pulitzer Prize winning author A. Scott Berg’s biography of “the Lone Eagle” simply titled Lindbergh.

1998: CBS broadcast the first episode of “King of Queens” a sit-com co-starring Jerry Stiller as “Arthur Spooner.”

2000: Today, a week before Rosh Hashanah, Zvi Dershowitz whose family fled his native Czechoslovakia just before the Nazi invasion and who served as the rabbi for Sinai Temple in Los Angeles led services at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility and the Men's Central Jail in Los Angeles/

2000: The Appellate Court of Fars Province announced their decision on the appeal by the imprisoned Iranian Jews convicted of spying for Israel. In the days leading up to the announcement there were strong indications that the appeals court would overturn the earlier decision or release a number of the defendants. Despite these reports, the court only reduced the sentences of the 10 Jewish prisoners but did not overturn the guilty verdicts or release any of the prisoners.

2001: Jewish Women Watching published an advertisement in The New York Times asking Jewish women to hold their community accountable for sexism.

2002(15th of Tishrei, 5763): Sukkoth

2003: The New York Times featured reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or about topics of Jewish interest including Who Killed Daniel Pearl? by Bernard-Henri Levy; translated by James X. Mitchell, A Mighty Heart :The Brave Life and Death of My Husband, Danny Pearl by Mariane Pearl with Sarah Crichton, An Execution in the Family: One Son's Journey by Robert Meeropol and Sixty-Six by Barry Levinson.

2005: Composer Danny Elfman Scores First Emmy Award published today.

2005: The Jerusalem Post reported that Simon Wiesenthal the famed Nazi hunter who died on Tuesday at the age of 96 will be buried in Jerusalem on Friday. During the 1950’s the non-Jewish world (some in the Jewish world as well) wanted to forget or ignore the Holocaust. Wiesenthal would not let the world forget what had happened. At times it seemed as if he were working almost single-handedly to bring those who had murdered six million Jews to Justice. When the world was ready to remember, Wiesenthal was there with the facts, figures and information.

2006: As the case against Moshe Katsav expanded, the number of complaints filed against him rose to a total of eight today.

2006: “Barbara Epstein and ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’” published today.

2006: Today, “Alan Hevesi admitted that he used Nicholas Acquafredda as a state employee to drive and aid his ailing wife. Hevesi claims that in 2003 the State Ethics Commission decided that he would pay back the entire cost of driving around his wife unless it is for specific safety purposes. A spokesperson from the State Ethics Commission denies such a decision was made.”

2007: The top ten billionaires on Forbes magazine’s list of the 400 richest Americans includes five Jews holding down four of these coveted positions: at number 3, Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson; at number 4, Larry Ellison CEO of Oracle Corp; tied for fifth Sergey Brin co-founder of Google; tied for tenth, Oil barons Charles and David H. Koch.

2007(9th of Tishrei, 5768): Erev Yom Kippur

2007: Kicker Josh Miller, who had been released by the New England Patriots, was signed by the Tennessee Titans.

2008: Israel’s TV industry was a big winner, if only indirectly, when this year’s Emmy award winners were announced today at the annual red carpet event in Los Angeles. Dianne Wiest, already a two-time Oscar winner, added an additional statuette to her collection by winning the best supporting actress award for “In Treatment,” HBO’s largely faithful adaptation of the hit 2005 Israeli drama “BeTipul.” The American version of the show features Wiest as Gina Toll, a therapist originally named Gila Abulafia and played on Israeli TV by stage and film veteran Gila Almagor. Wiest’s victory, over nominees from ABC-TV’s “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Boston Legal” and “Brothers and Sisters,” marked the second Emmy for the Israeli-inspired series. The win followed “In Treatment” performer Glynn Turman’s victory in the guest actor category

2008: In Washington, D.C., Darin Straus reads from his new novel, More Than It Hurts You.

2008: The YIVO Institute for Jewish Research presents “Nusakh Vilne Yizker and Memorial Lecture,” a program marking the 55th anniversary of the founding of Nusakh Vilne, and the 65th anniversary of the liquidation of the Vilna ghetto. Opening remarks are made by Dr. Carl Rheins, YIVO Executive Director followed by Guest Lecturer: Michael Bart, author of Until Our Last Breath: A Holocaust Story of Love and Partisan Resistance. Moish Palevsky’s reading of Holocaust literature is followed by a musical program featuring Cantor Victor Wortman of the Bay Terrace Jewish Center in Bayside, Queens.

2008: The New York Times featured reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or about topics of Jewish interest including Indignation by Phillip Roth, Left In Dark Times: A Stand Against the New Barbarism by Bernard-Henri Lévy; Translated by Benjamin Moser, Bumping Into Geniuses: My Life Inside the Rock and Roll Business by Danny Goldberg and Hitler’s Empire: How the Nazis Ruled Europe by Mark Mazower.

2008: The Washington Post featured reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or about topics of Jewish interest including Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency by Barton Gellman and The Trouble Begins at 8: A Life of Mark Twain in the Wild, Wild West by Sid Fleischman.

2008: Internationally-known performer DJ AM is listed in critical condition, two days after he reportedly saved his life by jumping from a burning plane while it was skidding down a runway in South Carolina Friday.DJ AM, whose real name is Adam Michael Goldstein, was airlifted from the scene suffering from serious burns. The plane reportedly skidded off the runway and crashed through a fence, crossing a highway before stopping on the side of the road. Goldstein was joined on the plane by his close friend, Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker who is also listed in serious condition. Goldstein and Barker were the only survivors of the six passengers aboard the Lear jet. Goldstein, a Philadelphia native, has built a devoted following internationally, and is a fixture on the L.A. club scene. He also became a gossip column fixture during the two years he dated celebrity heiress Nicole Richie.

2008: Bernard Lewis came to Tulane University in New Orleans to speak about the dangers to the world of the present regime in Iran. He claimed that the unpopular regime there would use its nuclear arms because it does not fear “mutual assured destruction,” believing that we are already at the end of days. The 91 and a half year-old scholar amazed everyone with his analysis, wit, and erudition, although his message was frightening for the Big Satan—the USA-- and for Little Satan—Israel.

2008, In an "epithet-laden" performance at Theater J of the Washington DC Jewish Community Center, Sandra Bernhard warned Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin that she would be gang-raped by Bernhard's "big black brothers" if she visited Manhattan

2009 (3 Tishrei, 5770): Fast of Gedaliah

2009: The Center for Jewish History and Center for Traditional Music and Dance present a lecture entitled "The Multi-Ethnic Music Cultures of Moldova" in which Walter Zev Feldman discusses the cultural history of this area of ethnic transformation and his recent expedition which discovered musicians of mixed ancestry still performing traditional Jewish music in his father's hometown of Edinets.

2009: The DCJCC presents a screening of “Holy Land Hardball,” a film that tells “the story of an unlikely group of players and executives who attempted to create Israel’s first professional baseball league in the summer of 2007. Boston bagel-maker Larry Baras’ idea for Middle East baseball was met with incredulity, dismissal and even hostility, but he attempted it anyway. Among the ballplayers swept up in this unlikely quest: were a 41-year-old father of three with a Peter Pan complex; a 34-year-old father-to-be whose own father, now deceased, fought for Israel's independence in 1948; and a 22-year-old African-American who was told by a preacher at a young age he would one day ‘play in front of God's people.’”

2009: Israel's Davis Cup team returned home today with mixed emotions, but already focused on next year’s competition. Despite the disappointment of losing 4-1 to Spain in the semifinals of the competition, the players and captain felt they gave their all in Murcia and were proud of reaching the last four of the prestigious competition for the first time in Israeli history.

2009: The Commission of Experts on Reforms of the International Monetary and Financial System chaired by Joseph Stiglitz issued its final report today.

2009: Mark Helprin “ wrote a long defense of his book in today’s edition of National Review, which concluded: "Digital Barbarism is not as much a defense of copyright as it is an attack upon a distortion of culture that has become a false savior in an age of many false saviors.”

2010: The Center for Jewish History and Jewish Women's Archive are scheduled to present Remembering Grace Paley: A panel discussion, with excerpts from Lilly Rivlin's new film,

“Grace Paley: Collected Shorts”

2010: “Seven Minutes In Heaven” is scheduled to be shown at the 14th Annual Jewish Film Festival of Dallas (TX).

2010: Hundreds gathered in the rain in Riga’s Old City today for a ceremony to mark the partial opening of the Riga Ghetto Museum, which will commemorate the thriving Jewish community that was wiped out in the Holocaust.

2010(13th of Tishrei, 5771): Ninety-two year old Shabtai Rosenne, an eminent professor of international law and Israeli diplomat passed away today in Jerusalem

2011: Elizabeth Flock reviews the first book in 30 years that has been written and illustrated by Maurice Sendak

2011: Former President George W. Bush is scheduled to speak at Beth El Synagogue today. The fundraising event at the Conservative synagogue in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, is being billed as “An Intimate Evening with the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush.” The audience will be limited to 250; ticket prices start at $1,250. Bush’s speaking fee is reported to be between $100,000 and $150,000. No press will be allowed to cover the event, according to an Aug. 22 letter from Beth El president Gil Mann.

2011: Thanks to the efforts of Johnson Reynolds, who considered Michael Levin both an Israeli and American hero, a flag which had been flown over the U.S. Capitol in memory of young soldier, was flown over his grave today at Mr. Herzl.

2011(22nd of Elul): Ninety two year old Chicago native Marvin “Mickey” Rottner the All-American basketball player at Loyola who played professional basketball after serving in WW II passed away today.

2011: Jewish News One (JN1), the world’s first Jewish global 24hr news channel "that offers a new vision of current affairs," is scheduled to begin broadcasting today via satellite and will be available in Europe, America and the Middle East. A launch and presentation event is scheduled to take place in Brussels on the same day. The channel owners are Igor Kolomoisky and Vadim Rabinovich, respectively President and Vice President of the European Jewish Union (EJU), a body dedicated to promote Jewish life in Europe. Jewish News One will have news bureaus in Tel Aviv, Brussels and Kiev. In the coming months the channel is planning to open further bureaus in Washington, Paris and London

2011(22nd of Elul): Yahrzeit of Joseph B. Levin – if it weren't for him, in more ways than one, none of this would exist proving that there is more than one way "to be inscribed in the book of life."

2012: Team Israel is scheduled to play either France or Spain in its second game at the World Baseball Classic which “is considered to be the premier international baseball tournament”

2012: Today Israel called on the international community in a special gathering at the United Nations to recognize the suffering of Jewish refugees from Arab countries and their material claims the same way it acknowledges the plight of displaced Palestinians

2012(5th of Tishrei, 5773: A heavily armed terrorist cell from the Sinai Peninsula opened fire on IDF soldiers on the Israeli - Egyptian border today, killing one soldier and injuring a second, before the gunmen were killed in return fire. The IDF announced the name the 20-year-old victim, Netanel Yahalomi, and promoted him posthumously to the rank of corporal.

2012: Israeli soldiers helped to save a Sudanese refugee today in the Sinai, near the site where a soldier was killed in an ambush by three men at the Israeli-Egyptian border.

2012: Iranian military commanders today threatened the complete destruction of the State of Israel as the country unveiled a domestically manufactured air defense system as part of a military parade, various Iranian news agencies reported

2013(17th of Tishrei, 5774): Shabbat Chol Hamoed Sukkoth

2013: In the evening the 92nd Street Y is scheduled to sponsor an Israeli Folk Dance Marathon.

2013: Residents of Tel Aviv and surrounding towns witnessed loud, low-flying maneuvers by Israel Air Force jets this morning when the planes scrambled to intercept what was initially believed to be an intrusion by enemy aircraft into Israel’s airspace but turned out to be a flock of birds.

2013: Rain was reported along Israel's coast from Haifa in the north down to the Center area, including Tel Aviv today making it “first rain of the season.” (As reported by Amishai Gottlieb)

2013: In Bat Yam, “Tzachi Meats” remained closed this evening as an angry crowd gathered around the restaurant that illegally employed Nidal Amar, the Arab who lured Tomer Hazan, a sergeant in the IAF and co-worker to his death last night. Amar had originally planned to trade the body for terrorists in Israeli custody but changed his mind and threw the body into the well.

2014: “Charlotte Salomon: Life? Or Theater” an exhibition that includes 300 of the 1,300 “gouache paintings created by “a 23 year old Jewish artist from Berlin who fled to south of France where she painted for two years before being transported to Auschwitz where she was murdered” is scheduled to come to an end.

2014(26th of Elul, 5774): Seventy-nine year old Sheldon Patinkin passed away today. (As reported by Bruce Weber)

2014(26th of Elul, 5774): Eight-seven year old Israeli intelligence officer Michael Harari passed away today.

2014: The New York Times features reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including Black Vodka: Ten Stories by Deborah Levy, Things I Don’t Want to Know on Writing by Deborah Levy, Quest, written and illustrated by Aaron Becker, Belzhar by Meg Wolitzer and Nest by Esther Ehrlich.

2014: The “I Live. Send Help” exhibit which “walks through the century of JDC existence, giving a glimpse into the many ways the organizations has helped Jews and non-Jews around the world” will have its final showing at the New York Historical Society today. (As reported by Rebecca Borison)

2014: The Jewish Museum’s exhibit “Mel Bochner: Strong Language” which “explores the meaning of words” is scheduled to have its final showing today. (As reported by Cathryn J. Prince)

2014: “Arab terrorists threw rocks at a bus carrying Jewish schoolchildren in the neighborhood surrounding the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem this morning, in the latest terror-related incident in the capital.” (As reported by Orly Harari and Tova Dvorin)

2014: The government of Israel “announced the establishment of a new cyber-dfense authority to coordinate cyber-security efformts among government, industry and civilian sectors” which be head by Dr. Eviatar Matania. (As reported by David Shamah)

2014: “More than 100 Jewish organizations participated in the People’s Climate March in New York as part of the Jewish Climate Campaign.”

2014: “Murder” written by Hanoch Levin and directed by Yadin Goldman is scheduled to have its final performance at the American Theatre of Actors.

2015(8th of Tishrei, 5776): Eighty-six year old orthopedic surgeon Dr. Leon Root passed away today. (As reported by William Grimes)

2015: “Crossfire,” an Academy Award-nominated film noir that was one of the first films to raise the subject of anti-Semitism in the postwar U.S.” is scheduled to be shown at the Center for Jewish History.

2015: “English National Theatre of Israel (ENTI), is scheduled to present AN ILIAD - a modern-day retelling of Homer's classic poem, adapted by award-winning theatre practitioners Lisa Peterson & Denis O'Hare.”

2015: In Kennesaw, GA, Kennesaw State University is scheduled to “The Leo Case: 100 Years in the Media” a panel discussion which will examined “the role of the Media in the Leo Frank Case, one hundred years ago and today.”

2015: A rocket was fired from Gaza around 4:00 a.m., in the Hof Ashkelon region of southern Israel, making it the third time in as many days that terrorists have launched a missile from Gaza.

2016: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama are scheduled to meet in New York today during the United Nations General Assembly.

2016: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is scheduled to speak at the Temple Emanu-El Skirball Center.

2016: At Temple Emanu-El of Atlanta, Aaron Berger, the Executive Director of the Breman Museum is scheduled to speak on the challenges and rewards of “leading an award-winning museum that connects people to Jewish history, arts and culture”





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